A/N: I had just come up with this plot literally a few seconds ago and I don't have my notebook (Yes, I usually write out my stories first) and my pencil. So, I just decided to type it up first. There may be some OOC. Enjoy. :D

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"Mike, why are you hiding your mobile?"

John and Mike had just arrived at the hospital from the park. Mike raised his head from his coat and looked at John, who had been limping behind him. "Because I don't exactly want him to use it right now."

John looked at him confused. "Him?"

Mike sighed and hung up his coat. "He always asks for it."

"Whose 'he?'"

Mike hung up his coat. "'He' is the man your going to meet."

With that, Mike started walking down the corridor. John followed him, more intrigued.

Mike stopped in front of a door and held it open for John.

As John walked in, he noticed the changes the room had undergone. "A bit different from my day."

Mike entered the room behind him. "You have no idea."

Before John could ask what he meant, a voice from the other end of the room asked, "Mike can I borrow your phone? There's no signal on mine."

"What's wrong with the landline?"

"I prefer to text."

"Sorry, left it in my coat."


A/N: Sorry for the awkward ending. As I said before, I wrote this one before I had time to completely think about it. Please forgive me if Mike seemed a bit... off. I like Mike just as well as anybody. Without him, there would be no dynamic duo known as Holmes and Watson. Technically. I hope you enjoyed. :D