"Mind speak"

"Normal speak"


In their compartment on the Hogwarts express, Hermione was reading a book while Harry and Ron played chess, as usual Ron wining.

Ron had just taken Harry's knight when the door to the compartment opened, revealing the blond haired Daphne Greengrass.

Ron scowled and was the first to speak. "What do you want snake?" he asked angrily.

Hermione sighed and Harry groaned at Ron's prejudiced and impolite response. Daphne just glared at the redhead.

"Not that it's any of your concern Weasley," Daphne sneered, "but I'm here to talk with Harry and Hermione." She looked over at the two curious lycans. "Privately," she added.

Ron was about to respond when Hermione cut him off. "What, exactly did you want to talk to us about?" she asked, a little tersely but not unkindly.

Daphne smirked. "The full-moon."

Harry and Hermione's eyes widened at the blond's answer. "Ron," Hermione began, "Why don't you go sit with Fred and George. I don't think this is going to be short conversation."

"But..." Ron began to protest.

"Go Ron," Harry said. "Hermione's right."

An angry expression crossed Ron's face as he stood up. "Fine," he said as he walked past Daphne and out of the compartment.

The blond closed and locked the compartment door after he had left. Before Harry or Hermione could talk, Daphne did. "I must say, being a lycan has been good for both of you. You both look... very good," she said with a smile.

The two lycans shared a look, before turning back to Daphne.

"How do you know that we're lycans?" Harry asked.

"And more importantly, what do you want?" Hermione added.

Daphne chuckled at sat down on the bench opposite the couple. "I know more then the fact that you're lycans. I also know that the two of you are soul-bonded. As for how I know" Daphne smirked, "I believe you two have met my Grandmother Selene."

Hermione's eye's widened while Harry just looked confused until he heard Hermione in his head. "Selene is the Greek moon deity, her Roman name was Luna."

"Your grandmother is the moon goddess?" Harry asked sceptically.

Daphne nodded. "Yep." She frowned. "Unfortunately, in her attempt to help me, she made things rather difficult. Maria, whom I believe you have also met, agreed to give me a soul-bond in exchange for a favor, I believe you two know what that favor was."

Hermione nodded. "Maria mentioned it when we met them."

"However," the Slytherin girl continued, "one must always take favors from the gods and goddesses with a grain of salt, again I think you both understand this concept." Harry snorted thinking about Luna, or Selene's, remark about killing or fucking. "This favor was no different. Maria, knowing my sexual preferences, gave me two soul-mates, one man and one woman. But she bonded them together without me, and left me the task of informing them and asking to accept me into their, already formed, bond."

"Is she saying what I think she is?" Harry asked.

Hermione sighed. "I believe so." She looked at the other witch. The blond had a stellar figure, and was already considered one of the most beautiful girls in the school, but Hermione didn't know what to think. She hadn't ever considered that she was attracted to other girls, nor had she considered sharing Harry with another witch. And so she didn't know how she felt about this bit of news. "Is it safe to assume from the fact that you came to us that Harry and I are the bonded couple you're referring to?"

Daphne nodded.

"What do you think?" Hermione asked, wanting to hear Harry's thoughts.

"I can't say I'm opposed to the idea 'Mione, I mean every straight guy dreams of fucking more than one girl." Harry admitted. "But I love you, and I don't really know Daphne. But if she's supposed to be soul-bonded to us, we must at least be able to love her. I don't think Maria would go through the trouble of soul-bonding people together if they'd kill each other. What about you?"

"I am, surprisingly, not at all bothered by the idea. Which is odd considering that since our change I'm normally rather territorial of you."

"So what now?"

"I also assume that since you told us, you do want to bond with us?" Hermione asked Daphne.

Daphne snorted. "Who wouldn't want a soul-bond? Someone, or in this case a pair of people, who'll love you until the day you die? I'd have to be crazy to pass this up. Not to mention my grandmother would be cross with me not taking what she managed to get Maria to give me."

