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"It's unlimited. It's unlimited.

If I can believe myself again.

Hikari no naka mezamete iku

Shinjite kureta kimi to nara"

At first, everything seemed normal.

The four of them would eat inside the abandoned chapel at lunchtime. As time passed by, Jirainne had started to open up with them. She's actually a sweet and funny girl inside. Fiamma, who was once the defiant girl, had surprisingly started to grow fond of them. Krysten the most mature of them all had hung out a lot with Jiri, whom she had the same interest in the field of Mathematics. While, she of course was still herself, still the meek yet happy going lad. No matter how much talented and great they are than her, it didn't bother her as long as they're happy.

She thought those happy days would never end, and yet it did.

Krysten change schools and left to study in Thailand because of her father, leaving the three of them all by themselves. After that, a lot of things started to happen and one of which was when Jirainne changed or rather, Lemi had finally noticed how the quiet girl whom she had befriended is a very talented genius.

It felt like she's being crushed by a mindless monster that doesn't have any mercy in tearing her dreams into shreds.

She felt threatened.

"Please dear God in heaven."

Jirainne Serra became the star while she, who had studied very hard each night, took Summer classes just to get ahead of every subjects, sacrificed her childhood just to impress her pure-blooded Chinese relatives with her grades was left with nothing. Not a single recognition from all the efforts that she had done.

"-Please forgive me."

It was like; she robbed her off of everything.


But there were three things that Jirainne doesn't have that she has.

It was Glen, her family and her voice. And knowing that, the tawny haired female felt great for herself.

"For I have sinned."

But even those things were from her.

'It's her fault.'

If Jirainne did not gave his father a place in their organization in Italy, his father would have not died. She would not be hunted down by those people. And most of all, Glen would have not died.

"One of the Seven Cardinal Sins known to man as,"

All that was left were her useless cries of plea.

'Kill her.'

From a distance a small sharp scissor gleamed dangerously in the darkness, reflecting burning gold orbs.


No matter how hard and clear Lemi's voice were to her ears, there was no way that she would actually accept her statement.

It was outrageous.

The mere thought of it was so laughable like a layman's joke that she was actually considering laughing madly at her any sooner.

"Are…you serious?" Juuri asked one more time as she shook her friend's shoulder, tightly holding her arms as if like she would disappear any second from her sight. But in opposite, it was her way in trying to keep herself in check.

But in reality, this was no laughing matter.

If Lemi had gotten herself into the same fate as her, there would be no telling that something really, really bad had happened. Or worse, a new organization had started to foolishly continue the futile attempts of her late predecessors.

If Lemi is really like her then-there was no doubt that she too, would suffer the same fate as hers.

"Answer me!"

For a second, the older woman just shook her face as a reply before shrugging off Jirainne's hands away. "Jirainne," Lemi took a shaky breath. "-you know better than I am that it's too late to feel sorry."

The said girl was about to retort back when she was stopped midway, not by her best friend but by her own self. There was nothing much for her to say.

Honestly, Jirainne wanted to keep on asking her many times if she was just joking, and that maybe she was pulling a prank on her and all, just like old times. But it would just be insensitive of her to keep pushing her around with the current state that she is in.

"Please, Jirainne."

Obviously, there were no words that would heal her, her words would only make Lemi remember whatever horrible memories she had. Just like hers.


If she is Lemi, she would definitely cry, relaying back the incident would be as painful as reopening the wounds over and over.

And that is why she kept silent.

There was no need for Lemi to feel pain, fear and contempt anymore.

"I understand."

She will remain silent, just like old times.


For a typical human, the day starts when dawn had broken out of the horizon. But for the eighteen year old samurai, this time was just perfect for him to start the day. He would not allow himself to just idly sleep on his bed for days just because someone had ordered him to.

And that is why, when he had finally been released to that godforsaken excuse for an infirmary, he immediately took it upon himself to take his sweet time to meditate in the training room and perhaps, give Komui a piece of his mind to finally start the repairs on Mugen rather than them idly looking after the damn Ark.

But the main reason he cannot force himself to sleep further was because of his self-awareness about something.

Lately, he had been, somewhat, different. Different in a sense that he's more aware of his surroundings -the people around him to be exact.

How he had looked after the brat. What was going on her mind? Are her wounds really gone? Who in the world is that girl with her? Can they trust her? And why the fuck is she letting the stupid rabbit grab her shoulders like that?

He got more agitated than normal in any trivial matter about his surroundings. Trivial things that was in the past, were not even worthy of him noticing.

Subconsciously, he took in a deep breath.

He really needs to do some meditation and training to release some steam.

Kanda, the sole Exorcist known to have an apathetic demeanour around the Black Order, a man who always sees through his job without further interruption, a man who never bothered to give a care about someone's business, he who had no relation with anyone.

He who is not human.

Frustrated, Kanda intentionally closed the door behind him with a loud thud, unaware of a certain someone who seem to be too sluggish to notice him too, until he had surprised her, making the startled person to jolt in surprise.

Talk about setting matters with himself.


