Plotline: In an attempt to get Washington to shut up, Fitch accidently says something about a certain hispanic detective he doesn't want his partner to know. Of course when he "asks" Washington to keep quiet about it the young man won't.

Rating: T, nothing really that bad though.

Warning: I don't think I really need one, maybe some mild language and possible mentions of sex but we're all old enough to handle that aren't we?

Disclaimer: Detroit 187 is not mine. If it was, Michael Imperioli's wife would have to be super vigilant since I have such a big crush on him it isn't even funny.

Wow, I try to do stories about interactions between characters besides my favorite couple on the show and it always leads back to them hooking up, this is no exception haha.

Fitch and Washington were on a stakeout and the younger detective had gotten bored. Naturally, he'd started talking about some mundane subject and it had led to the subject he thought was appropriate of asking when his partner was going to remarry.

"Man, are you ever going to get married again. I mean maybe it works for you being single, but don't you ever get lonely?"

Fitch rolled his eyes "That's not really any of your business."

Of course this response didn't satisfy the younger detective. "At least tell me if you like any women, or it wouldn't even bother me if it was a man, I mean my sister's bi so..."

Fitch cut Washington's babbling off right there "It's a woman."

"Oh," Washington shut up for a few blessed seconds before he spoke again "Who is she?"

"I didn't suggest that there was a specific person." Fitch's knuckles where white from him clinching the steering wheel so hard in annoyance.

"Yeah you did. Can I at least have a hint about who she is?" he tried to put on a pouty face which didn't work on his partner.


"C'mon, one hint."

"I'd rather not."

"Just one tiny detail, it can even be something as mundane as her eye color."

"Subject dropped."

Washington changed the conversation to babble about how messed up he thought the latest episode of Fringe had been and was saying something about multiple universes when Fitch spoke again.

"She has brown eyes."

"C'mon man, that describes about seventy percent of the world's population, all the detectives in our unit have brown eyes. The girl in the coffee shop has brown eyes. My mom has brown eyes. One more hint please, at least tell me if I know her, I'll drop it at that."

"You know her." it was Fitch's desperate attempt to get his partner to shut up.

"How well do I know her?"

"I thought we agreed that you'd drop the subject."

"Oh c'mon man, now that I know that I know her, I can't just drop it. Just tell me how well I know her. Is it more like the girl in the coffee shop whom I've only met twice or like Detective Sanchez whom we both see daily."

" The latter." Fitch mumbled.

"So she's in our unit?"

"I never said that."

"You said we both see her daily. The women in our unit are the only ones we both see daily." that's when he grinned, "You realize I've just narrowed it down to two possible people." his smile widened, "It's either Lieutenant Mason or Detective Sanchez."

"And you'll be left to wonder which it is, because I'm not telling you." with that he turned back to surveying the suspect's house.

After ten minutes Washington spoke again, "Oh come on, it will eat at me all day. Which one is it?"

"You'll shut up if I tell you?"

"Yes sir." Washington did a mock salute.

"Fine, it's Sanchez. But if you tell anybody I'll make sure the whole precinct knows you like that Miley Cyrus song!" Fitch's voice took on a low threatening tone.

"Oh come on, that was a secret between partners." Washington pouted.

"And this is my secret."

"But can't I at least tell Sanchez?" he asked.

"No, definately not her." Fitch hissed turning to his partner.


"Because I said so."

"Man, that's a terrible reason. You're afraid of rejection aren't you?"






"So you are afraid of rejection." Washington laughed. "But if you never tell her how you feel you'll never know if she will reject you or not."

"And you can't say anything unless you want everybody to know you like Party In The U.S.A."

I hate Miley Cyrus, but Party in The USA is a good song. Yeah I know I took some liberties with Wahsington. Anyway chapter two coming up soon, this time Washington's stuck with Sanchez in a stakeout.