It took another hour for the surveillance to wrap up and they were all tired by the time it was through, but Sanchez was determined to get what she wanted when they got back to the precinct. However Stone wanted to talk.

"Ariana, why did you push me away at the stakeout?"

Sanchez rolled her eyes, "you were in my personal space intruding on a very personal conversation I was having with Detective Washington."

"Personal? But I heard Fitch mentioned in it." of course Stone was worried about the mention of his self designated rival in a conversation. He couldn't know that his "rival" had always had the upper hand.

"Yeah, umm Washington was asking me how he should deal with Fitch being a bit of a bully." Sanchez lied, she hated calling the man she was in love with a bully, but the response almost satisfied Stone, almost but not quite.

"Yeah, he can be a huge jerk." Stone snorted.

Sanchez turned away to hide how much Stone's response hurt her, "so I'm supposed to go talk to him for Washington's sake," she paused before adding under her breath, "and my future."

She spotted Fitch across the bullpen, he hadn't yet changed back into his suit and the tight black tee shirt he'd been wearing under his pullover showed off his muscular upper torso perfectly. He was probably unaware of how sexually appealing he looked at the moment though.

She made her way across the room to him, ignoring Stone who yelled "Good luck with the monster!"

"Hey, can we talk in the interrogation room?" she asked him flashing her best smile.

"Sure," he held the door open for her before following her into the room. "So, what did you want to talk about?"

"Washington isn't very good at keeping secrets you know." she hoped he didn't get too mad at his partner.

Fitch paused to run a hand through his hair before speaking again, "He told you didn't he? I'm sorry, I..."

She cut him off, "You thought I was going to reject you, I'm hurt Louis."

He wasn't quite able to form coherent sentences, "but I and Stone."

Next Sanchez admitted something she'd never been proud of, "Stone was a bit of a consolation prize because you turned me down. I'll never be proud of that, but if we can make things right now, I can put that in the past." she gave him a pleading look, "please forgive me."

He could tell she was almost in tears, so in an attempt to comfort her, he wrapped her in a warm hug and kissed the top of her head, "It's going to be okay, I forgive you." he didn't add that he'd never really been angry with her in the first place, a little hurt before maybe but never angry. He couldn't be angry with her.

They stayed like this for several minutes until he heard her sobbing stop, softly she whispered against his chest, "I love you."

He pulled her away from his chest so he could face her before he responded, "I love you too."

She smiled at him, before adding cheekily, "You're not going to reveal Washington's secret still are you?"

Fitch smiled back, "Not this time, in fact I might actually have to thank the kid for having such a big mouth."

Yay, it's complete. (Not that I disliked working on it haha)