For a moment, the two person found themselves looking at each other in disbelief, clearly not expecting to see the other right at this very hour.


Honestly, with his experience with her in Team Tiedoll, Kanda was not expecting the brat was the type to wake up very early in the morning, just like he do.

She's like a dead piece of log when sleeping which you need to resuscitate back to life by throwing in to any body of water. Literally.

Kanda was about to ignore her presence, just like he usually do in the past, but by the looks of it, she was trying to get into her own room. He also noticed the slight weary bags under her eyes as a sign of staying up late.

On the other hand, Juuri taking in Kanda's silent stupor as her chance of escape, immediately opened her door in hopes of locking herself away from him.



Unfortunately and just as always, Kanda is always faster than her in speed and agility.

With his rough hands tightly grasping the side of the wooden door of the brat's room, Kanda gave a satisfactory smirk. That kind of smirk that a lion gave after trapping the poor mouse into the corner.

Screw meditation, he needs some answers, now.

"I believe you have a lot of explaining to do."

The brat or more like the-cornered mouse, almost shriek in horror. "How about-"

"Open the door." Kanda said with a strict voice. When he noticed that she is not willing to comply, he wildly pushed the door open.

"It's already open!"

Kanda almost gave out a sound that is similar to laughter, but ofcourse, everyone knows he don't laugh. Instead he just snorted lightly from her ridiculous sarcasm.

"Didn't someone ever told you to never force yourself inside a female's room!?" Shocked and still exhausted, the female tried to resist with all her might in which Kanda almost thought to be the stubborn person.

Too bad he was as stubborn as she is.

The first thing that she had noticed when she let him in was his face.

She doesn't remember but, was his face had been angular in shape lately? Was his eyes had been very sharp before? Why was it just now that she had started to care?

Every time she tries to steal a glance at his face, she felt at ease, like she was not looking at a dangerous lion but rather a cute and adorable cat. It was like the feeling of watching the raindrops pour down the glass window, it gives you peace and comfort to the point that she starts to feel very sleepy.

On the other hand, her heart starts palpitating like there's no tomorrow, she cannot even breathe normally. Worst, her tummy feels weird like it was flipping and making twists inside her. In short she feel too excited, or perhaps exhilarated enough not to look away?

Maybe it was the feeling of being found out? Was this how Eve felt when she cannot resist herself from biting the forbidden fruit?

She inwardly slapped herself. That was ridiculous.

But she knew in herself that once she started looking at him, she cannot stop herself.

She likes watching him eat, talk, glare or even fight against someone.

Simply, she likes...him.

Pretty stupid, right?

But she knew him, she knew too much about him and that her stupid emotions would do nothing for him.

It was his destiny to be with that someone. And that someone is not her.

All she could do at the moment was sigh to herself and make out a small joke as usual to at least make and ice breaker between them two.

How pathetic.


Kanda having to sit on the floor across her old wooden bed just grunted his usual 'che' at her.

After a few minutes or more like an eternity of them pulling and pushing over the poor wooden door, the blue haired exorcist had emerged as the winner with only the few screws of the hinges coming out loose. When she had noticed that the door itself is already on its limit, she had no choice but to accept defeat and open her quarters for them both.

There would be no meaning of keeping him away if it would cost her only protection to crumble away, is it not?

"So, "Juuri let out a sight of defeat as she steals a glance at her present visitor. "-you should be getting some training right now, right?"

"You're now telling me what to do?" Kanda answered, irritated.

"No, I'm just telling you what I know that you're supposed to be doing." She spoke back; sitting on the bed as she sloppily hugs a pillow against her chest.

Quite defeated in his own game, he can only glared back at her. "Che, smartass."

She quietly dismissed his comeback and instead looked at the early morning sky through the small window on her right. It was still early but the sky is starting to change into the usual patches of yellow.

Juuri looks really tired and conflicted, yet serene and relaxed at the same time.

The look that the brat always worn when she's about to do something really stupid.

Kanda just stayed on his place, quietly watching the brat's unusual behaviour. "Tell me about that ginger head friend of yours."

"Ginger?" She asked, her look changes from surprise to slight annoyance. "Are you a racist?"

"Do you think that I care about that kind of things?" He crossed his arms, looking away from her in the process, in which she was greatly thankful of.

"Is she like you?"

"You really want to know, huh?" She laughed a little. "Actually she didn't tell me much herself so, I might only say some things."

"I didn't waste my time to come in here and have tea with you." He replied with a grunt.

"Grumpy as ever, I see." She pouted at him. "Why don't you try smiling, Kanda? Maybe I'll tell you something if you just stretch your mouth a little and show some teeth."

Just by the mention of the word smiling, the said male had already started to make a disgusted face, sharply eyeing the girl infront of him. "Are you out of your mind?" He glared at herm his gaze never leaving her playful brown orbs. "Stop with the acts or I'll kill you right now. "

"Oh? So were already in that part of the conversation where you're about to point Mugen at me?" She sad, taunting him. "Sorry, I pass."

