Deathly Sin


Summary story: Kanda and Allen are back in Japan! Unfortunately for them they don't get any rest because not one but two different serial killers are running amok. The first one kills priests in their churches. The second one targets people who are the epitome of the seven sins and murders them appropriately. Or are there only to killers?

Then the detectives discover that not only are these two cases linked, they also have a connection with the Noah and the Earl! Can Kanda save Allen before Tyki gets his hands on him again?

Pairing(s): Kanda x Allen, Link x Timcanpy, Lavi x Lenalee, Marie x Miranda, Cross x Anita.

Warning(s): A citrus-thingy in between a lime and a lemon. Not sure what to call it ^^" Oh and a – for me – short chapter. Or at least shorter than normal... Think of it as a 'welcome back gift' from the author and the next chapter will be the real start of 'DS' xD

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Disclaimer:I own nothing, nor the characters, nor the idea of killing the seven sins. You can thank the movie Seven for putting that idea in my mind. xD

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Anyway here is the sequel to Dragon and just a WARNING IN ADVANCE: these chapters will be darker and contain a lot more BLOOD and MURDER than the previous story. But I'll make sure to put a proper warning at the top of each chapter :) Anyway please enjoy ^^

"In the silence of night I have often wished for just of few words of love from one man, than the applause of thousands of people."

~Judy Garland ~

Allen's apartment, Houston; 17th of September

"Kanda, have you seen the boxes with my medical books in them?"

"Yeah, I placed them in the left corner next to the front door. The bottom two."

"Thank you."

Allen Walker – 21 year old pathologist – walked towards the place that his boyfriend had directed him. Both he and Kanda – a Japanese detective – had been in Houston for almost a month and within 3 days they would go back to Tokyo.

The albino would move into his boyfriend's apartment and that was the reason why almost all of his possessions were in boxes and bags.

A small smile graced Allen's face. He still couldn't believe how lucky he was! When they first met he called the other a PMSing-wannabe-samurai.

Stuffing the two scientific books about skin diseases – that he had been carrying – into the box with the rest of his 'work' books, he walked back towards the bedroom where Kanda was wrestling with a picture on the wall.

When the long haired detective finally managed to take it down he lost his balance and fell backwards onto the bed. The albino could not help but laugh out loud at the sight.

"Huh, so you think this is funny Moyashi?" Kanda asked while getting up from the bed.

"Sorry. But you should have seen your face!" A new bout of laughter escaped him. He, therefore, did not see the 'danger' approaching.

While the pathologist wiped away a few tears, Kanda had stepped in front of him, placing both of his hands against the wall on either side of his Moyashi's head.

"Let's see if you find this funny too." And before the other could react he leaned in and captured Allen's lips in a sweet, loving kiss.

It wasn't long before the albino responded and made the kiss that much more passionate. Both could feel their bodies beginning to respond but Allen pulled out of the kiss.

"Pleasure time later, cleaning the apartment comes first."

After another soft kiss, the Japanese detective went back to removing the paintings from the wall.

"What are you going to do in the meantime?"

"Prepare lunch."

A look full of disbelief was thrown his way.

"Remember what happened last time you tried to cook?"

"Oh come on Kanda give me a break. It was a onetime incident!"

"You made the oven explode…"

"Not my fault…"

"That caused the turkey to be spit out…"

"I said…"

"And that thing hit me quite hard on the head." Kanda finished his sentence.

"Oh for the love of God! Get over it! It won't happen again I promise."


"Does that mean I can finally go and make lunch?"


"I'll take that as a yes." And with that the pathologist exited the bedroom.


He had nearly finished chopping up the vegetables he planned to cook when a pair of strong arms wrapped around him, pulling him against the warm body behind him.

Soft lips pressed against the outer shell of his ear. The pathologist could not keep his moan inside.

"Kanda! What … do you … think you're do…ing?"

"Seducing you of course."

Allen did not have to turn around to imagine the grin plastered on his lover's face.

"I said later."

"Now is later."


"Shut up and enjoy."

Taking Allen's earlobe in his mouth, he gently scraped his teeth over it, causing the albino's knees to buckle. Only his arms kept the younger one from falling on the ground.

Turning his attention on the other earlobe, Kanda undid the belt and buttons keeping him away from his much deserved price.

Letting the Moyashi's pants drop on the floor he slipped his hand in Allen's boxer short and began stroking the erection he found there.

His white haired lover let out a sound somewhere between a moan and a mewl. He threw his head back on the Japanese man's shoulder; causing a hot breath to ghost across the older's neck.

"Kanda… ah… stop it I think I'm…" At this point forming a sentence was becoming quite difficult for the pathologist.

"Shh, then come."

That was the last straw and before the younger knew it, he was releasing thick white spurts of semen that coated both Kanda's hand and the cabinet in front of him.

Guiding him to the floor, the detective lapped up the sperm on his hand before pulling his lover into another kiss. This one was filled with satisfaction.

The Japanese man was still very hard and decided to make sure his lover knew of his 'little' problem by placing a very pale hand on the bulge in his pants.

Luckily Allen seemed to have taken the hint for he made sure to get rid of both Kanda's pants and boxers before going down on his older partner.

When the albino took him into his warm mouth, Kanda groaned out loud. It was quite uncommon for the other to give a blowjob. Mostly it was the detective giving him one while preparing him for the penetration that would follow.

'But not now, maybe later tonight.' Kanda thought. There was always the chance that the police station called and asked his Moyashi to work on a case. Much to Kanda's displeasure…

He groaned again when the albino scraped his teeth against the vein on the underside of his penis. He completely lost it when he felt the smaller hands beginning to fondle his balls.

With a soft "Allen" he come in his lover's mouth and watched with fascination as his lover swallowed his sperm. That was new. The pathologist always claimed that semen tasted bitter and therefore he usually spat it out as soon as he could.

Although, it was clear by the disgusted look on Allen's face that he still did not like the taste of it. Maybe with a little bit more practice… A smirk appeared on the Japanese man's face at the thought of the 21 year old doing this more often.

The smirk itself caused the albino to stare warily at his lover. The white haired youth had learned pretty early on in the relationship that those smirks never meant anything good. If anything, it involved him in some strange position with Kanda thrusting away…

'No Allen, don't go there!'

A kiss pulled him out of his thoughts again. The pathologist wanted to do nothing more than to cuddle up to his lover and fall asleep. Alas, like the saying goes: 'No rest for the wicked,' which was proven true when his cell phone broke across the comfortable silence that had befallen the apartment.

"Hello, doctor Allen Walker speaking."

"It's Lavi, we need help."

"What's wrong?"

"We found a…" a pause and it was clear that the redhead on the other side of the line had swallowed. "We found the body of a baby. Reever is busy with the murder of an 8 year old boy."

Closing his eyes, Allen cursed all the bastards in the world who harmed little children before replying.

"We are on our way. What's the address?"

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