"So what do we have to do in order for you to join our bond?" Harry asked.

Daphne smiled. "Both of you need to bite me in your lycan forms."

"Map or invisibility cloak?" Harry asked.

"Give her the cloak, it barely covers the both of us now anyway."

Harry sighed and pulled down his trunk from the rack. Opening it, he pulled out the silvery invisibility cloak that had once belonged to his father and handed it to Daphne. "Meet us at the edge of the forbidden forest around midnight. Use this, it'll help you get out of the castle undetected."

Daphne smiled as she took the cloak from Harry. "Thank you, for accepting me into your bond I mean."

Hermione sighed. "This does leave one problem." The other two looked at her. "How the hell is this going to work on the full moon. Harry's only got one dick after all."

No one had an answer.


The three students spent the rest of the train ride getting to know one another. They learned that Daphne's mother, Selene's daughter, was killed by Deatheaters, in retaliation for her father refusing to join them, two month's after her birth. Her father remarried and Daphne had a half-sister, Astoria, two years younger then her. Daphne also had an affinity for runes, and was above Hermione in the class, though Hermione had her beat in the other classes and Harry had them both beat in Defense.

And when they arrived at Hogwarts, and Ron rejoined the group, they shared a carriage, much to Ron's disgust.

After splitting, Daphne heading to the Slytherin table and the Golden Trio to the Gryffindor, Ron asked, "Why are you hanging out with a slimy Slytherin?"

Hermione sighed, but stopped the angry retort on her tongue when she realized that Ron hadn't matured as fast as Harry and even she had. "Ron, we will be spending a lot of time with Daphne. I suggest that you get used to it," she said as she sat down next to Harry.

After the sorting and dinner, Dumbledore announced that the Tri-Wizard Tournament would take place this year and that as such, quidditch was canceled. He then explained that they would be playing host to Beaubaxtons and Durmstrang, two other magical schools, who would arrive at the beginning of October with a selection of eligible students to compete in the tournament. It was at this point that he was interrupted by the appearance of a scared old man with a strange eye. Ron explained to Harry and Hermione that he was Mad-eye Moody, a well known and highly skilled retired auror. Dumbledore announced that Moody was the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, before continuing with his standard warnings and dismissing them to bed.


It was a quarter to midnight when Harry and Hermione reached the edge of the forest. Both were only wearing their long-coats as they could be changing briefly and then heading back up to the castle. Checking the map, they made their way to where the map indicated Daphne was.

They found the blond sitting on a fallen tree.

"About time you two got here," Daphne said. "This place gives me the creeps."

Hermione smirked. "Trust me, once your a lycan, it won't even bother you." Her face turned serious. "Are you sure you want to do this? Once we bite you, there is no going back."

Daphne nodded. "I'm sure."

"You should probably remove your shirt, unless you want it ruined," Harry said.

Daphne blushed. "Er..."

Harry and Hermione smirked. "Your going to have to get use to nudity," Hermione explained. "Our clothes don't change with us."

"It's why we have the coats," Harry added.

Daphne's eyes widened. "You mean that you're both..er...naked under those coats?"

The two lycans nodded.

"Would it be more comfortable if we removed our coats and shifted first?"

Daphne nodded, "It might be."

Hermione and Harry both undid their coats and let them fall to the ground. Daphne couldn't help but stare at the two bodies in front of her.

Hermione's bust was much more impressive than she had thought and bigger then her own b-cups, and her muscular figure was almost a perfect hourglass. And her eyes were drawn to the other girls hairless pussy, before turning her head and looking at Harry.

Harry, she could easily tell was very muscular, though not in a body-builder way. His broader upper body narrowed nicely down to his waist, where her eyes nearly bulged out at the size of his dick.

Daphne's observations had all been in a matter of seconds, and soon she watched, fascinated as the other two began to change. And moments later, she was starring at two massive lycans. She could see why they weren't at all bothered by what may lurk in the forest, Hermione was easily as tall as Hagrid and better armed with her claws and teeth, Harry was a full foot taller and just as well equipped.