"I'm not fooling around with you."

"And neither do I." It was her turn to get serious. "-Listen carefully Kanda because I probably would never repeat myself again."

Once again, their eyes met, each one of them weighing down the other's gazes. Unfortunately, it was Juuri who had looked away a little sooner, her pale cheeks being slightly dusted with pink.

As if to contain herself, she made an effort to clear her throat.

"I met Lemi when I was around 14 years of age, around my second year of High School. She's the first person to ever accept me as a friend. I was really happy that time."

The black haired female fiddled her pillow as she silently muses over the first time she was invited to Lemi's house.

"You won't believe me. But two years ago, I'm known as an outcast." She gave him a small smile.

"Just like you, Kanda."


"Thank you Mrs. Lim." Fiamma muttered courteously. Eventhough she was known to be the violent type, she was actually a silent and humble person after all. It was fun watching her look so timid too.

"It was great as always, Mrs." Krysten smiled as she drank her tea as composed as ever.

Lemi smiled warmly as she's about to get the plates to the sink. "I told you! Mom's the greatest in cooking desserts, especially cakes!"

"I- I should help!" Jirainne raised her right hand, while her left hand snatch the other plates from Lemi's hands.

"Oh, no you shouldn't! You are our guest, right?" Mrs. Lim only stretched her hand at her, urging her to give the plates toward the older woman. "No-buts lady."

Jirainne cannot help but obliged. It would be rude to argue with them further.

"Yes, that's right. Just feel at home, okay? I'll be with Mom in the kitchen so if you need anything, just call. Please help yourself." Lemi gave them a small bow as she scurry off with her mother. "-we'll commemorate this moment with a picture so try to tidy up! Especially you, Faye!"

Picture? How childish.

"So, how do you like it here?" Krysten asked her, out of the blue.

"They don't have any maids here because as you see, they are not as much as rich as yourself, Firsty." Fiamma commented, her vulgar self-starting to reawaken from its slumber.

Before she can even answer them, she unconsciously tasted the slight mocha icing that was left of her tongue.

She might not admit it but she doesn't like sweets especially cake, they're taste was too intense that it hurts her tongue every time. In addition, the icing was too much that it makes her vomit from just the look of it. Lastly, the cake reminds her of a sponge, a dishwashing sponge-

She really hates eating cake,period.

But today, she did her best to finish one big slice of mocha cake. It's not like she needs to push herself that much, unexpectedly, the cake was quite good, there was not much icing and it was not as sweet as she thought it would be.

It was delicious.

Jirainne cannot help but looked at where two had gone off to.

"I envy Lermiana for having a mother like hers."


"-I also met her father . He is a great anthropologist," Juuri paused as she survey the other's nonchalant face. "-I mean he was like a historian, you could say like a Bookman."

Kanda's brow furrowed in annoyance, his bad temper is clearly getting the best of him. "I don't particularly see any meaning from your stupid story."

"Well, if you would just listen without-"

Suddenly, Kanda stood up, aggravated as he snatched the pillow from her grasp, throwing it to the far end corner of the room. "I've been sitting here, listening to you talk nonsense for an hour now and there was not a single word of yours that answered my question!"

This is stupid, really.

"Who is she!?"

It's not like it was just him who has been very much frustrated and tired from all these things.

Everything has taken a great toll on her, from Lemi to the plan for tomorrow, to the Level Four. She's just human, just like everybody is; and that she can also snap, just like he is.

"And you on the other hand has been talking about stupid this-and-that for the past minutes!" Juuri gritted her teeth as she punched the cold concrete wall behind her. "-Do you think I have the slightest idea on what is going on her stupid head? Because if you do, I would gladly listen because I'm just a stupid spoiled brat! I don't know what to think first! I don't know if I can trust her either!"

She doesn't know.

"I don't know if I can pull this off, worst, I might become the end of us!"

She doesn't believe.

"I don't know who to trust anymore..."

All that she have is herself.

"I'm tired too. I just want-" The black-haired exorcist took a deep breath of air, her hands shaking from the sudden surge of emotions as she tried to gather the remaining energy in her system to look away and lay down the bed, facing the gray old wall.

"- just a small amount of time to cool my head."

At first, all that Kanda wanted was to push the female exorcist to her bed, and probably hit her head with the hilt of his Mugen, just like always. Unfortunately, Mugen is still on repairs so the second thing that came upon his mind was to look the other way.

Kanda might have been the most insensitive person in the world but he is also the perfect person now to listen to her, knowing him as the best for keeping away from other people's business.

He gave her peace, just like last time.

Moments passed by and both was still caught up on their own thoughts, Juuri lying on her bed while Kanda was left sitting again on the hard floor. But this time, his back is not leaning against the cold wall across her bed; instead he is leaning against the end part of her bed.

For some reasons, this silence made the tension inside Juuri's head to subside. But as a drawback, she had grown more accustomed by how the two of them was just alone in her room; her specifically on the bed defenceless, and him just sitting at the end of her bed.


