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In those days that I was used

Like a decorative doll

I was already broken a long time ago

So I wanted to destroy all

YEAR 2011


"All you do is type in your computer! You don't know how to do anything useful! How useless! Money is nothing if it would be spent for you, moron! All you do is cosplay, buy useless anime stuff- whatever those trash are called! Don't you dare do this again or I'll burn all of your dvd's together with your laptop and regret that you had never gone up against me! " A seventy year old woman said or more like shouted out with fierce eyes, threatening whoever the person she was with.

And that poor person is a sixteen year old girl.

"I regret ever taking you in when your mother and father gave you to me as a baby." The old woman sighed with an indignant huff , finally leaving the girl to herself but not ofcourse muttering some mean words silentlyon her way . "Here I thought I'm going to have a servant..What a useless idiot!"

Soshite bouya wa nemuri ni tsuita

ikizuku hai no naka no honoo, hitotsu, futatsu to ukabu fukurami itoshii yokogao

daichi ni taruru ikusen no yume, yume

"This really sucks, ne?" The heartbroken girl bemused silently, her dark black hair was set down in a loose ponytail. She is currently sitting while leaning her back against the wall. Her brown eyes seem to gaze lazily into sapce while listening to a song-a sad song from her MP3 player.

Gin no hitomi no yuragu yoru ni

umare ochita kagayaku omae, ikuoku no toshitsuki ga

ikutsu inori wo tsuchi e kaesshitemo

She is thinking, thinking of what she'll do for today.

Every single day is the same as always.

"I'm sick of this."

Watashi wa inori tsuzukeru

Unsurprisingly, the music seems to ease her pain. It was afterall, the only thing that makes her sleep peacefully every night. Besides the fact of how sad it sounds to her ears, she cannot help but like it. Its like the melody itself is comforting and lulling her to sleep.

Douka konoko ni ai wo

"I hate to be here with them. I can't- just...can't to be,"A lone tear fall from her left eye then another and another more tears until she was reduced into balling her eyes out.

It hurts, every single thing hurts.

She just wanted to end all the pain right here and now.

Shakily, she reach up a knife with her right hand and positioned it on top of her left knife's edge glinting tauntingly at her.

Does she have what it takes to make the decision?

"Goodbye, hurtful world..."

Tsunaida te ni kisu wo

And with that said, darkness consumed her.


A strong explosion just occured that completely wake her up. With pure instinct, she instantly stand up and look for a safety place. She was nervous but tried to stay calm.

"What the hell was that?" A girl with dark hair and brown eyes said with shock, eyes darting everywhere for any signs of movement.


"MOU!WHAT'S WITH EXPLOSIONS! Are they trying to kill-" The girl stopped, wide eyed. She cannot believe herself.

"I-...I'm supposed to d- di- die and yet-" She said while stuttering like crazy and looking at her own hands. She immediately look for her left wrist to find-

"A wha- a red cross?" She said to herself while observing the errie red cross flicker through her skin. "What exactly is happening here..?"

"Where are you Exorcist-sama~? Come out please!"A giddy yet unnerving voice echoed around.

"Wha-..?" She didn't know but her heart is now beating erratically inside her chest.

It was like a small bomb would go off inside her chest any minute from now.

"OH~! a little girl! What are you doing here all by yourself~?" The black haired girl came face to face with a creature who looks nothing buta scary, sadistic clown. She noted that it was freakishly familiar to her.

Her body was screaming for her to run, but it seems like her brain had been trolling at her for it had shut down all her thoughts and commands in her own body.

"I'M HERE AKUMA!" Suddenly, a boy with white hair showed up around and said. He has a scar on his face. His left eye seems strange enough with its rare red color like his left arm too. He also wears something like a black uniform and a matching rose crest that shaped like a cross in the-

"Don't joke around..."

Realization came down at her, hitting her like a pail of ice cubes.

This doesn't look like a cosplay center at all and the characters were too perfect to be portrayed right now. She wasn't in to drugs and stuff and for all she knows she is sane enough to know what was going on.

'So this is the reason that this looks horrifyingly familiar.'

The girl is now staring at the boy and the creature with unbelieving eyes. Now it is clear to her what is happening right now.

Screw logic and physics, she is in D. Gray Man.

It's a very powerful medecine

It's effects will stay in you forever

Now it is finally time for me to sleep

I'll now change from Princess Sandman to Sleeping Beauty

-Gift from the Princess Who Brought Sleep, Miku

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