The twins had recognised the danger early on and had been avoiding Ratchet, but even they can't avoid him forever...

Several bots rebooted their optics as First Aid stumbled into the rec room, vents heaving as he slid to the floor beside the nearest table.

"Aid? You ok?"

The medbot managed to nod, his vocaliser crackling with static as he tried to speak.

"Ratchet?" Somebot asked with trepidation once they realised he was, to use a human phrase, rolling on the floor laughing his aft off, rather than glitching.

Aid nodded again as he finally started to calm down. "Twins." He managed to get out before his vocaliser descended back into static.

"What did they do?"

"Something they should know not to." Ratchet said as he stepped through the doorway, a wicked smirk gracing his faceplates as he padded over to his apprentice and slid into a seat. "You alright down there Aid?"

"Fine." The Protectobot said as he scooted over to his mentor and rested his helm on a knee. Several mechs felt a small thread of jealousy wind through their processors as Ratchet just smiled indulgently at his student as he patted the helm, First Aid seemed to be the only mech that Ratchet not only tolerated, but who was immune to his new sense of vengeance.

"So what did they do?" Jazz asked again when Ratchet stretched out without answering his original query.

"You'll see." The medic replied, which given that the twins had recognised the danger early on and had been avoiding the medbot, was not reassuring. "Energon Aid?" Ratchet asked as Jazz continued to hover around the table; he never could resist a good mystery.


"Energon for two Jazz." The black and white bot appeared to weigh up his options for a moment before decisively making his way towards the energon dispensor.

"Not even a hint?" he pleaded as he passed out the cubes. "Please."

Ratchet took a sip of his energon before crooking a finger at the saboteur until he leant over to hear the medics whisper. "I promised that I would reformat them if they annoyed me." The medic grinned, his now trademarked expression that indicated pain and suffering. "I always keep my promises."

Megatron watched the skirmish from the back ranks of his mechs. It had all been going well, the conversion of electricity from some human installation into energon almost complete when the Autobots had crashed the party.

On the positive side, it didn't seem that the demon medic was around. He was still reading through the reports from the last raid that had ended with nine mechs in the repair bay and the rest of the raiding party near mutiny.

"Seekers: incapacitated." Megatron growled as he nodded his acknowledgement at the comm. officer. Did he have to do everything himself?

Launching into the air he quickly spied his aerial forces, all of them grounded in one area.

"Starscream? What are you doing? Is creating an aerial defence really that hard?" He yelled as he set down, striding towards the huddled jets.

He expected screaming, excuses or insults from his air commander, not for the lot of them to start sniggering like a pack of younglings.

"Look what we found." Megatron raised an optical ridge before humouring the seeker, since Thundercracker was usually reliable.

"When did the Autobots get more femmes?" His question caused yet another round of giggling seekers and twin scowls.


Megatron felt a smirk stretch across his faceplates as he took in the delicate frames and very flattering curves, and the rather distinctive helm designs.

"Ratchet?" he asked just as the golden femme spun around and abruptly slapped Skywarp.

"Touch my aft one more time and I'll rip out your optics." The threat, delivered in soft feminine tones didn't sound at all dangerous to the gathered 'Cons.

"Ratchet. Are you going to put the twins back to normal soon?"

"I wasn't planning on it." The older medic said as he approached his apprentice, a cube of energon in his hands.

"Thanks." Aid said as he accepted the offered cube, taking a long draught. "I think they'll have learnt their lesson now, I mean, they did end up spending an entire battle running from a flock of seekers. We can't just leave them as femmes."

"Those two will never learn." Ratchet grouched as First Aid swayed.

"Ratch? I don't feel so good."

"Mmmmmm." First Aid frowned as Ratchet didn't seem too bothered by his pronouncement as he casually reached out an arm to stop the smaller medic from keeling over.

Either Ratchet.

He reset his visor but both Ratchets remained and the room continued to spin.

"Easy now, lie down." Both Ratchets said as they guided him over to a berth and helped him up. "I'm just changing a few lines of coding. It'll help you do your job."

First Aid would have protested, but his vocaliser didn't want to play, his limbs felt like they had been detached, the room was still spinning and either the medbay was experiencing a power cut or he was drifting offline.

"There, all done." Ratchet said as he unplugged his uplink cable from First Aid with a pat to his helm as the younger medic blinked, resetting his visor

"So, we were discussing what to do with the twins."

First Aid frowned slightly as he levered himself up, the room finally staying somewhat still. "Leave them, they make nice femmes."

Ratchet all but radiated smug pride. "That's my mech."