"Y-Yes?!" She hastily replied, thinking if by some chance, he gained the ability on reading her mind and that she will get scolded any second from now. Worst, he'll make her go bald and sell her hair to the old grannies.


Juuri blinked a second time before slowly pulling herself up from the bed. But before she can even raise her head from the bed, a pillow came flying to her head, giving her no time to react from the impact.

Before, it was a flying coat, now a flying pillow. Great. What's next? A flying chicken or a flying vending machine?

"I said, sleep! "The likely culprit just stayed on his seat, not even sparing a look on the poor victim as he seated himself once again on the cold hard floor, his brows burrowing in agitation. "-And don't you dare disturb my peace!"

Wait, who is the victim here again?

"Not even an apology?" She paused for a minute, silently thinking how he's acting like a usual menopausal old granny.


The point is he's being like his own self. It was just her who had been to caught with everything. When was the last time she had pulled a prank on him?

She's not supposed to act as the uptight one, she's not anymore.

And before she knows it, she had already started giggling audibly at his failed attempt to compromise with her. "Seriously, you and your ego."

There was no reply.

He was always like this, when the two of them fought. He would ignore her, but just like a stubborn child, he will never leave her side.

This feeling…made her feel warm, alive; things that she had misedd for sixteen years

It would had been great too if she would have another chance to team up with him, just like old times. It might even ease up her mind.

"Wake me up after an hour. Just," She said with a small laugh. "don't pour cold water at my face, please."

'And please, just like every time,'


'don't leave me.'

"But that's what I like-" But before she can even finish her words, the young female instantly bit her lip.


What was she thinking!?

"l mean, just-" She is certainly sure that right at this moment, her stomach are doing a backflips, taunting her for her stupidity. "I was just-" She tried to think of anything, any word to say but nothing crossed her mind. It was like her mind had stopped functioning. "just saying..."

"Brat! " Kanda roughly called out, almost certain that she was saying something at him but due to him entering meditation, he was also too caught up in his own thoughts.


As if reading his own mind, Juuri was half glad that wasn't able to hear her. But that half was also disappointed about him. Was her voice too soft that he didn't hear her? Does she even have a place for him in his life?

She felt a soft pang of pain course through her chest.

"Nothing. Goodnight."

She can feel it.

The thing that is trying to eat her away had become way too insistent for the past days. It was a miracle enough that she can still keep it inside of her.

But right after talking with Jirainne last night, it has acted funny. There were times that it would want to simply kill, then after a moment it would calm down and laugh but after an hour, it would throw a fit, like an obsessed child over a measly candy.

'You know you're better than her.'


"This isn't right!" The tawny haired Chinese female shook her head in disagreement. "Oh God, please…"

If there really is a God out there, Lemi hopes that he's listening.

'Kill her.'

"Please," Tears begin flowing down her pale cheeks. "- just stop."

There is a bigger thing that she must do and it is to use her Innocence to help Jirainne save those people.

'Aren't you tired of being led by her?'

Jiri told her that she doesn't need to go to the battlefield with her. She explained that all she needs to do was to call the names of all the Finders that were inside the list that Jiri borrowed from the Supervisor from her place inside the infirmary. On the other hand, Jiri would place herself in the Fifth Lab and take care of all the Scientists with her Reaper beforehand.

Lemi inwardly thought how talented and smart her friend is than her.

'Why should it be her?'

It was becoming pathetic of her.


This irrevocable feeling of bitterness that continue to seep down her veins, filling her body with nothing but contempt and satisfaction as it allows her to free her inner self from the confines of morality.


"I must prepare myself. " Lermiana took a look at her supposedly Innocence, Jirainne's old and white diary. Without nothing to do, she flipped the pages. There were writings, random notes and most of all words of contempt about Jiri's family. But what caught Lemi's attention was the last page; it was fully smudged with dried blood, probably from her friend.

But no matter how good she is in trying to hide it, Lemi knows deep inside that she cannot help herself from thinking of such cruel things as she remembers her life in High School.

'If you get rid of her, then there'll definitely no one else to get in your way ever again.'

6:40 am

Finally, she's here standing just outside the Fifth Laboratory where the Egg is.

The place where Lulubell would likely to show herself, an hour later.

Atleast she was grateful that Kanda had been true to himself in waking her up after an hour. But of course, not about the part of getting her face wet with cold water. Also, before she can even utter a single thanks or pull his hair off, Kanda had already gone to continue his meditation in the training hall, just as she insisted.

It's important after all; Kanda is the one who will boost Lenalee's confidence right around this hour.

She remembered last night before she went to get Lemi that she had met Epstein, the Head of the Black Order Oceania Branch. To be honest, she was glad that he was still himself and not Lulubell. Right at that instant, she used Reaper and instead of her having to be sliced into two, it was Epstein that she had cut into two. Meaning, the Epstein that is supposedly dead by now from Lulubell's hand is still alive, just sleeping peacefully on the hallway.

That gave her an idea to use in her plan.

A plan to use Reaper on the whole Science Division Team by securing the Whites inside the Ark and using the Blacks to act normally as if not to distract the outcome.

