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Unknown Myths and Legends

by Twilightbibel

Preface - BPOV.

Before I realized what had happened, Edward was on the ground writhing in what was obvious agony, while I stared in horror. They were hurting him somehow without touching him. I looked around for the source and saw Jane smiling evilly as she stared intently at Edward. A surge of anger rose within me and began to boil and rush through my veins making me lust for their death and destruction.

"Stop!" I shrieked, as the strength of the Ancient within me took control. I tore myself out of Alice's strong arms and threw myself on the floor to shield Edward from Jane's stare.

At first I thought it had worked, because his shaking ceased, but as I saw that the horror in his eyes remained as he looked at me with a pained expression, I began to doubt. I didn't understand at first that the fear wasn't for the agony he had just endured, until I watched him swift his eyes between me and Jane, and I followed his gaze, that was the moment when I finally realized the fear was for me.

A slight ripple went down my back and I smiled. Jane was using her power on me, and now it was mine as well. I slowly rose to my feet and turned around to face her. With the Ancient blood boiling with rage in my veins I had for a short while the strengths of any vampire in this room including the full bloom of any power I have obtained. It didn't take me long to find out how to use Jane's power against her, as I in my newfound bloodlust wanted her death. I wanted to dance around her burning remains, and with that wish I imagined tongues of fire lick her limbs and turn them to ash and charcoal.

A piercing scream erupted from Jane as she crumbled to the floor in agony sending a shockwave through the room as each vampire held their breath and watch with surprise and horror.

I began to speak with a menacing ice-cold voice at the struggling heap on the floor, pausing only to cause her more and more pain for each word and making her scream with an even higher pitch in her agonized voice.

"Don't ever … hurt … Edward … again." With the last word Jane's eyes hand rolled to the back of her head and her body twisted and shook in a strange unnatural angle, and I felt thrilled as I saw her pain.

Aro pulled me out of it with a sudden outburst of laughter. "Ha, ha, ha," he chuckled. "How remarkable!"

"What?" I snapped.

Aro lifted his hands almost like he was going to surrender. "I mean you no harm my dear." He smiled sweetly as he stared longingly at me, and I knew that Edward and Alice were no longer on the top of the most wanted list… I was.

Chapter 1 – Last Preparations.


I woke up to a bright light hitting my face. I blinked my eyes to let them adjust to the sunlight that was floating in to my room. Tiny rainbows were chattered around the walls, when the sunbeams hit my personal maid, who had just pushed the heavy curtains to the side and was now waiting for my orders.

"Good morning your highness." Alison said cheerfully. "Are you ready to begin a life among the mortals?"

"Good morning Alison, and please call me Bella, I need to get into character of an average human teenage girl." I smiled and stretched on the bed like a lazy cat.

"Of course … Bella." Alison smiled with a hint of nervousness towards the end; she had found a T-shirt, a warm jersey and a pair of worn jeans, along with some underwear, socks and snickers for me to wear. I gave them a curious look.

"Are those average and daily enough for an American teen?" I ask, as I reached for the items to get dressed.

"Oh yes, they should be sufficient enough, we had some hybrid scouts out to survey the surroundings and the locals, and you should be able to fall in with the crowd." Alison assured me.

"Good, then how about my profile, what is the story?" It was important that everything was in order or otherwise people would get suspicious of me, and I had to keep my true origin and my people as a total secret. Knowledge can lead to death and destruction, if the wrong people heard some much as a tiny whispered word.

"Well… the scouts found out that one of your far out relative lives there, and he has the same color hair and the same eyes as you, so it would be easy to pass you as his daughter. Therefor we had one of our skilled mind manipulators do his tricks on him, and now the man thinks that he indeed has a daughter by the name of Bella Swan. Our best forger has made the necessary documents, and no one will expect a thing out of the ordinary." Alison smiled.

"How so?" I had to be sure it was so.

"Well… it turns out that he was once married, but six month into the marriage his young wife apparently ran away from Forks, and he never heard a word from her again, that was about 18 years ago, so it was easy to make up a story that she was pregnant at the time, but never told him about it." Alison explained.

"What happened to the woman and what was her name?" I asked, as I put on my socks.