The blond gulped as she realized that both of their massive jaws would bite her, and that this would be much more painful than she expected. She quickly unbuttoned her shirt and took it off, setting it beside her. Then she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, before setting that aside too, leaving her topless. Her nipples hardened due to the cold night air.

Both Harry and Hermione were amazed at the sight before them. As they looked upon the topples Daphne, they could both understand that she was descended from a goddess. Her lightly colored skin was flawless, with her breast topped by dark pink areolas and her blond hair shimmering like starlight in the moonlight.

As one, Harry and Hermione stepped towards Daphne and leaned down. Agreeing that it was better to get it over with quickly, both lycans bit down on an opposite shoulder as gently as they could. But Daphne still clenched her teeth in pain and whimpered as fangs like steel pierced her skin.

Harry and Hermione released Daphne and stepped back. Already they could see the injuries beginning to repair themselves.

"Daphne?" Harry asked.

The blond smiled. "I can her you."

"Then it's comp... RRRAAAAAHHHHH!" Harry screamed is pain as he collapsed to the ground, a crossbow bolt in his side.

Hermione and Daphne instantly to face Hagrid, who was busy reloading his crossbow.

Hermione roared in anger as she ran at Hagrid, her instincts to protect her mate overriding her logic. Luckily Daphne didn't have that same problem yet.

"HERMIONE NO!" the blond yelled just as she reached the half-giant. "He doesn't know who he's shot!"

Hermione growled once more, but understood and reluctantly began to shift back as Daphne ran over to Harry, who had begun to shift back to normal himself.

Hagrid stared in morbid fascination at the creature was about to attack him, he didn't want to shoot the other one, but he had seen a student and couldn't allow harm to fall upon her. Then he heard the student yell, he wasn't sure what as he was focused on the creature before him, but whatever it was, it got the creature to stop. He looked over to see the student run towards the black haired creature, before turning his eyes back to watch as the brown one began to shrink. His eyes widened in horror when he saw who was standing in front of him. "Hermione?"

"Yes," the girl growled, before turning to run to the other creature, whom Hagrid noticed was no changing itself. Once he saw the injured form of Harry, the full impact of what he had just done hit him. Hagrid had just shot, not only a student, but his friend. "No," he whispered to himself as he dropped his crossbow to the ground, before running over to the boy.

Harry smiled weakly at Hagrid. "Good..to see...you Hagrid."

Hagrid's mouth opened and closed for a moment before he spoke. "I...I'm sorry 'Arry, I didn' know it 'as you."

"It's...kay," Harry said. "Mione, I can't reach the bolt, you need to get it out so I can heal."

Hermione nodded and placed her hand on Harry's shoulder while her other hand wrapped around the bolt. "This is gonna hurt. I'm Sorry Harry."

The witch ripped the bolt back out and Harry clenched his teeth and growled at the pain.

"We need ter get 'im ta the 'ospital wing," Hagrid said.

Daphne shook her head. "No, watch."

And Hagrid did. It took a few minutes, but soon there was no sign that Harry had been shot at all. "What's goin on?" he asked confused. "An' why're you lot naked?"

The teens all suddenly remembered their various states of undress. Harry and Hermione quickly put on their coats as Daphne covered herself with her shirt.

"Perhaps the explanations could wait until tomorrow, after class," Harry suggested to Hagrid. "It's late, and I for one could use some rest. I promise we'll come down and visit you as soon as classes are over."

Hagrid sighed, but before he answered, Hermione added, "Please don't tell anyone Hagrid. We didn't want anyone to know."

"Aye. I'll 'old of tellin anyone 'till tomorrow. But you lot better 'ave a damn good explanation." The half-giant's shoulders slumped and he rubbed his face. "And 'Arry, 'gain, I'm sorry."

Harry smiled. "I already forgave you Hagrid. We'll talk tomorrow."


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