Her part consists of knocking them down with the back of her scythe and at the same time, activate Reaper to each one of them and finally commanding the Blacks to carry the knockout Whites inside the Ark through the still open gate at the corner of the Lab. Then, all that the Blacks will do is to act their roles as if nothing had changed.

Pretty simple right?

But it requires a lot of power and concentration to substitute the Science Division Team all by herself excluding Chief Reever, Bak, the female head, Johnny and some people that she knew of which will survive. If only she knew who would die or not, then she would be able to lower than the number.

Well, her short nap quite helped her to cool her head, at least.

"Can't be helped then." The black-haired female muttered to herself, unaware of the small wooden sign on the entrance, making her trip and fall face first to the ground.


"Are you," A long blond-haired man wearing his hair on a low pigtail and cloudy spectacles offered his hands at her pitiful figure."-are you okay?"

"I-I'm fine!" However, she immediately stood up on her own, not giving the poor man a chance to accept his offer. It was already too late when she noticed his disappointed look. "Oh my! I'm sorry about that! You see I'm in a hurry, so, yeah!"

"I'm really, really sorry!"

Before she can even slap herself personally, Juuri ran off toward the direction of the Egg, leaving the poor Science people to himself.

"Wait! You're-" As if to hear his voice, the black-haired exorcist stopped in her tracks and looked back, slightly worried if she's going to get an earful about having this placed without outsiders like her.


There was a long silence before the blonde haired personnel just shook his head in slight disappointed before muttering something inaudible at her.

"What are you saying?"

"Nothing." He smiled knowingly at her before walking away. "Take care."

Juuri's gaze lingered at the direction where the scientist went off before shrugging to herself."What a weirdo..." She clicked her tongue.

"-well, what do I expect? That's the main reason he's in the Science Division Team!"

7:30 am

It was morning and the cafeteria is once again full with people, as usual. Unexpectedly, there were not much people than yesterday since Lenalee was called earlier to go to Hevlaska's. Miranda also told them earlier that she would be accompanying Marie with his check up. Kanda, being Kanda, well, no one is expecting him to come as what a certain white-haired Brit said. And for some reason, Juuri haven't shown up either, which left Lavi, Bookman, Allen, Link and Lermiana to eat breakfast all by themselves.

"Hey, Lemi-chan!" Lavi called out across the table as he continue to eat a stolen dango from Allen's plate, from which the latter guy was slightly angry about. "You still haven't told me how you and Juuri met, you know? How was she like before?"

"Hmm, well-" The brownish-yellow haired Chinese took a sip of her hot milk tea. "As I said yesterday,I can say that she had changed."

"Is it about that again because I'm sorry but I don't-" Allen nervously said as he fiddled around his last stick of dango.

"That," Lavi trailed off, as he winked at her. "-won't be a problem."

"Er? N-no!" The poor embarrassed girl shook her hands in defense. "It was just a bad joke of mine. Please just forget it!"

Bookman cannot help but clear his throat, loudly.

"So, what do you mean exactly?"

"Eh? You know what we were talking about, panda-jiji?" Lavi asked, as he eyed the old man. The old man in return just hit his apprentice on the head before kicking him to the stomach and sending him flying to the floor, a few yards away from their table. Everyone but Allen and Link stopped in their tracks and spare a glance at the commotion.

Bookman just went back from his seat a few seconds later as if nothing had happened. "So, Miss Lim, what do you mean exactly?"

Lemi , Link and Bookman has been acquainted when Allen and Jiri were called in to the infirmary yesterday. As what she knows, Link is Allen's observant and agent of the Vatican. On the other hand, she had also known that Bookman is somewhat like a historian, but his role is much more active and they're more disciplined than a simple anthropologist such as his father is, as what Jiri told her.

Lermiana took a deep breath of air. "One thing is that she easily fits in." She looked at her surroundings. "Or perhaps, blend in is a more proper word?"

"Blend in?"

"What do you mean, Miss Lim?" Link asked, finally joining the conversation.

"She doesn't stand out much than before, I think?" Lemi said, her voice obviously taking a gloomier tone, by which were noticed by the others especially by the red-haired Bookman-in-training.

"-She had also loosened out a lot. You could say she was like a really mature and uptight person before."

Allen, who was just about to eat a mouthful of his mashed potato, cannot help but notice the change of the atmosphere around him. He cannot quite place it but the idea of Juuri changing from that to the present is pretty impossible.


On the other hand, Link and Bookman just remained quietly seated on their seats.

"-And also by the fact that she had gained a lot of friends in a short period of time."

Feeling the suffocating tension build around them, the red-haired nosy rabbit made a small comment. "Eh, really? So, I presume she was like an antisocial, selfish and uptight person before?" He continued, his brows furrowed in deep thought before an idea popped in his head, his face changing from a look of bewilderment to terror . "Is it just me or I know exactly someone who falls under that category...?"

"Are you talking about Kanda, Lavi?" Allen asked in disbelief. "That is not a good joke."

