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Ombra's dark form glided down the abandoned stone path as he made his way to the massive fortress looming in front of him. Anticipation filled him as he thought of what lay ahead. Four years had passed since the light had lost the great battle against the Others. Most of the creatures living in this world were now under his control. However there was a small group of people based in Rundoon who dared to oppose him. They fought ceaselessly with the others stirring up trouble wherever they went. Just the other week a town of Shadowless had been completely demolished by this group. By the time they were finished all the bodies were charred beyond recognition.

The leader of this rebellion was the most troublesome of all. A stubborn young woman at the age of twenty with piercing green eyes that always seemed to see into your soul and brown hair that used to shimmer gold when the light touched it. She would often march through the streets and burn down the houses where shadowless resided. Her heart had frozen over long ago. No mercy would be found for those who she opposed wether you fought her by choice or not. She was known simply as Lady Hope and she was indeed a formidable enemy.

A smile formed on Ombra's lips as he continues down the street. No longer would Lady Hope be a problem. There would be no more rebellions or fights for freedom. Lady Hope had made a fatal mistake. One that would not only end her life, but that of what she stood for as well. He had been informed by Jay Blackthorne the leader of the Blackthorne family, a high ranking shadowless, that she had been at last been captured.

For that reason Ombra now found himself at Blackthorne Manner home of Jay and his family.