"Her name was René Swan, former René Dwyer. She was attacked by a vampire at the time of her disappearance." Alison said somberly.

"What about in our story?"

"Well… according to our story, she died recently and you have been staying with some friends, until the authorities could locate and contact your father, police chief Charlie Swan. Whom you are now going to live with until graduation." Alison said as she went over to make my bed that I have just left, so she could do her chores without me getting in the way.

I didn't like to be too much of a nuisance to those who have been chosen or chose to serve me. It was hard enough for Alison not to be tempted by my scent, since I was still in my human form.

Once I become of age, I would have to make a choice for the rest of my life, and according to the old prophecies I was most likely the one, who would determine the course of life for many people. If I chose to become a vampire there will be two paths laid out in front of me, one will lead to a world of darkness and the other to a world with hope. I could also choose to stay human, which meant the world would continue as it always have, whether I wanted to live in my world or among the mortals as one of them. However there was a fourth option, but it was vague and unsure, no one really understood the meaning of it, and the story said something about wolves and shape-shifters. The promised One may choose to become a Shape-shifter. Which sounded strange and very unlikely, how is that even possible, when I am after all an Ancient?

Ancients is a secret race, where you are born in a human form, but once you become of age, which is 21, you'll have to make a decision between two ways of life, mortal or eternal. You get ten years to change your mind unless certain circumstances have occurred, that will make your decision permanent. The Ancients were regarded as nobility and the more power you have whether they are latent or awoken the higher rank you had. I was in the highest position, I was next in line to the throne, despite the fact I was still human, but it was expected that I would transform and thereby choose the vampire path. Ancients didn't have to be bitten to change; it was in their blood, which is also why we could choose to go back to human form, if we should change our mind during the ten year window. The only thing that could keep you from changing was, if you were bitten by an ordinary vampire. Which meant my trip to Forks would be with certain risks. I was relieved to hear that the vampires, who have made a life for them self in Forks, were all so called vegetarians like my maid Alison.

"Breakfast is ready downstairs and your uncle, our blessed king is there waiting for you. He wants to say good bye to you and give you a few last words, before you leave." Alison said pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Thank you Alison, and thank you for your service, you have been wonderful." I smiled, before I walked to the door and walked out.

My chest felt tight and I was feeling downhearted to say good bye to the only world I have known. As I descended the stairs it was like the castle became gloomier for each step, almost like it too was feeling sad at the prospect of saying farewell.

My uncle was waiting for me at the grand dining table, it was decked with fine food and beverages, everything your heart could desire, but I wasn't feeling particularly hungry at the moment.

"Good morning, uncle." I said feeling said, as I looked in to his honey gold eyes.

"Good morning my dear." He wrapped his strong arms around me softly and gave me a chaste kiss on my forehead. "I wanted to say a few words to you, before you leave."

I nodded and looked at him with expectation.

"You are going away to learn about the human life, and it is in a way your walk about, it is a time for you to find out some of the other sides of life. You will most likely find the love of your life during your stay, and it will lead to some serious decisions and consequences of those choices. But if you just listen to your heart and your instincts, then you cannot do wrong, because your heart is pure and kind." My uncle looked me softly in the eyes.

"Thank you. I'll miss you." I threw my arms around him and hugged him tight. Tears had found their way down my cheeks.

"Shhh. Isabella, it will be alright. I have faith in you." He cooed, as he gently patted my back. "Now eat a little, so you gain some strength for the long trip to meet your new father in Forks."

"Yes uncle, … will you say good bye to the others and tell them I'll miss them?" I hesitantly asked. My cousins were not present because they hated good byes, but I knew that they loved me and cared for me deeply.

"I will… take care my sweet girl." He said softly, it looked like he was going to cry, if he could.

"I'll miss you." I sobbed.

"I'll miss you to, … I have something for you." My uncle said and pulled out a wristwatch. "This watch has on its backside our coat of arms engraved; it is a sign that we will always stand by your side no matter what ever happens."

I looked at it, as he put it around my left wrist. It looked like any other watch; it had a golden chain and a round face with a white background. Very average, perfect for a teenage human.

"Thank you." I whispered with my head bowed down facing the floor. I felt a fleeting kiss on the top of my head and when I looked up, he was no longer there. I sighed, it was time…

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