Lemi just blinked twice in her seat before finally getting their idea. "The one with the long blue hair, Mr. Kanda?"

"The way you say mister really feels like you're talking to an old grumpy man..." Allen muttered quietly in his place.

"Yeah! That's him!" Lavi exclaimed before seriously turning at her. "So, she's like him, before?"

The Chinese female just sweat dropped in her seat. "Well, she's pretty much more approachable, I think." It was Lavi's turn to gulp nervously. Allen on the other hand, just looked at him with the same face.

"So you're saying-"

"-that she's really-"

Lemi nodded with a small sigh. "There was also a rumour before that she was able to fight off a hundred male delinquents from another school all by herself with nothing but a wooden sword."

A sword. So, Juuri knows how to use swords like a certain someone?

"NO WAY!" Both Allen and Lavi almost fell from their seats.

"As I said, its just a rumor!"

It was Link and Bookman's turn to both let out sigh of disappointment on their stupid wards.


They were right. Altogether, these two are acting a lot more immature as what Jiri and Faye is on their 'crazy mode' right after exams.

"Is it really a bad thing? It was all in the past -" Lermiana was about to say something when she noticed something odd to appear on Allen's left eye. It was like two gear like monocle that appeared out of thin air, turning around as if to sense danger around.

Right. Juuri told her that this boy's left eye has the ability to sense Akuma.

"...ay." Allen muttered to himself before speeding off somewhere. "No way!"

"Allen!" She heard Lavi shouted across her. "What is it!?"

"We need to hurry!" Allen stopped for a moment to look at them, his eyes, especially his left eye were hinting something dangerous, fear, worry and anxiety were clearly reflected on those gray orbs of his.

"There are a lot of them! The people of the Fifth Lab are in danger!"

There was a short pause before Lavi was able to get the idea.

"They're here. " The white-haired said. "-The Akuma are here."

Lemi looked at her old watch locket which is a gift from her father of which she secretly had with her right before she came here in the Order.


It's finally time for their plan to commence.

She cannot help but inwardly say a short prayer of protection to God.

7:44 am

"Please stick to your own work. This is ours." The black-haired exorcist heard Johnny said from below. She is quietly hiding behind the large machines from the upper section of the Fifth Lab, awaiting the next scenes.

Everything were almost done. All she has to do is hide until further notice.

"And quite important work, right?"

"That's right!"

Afterall, once the announcement goes off, she's sure that she'll not be called and instead, going to be dumped in the infirmary because of her low synchronization rate of 35 percent yesterday.

Yesterday.And a lot could happen within a day.

Thirty more seconds.

"I too have an important job to do." Lulubell, the Noah of Lust revealed herself as she peeled off from her disguise as Epstein, just as Juuri had known her to be.


"What are you?!"

"Sorry, Johnny." She uttered a small apology as she glide over to hide behind another machine. "But really, Lulubell, you shouldn't underestimate us, Exorcists. Especially someone like me."

Suddenly two purplish black gates emerged out of nowhere, one on the wall and one just under the giant Egg.

The lone Exorcist cannot help but let out a tired breath.

"Now then, let's begin."

"Enemy Alert!"

An announcement immediately cut through the communication through all the communicator golems found in the Order. "-To all Exorcists and members currently within the Order: Demons have infiltrated the Fifth lab. Two Exorcists are currently present at the scene. "

While snuggling her pillow, Lenalee's thoughts were cut through as she heard the announcement.

"-All the Marshalls and the following Exorcists should proceed immediately to the Ark's third gate. Noise Marie,"

Kanda and Marie who was busy training with each other stopped in their tracks to listen.

"-Miranda Lotto. "

After hearing her name, Miranda immediately stopped herself from praying inside her room.

No one except a single girl had expected this from happening.

Seconds seem to move slowly as Lavi and Lenalee found themselves trapped or more like detained inside the medical room where Krory, the Head Nurse and a few medical personnel were locked in.

Just moments ago, Komui had impassively locked them inside for their own safety in which he highly doubt as the case.

Komui has his reasons but, they are still Exorcists. They cannot just sit here doing nothing but wait for someone to open the damn door so he can finally go Allen and jiji's side.

It was not just out of duty nor conceit.

It was also for their pride as an individual.


"Lavi! The door!" Lenalee exclaimed, about to squeeze through the small opening to finally escape but another body was pushed through from the other side, making her bumped into something before falling down on the floor, hard.

And without even a second to spare, the door had once again closed in on them.

"GHUAHH!" The tawny haired Chinese female cried out before taking a look at the small person who acted as her cushion to prevent herself from falling face first to the ground. "Le-Lenalee!?"

"Lemi-chan?!" Lavi asked in mild amusement. "Whoa, whoa, they got you too?!"

Lenalee looked at her only hope of escape, obviously disappointed. "It's closed again."

"Well, well. It can't be helped right? Atleast we have Lemi-chan with us, now." The red-haired male said in reassurance. "Besides, I bet Juuri-chan and Yu would be here any moment from now, right? That leaves us a lot of chances."

Lenalee just smiled weakly.

"-But knowing them both, the guards would seriously have a hard time catching them." Lavi laughed. "Alive, that is."

"Why do you want to go out that badly?" Lemi asked, half knowing the answer to her question.

It was because of duty, right?

"It's to save my friends." Lenalee uttered quietly. "-but I don't mean to sound like an ignorant person...I didn't mean to hurt him." She trailed off.

Lavi just patted her back. "Lena."

For a while, all that the eighteen year old Chinese female exorcist do is watch the two Exorcists before her.

So this is Jiri's new friends, huh? They're pretty different from she and Faye.


"Activate you're Innocence the second time you felt a tremor, okay? The second one where the lights go out." She remembered Jiri's voice from last night. "Deactivate it twenty minutes after Lenalee and Lavi had left for Hevlaska with Leverrier."

"But what if I cannot activate it properly? Are you sure I can summon that lot of people? Are you sure the characters of their names are all here?" She asked her, pretty nervous. There's almost no way she can pull it off.

"First of all, have faith in yourself. That's why I'm here to teach you how to activate it properly, right? Second, all you need there is concentration and spirit. Lastly," Jiri smiled at her. "-that's my diary, I know every word and letters there is to know in there. You're the best in literature and the best scrabble player that I know of."

'Other than yourself, of course. '

The Valedictorian genius known as Ms. First stretched out her right hand at her.

"Besides, I trust you."


But if she really trusted her, then why did she lied?

Why did she abandon them like they're nothing?

"Mei?" Lenalee asked, nudging the female out of her silent stupor. "Are you okay?"

"Uh?Y-yeah! I'm fine! See?" The other female gave a big smile. "But it's really weird of you calling me, Mei, Miss Lenalee."

"Drop the honorific already." Lavi commented as he stood up, leaning against the wooden door. "You're worst than Allen."

"About calling you Mei, I don't know." Lenalee shrugged while hugging her knees in the process as she seated herself beside Lavi, clearly thinking about her own Innocence. "You see, Nii-san was really happy when he mentioned to me that we'll be having a new member, especially from China. I was really glad, too."

Lermiana looked up, as she too seated herself on the floor beside Lenalee. "Yes, I remember him saying something silly about that. Um, also Mi-, I mean Lenalee, if you don't mind me asking," She trailed off.

"-Is it true that your brother have a sister complex?"

All the occupants of the room but Lavi just sweatdrop in their seats.

She really nailed it off.

"Well, with lack of a-"

Lenalee was about to say something when a huge tremor shook the room, making the equipment, machines, and even the lamp to fall off to the ground.

"Lena! Lemi!" Lavi immediately placed himself over the two girls, protecting them both from anything.

And that's the first shock. The second time will surely be her time to activate hers.

"Um, Kanda-san! Wait!" Chaoji called out as he tried to catch up on the said exorcist. "Please wait!"

Just moments ago, Kanda had rescued him and a fellow member by slicing the chandelier that had almost killed them. And before he know it, he had been tagging along with the said male, helping the people who had been either injured or had been almost crushed by fallen debris from the sudden quake.

Needless to say, Chaoji is unsure why he was still tagging along with this dangerous guy or maybe by the fact that he was still alive at the moment.

"Fucking Komui," Kanda cursed under his breath. "if he just fucking had the repairs done sooner!" Without warning, he stopped in his tracks before glaring hard at no one in particular. Of course, scaring everyone inside the perimeter including Chaoji. "And that brat! Who the hell does she think she is!?"

Chaoji doesn't know if he'll be worried more for the people in the Fifth Lab or to this man who is like a bomb that will blow off any second from now.

"Kanda-san, please just relax!" Chaoji said in reassurance before remembering some words of encouragement told by a certain someone to him last night. "E-everything will be just fine!"

Well, that something was nothing but simple words that a certain black-haired girl had told him to use against these kind of situations.

"Oi." Kanda, who was busy cursing to himself had stopped and in his tracks, his grip tightened around the hilt of his sword. "Who told you those words?"

Chaoji blinked twice, then thrice, as he nervously scratched his head in nervousness. "N-no one?"

"If he asked you about anything about where you learned those words, just say no." He remembered Juuri's words from yesterday when she and Allen had passed the infirmary.

As if to sense the uneasiness coming from him, Kanda had given him no time to react as he had swiftly caught his collar with one hand, lifting his figure off the ground.

"It's her, right?" The blue haired exorcist asked, or more like stated to himself. That moment, Chaoji had almost sworn that the look on Kanda's face was just as scary as he had when they were inside the Ark.

"Otherwise, just run."

Regrettably, Chaoji was too late for that.

"For what reasons are you telling me this?" Chaoji asked as he looked at her tired brown eyes. "And what exactly do you mean by 'I'll use those words sooner than I expected'?"

Did she foresee all of this? No, that's impossible.

"H-Hey, stop that!"

"Why are they fighting at a time like this?!"

"That poor Chaoiji..."

Kanda and Chaoji heard some onlookers who had started talking about them. But before Chaoji knew it, Kanda had already released him and with a side look, glared at his face.

Although Chaoji was somewhat sure that he was not particularly angry about him but to someone else.

"What more did she say?"

"I," She looked away, but Chaoji was sure that he caught her smile bitterly at something. "-maybe just want to make sure he had someone by himself" She laughed at herself. "-when I'm not there to piss him off?"

For a moment, a small memory of Anita-sama had flooded his mind. How she was very thoughtful of them right at the very end. It was that small and warm feeling of having someone care for you. He bet that feeling was more or less just like Juuri-san.

"You're lucky, Kanda-san." Chaoji smiled at him, tears threatening to fall down his cheeks as he tried to restrained himself from remembering his past.

The blue-haired exorcist who is somewhat taken aback by the other male's statement cannot help but repeat his words in his mind a second time."What?"

Lucky? Him? As far as he knows, he doesn't believe in the word luck. Much else use that word to describe himself.

"She's really concerned about you."

'She? SHE!? That!?'

"T-The hell!?" The blue-haired samurai almost stuttered in surprise over his words before glaring daggers at the said male. "Are you picking a fight with me?!" Not even waiting his response, Kanda hurriedly sped off somewhere, leaving the snotty faced man, by himself.

What the hell is going on her crazy head?

Stupid. Stupid!

But more importantly, why did it feel like his chest tightened on its own? Could it be that his regenerative power was still taking a toll on him even at this instant?

But, it's not like he was injured.

Or maybe it all boils down with them being weapon less at the moment and that having Komui to order him around still irks him?


What was it that annoys him at the moment?

"She's really concerned about you."

It tightened again.

'This is no freaking time to remember such things! ' Kanda inwardly thought to himself.

He doesn't care on whatever will happen to him or to anyone else. It was always those two things that matters to him: his mission and that person.

But something had changed.

"What do you think you're doing!?" Kanda tried to pull his right hand away but to no avail. Surrisingly, the brat being parasitic type, can match his strength any time, given that he's still injured with that Vittorio's strike.

Plain stupid.

"With this, you cannot move right?" She smiled meaningfully at him. "Let's just say, I'm giving you a hint."

He's not supposed to care.

"Omae wa kawaii ne~!"

The word irritation is an understatement to what he's thinking over. It's like his mind was not of his own anymore. Needless to say, why was he thinking of these kind of things?

He doesn't know. Damn!

"But that was what I like-"

And why does he look like he's affected? Those words don't even make any sense!

She doesn't make any sense to him, that's why he cannot help but distance himself from her.

"What's wrong with wanting to live?" The black haired girl said in a deadly calm silence as she abruptly stopped from moving while biting her lower lip yet again, abusing the poor limb. "Everyone is given that chance by God."

He's not like her, he's not human. But at the same time, he can't help but see their similarities. How both of them understand the other, had felt the same pain, lost the same thing, and living the same way.

But she's also more like the stupid rabbit and the moyashi, she's way into keeping everything to herself.

"Tell me Kanda!" Jirraine looked up suddenly to the one who was restraining her, catching the male in a moment of surprise. "Is it wrong to kill people, kill the woman who had given me life and suffering? Is it wrong to go against God and instead go with the devil? Is it wrong to want a world where I can belong? Is it wrong to be happy?"

He had long accepted her presence. Kanda didn't know when he had started to but he did. He will never admit it but he had found her company comforting like he was sitting on a wide field of chamomile and lilies with the early morning breeze.

But at the same time, he cannot yet bring himself to get close to her. Because just like everybody else, she's too weak that she'll die too.

Whether he protects her or not, whether she'll die or not, there is only one thing that he's certain about once he finally get to meet that person; the main reason it is pretty stupid and useless of him to care.

"Everything will be just fine!"

Because in the end, it would be him who would disappear from her life.

Nevertheless, why was it that even after saying these kind of things to himself, he cannot bring himself to stop thinking of such things?

Kanda felt something squeezed painfully inside his chest.

Was he thinking of this things because of Mugen's absence? Because he was annoyed at how helpless he is?

What the hell is wrong with him?

"This is why I hate hide-and-seek sometimes." Juuri let out a bored sigh as she continue to walk around the halls of the Black Order, on her way to Hevlaska's chambers. "When I'm taking it way too seriously, no one would come to look for me anymore."

Actually, Juuri had already snuck out from the Fifth Lab just when Allen and Bookman were too busy fighting off the Akuma. Well, them being there as a distraction made her escape easy.

Honestly, she felt quite guilty in not being of help to them.

The second tremor had long passed, meaning, the Level 4 had started havoc and that Lemi had activated her Innocence to secure the Finders outside the Fifth Lab.

In her friend's case, Lemi should summon all names of the Finders she had provided in a list that she got from Komui's table last night. It's not like the Akuma would escape the Lab the very instant the second shock would happen, rather, it would give Lemi enough time to send for them, while she otherwise would knock the original people and locked them inside some cabinets.

So, now, the corpses or more like this summons were of under Lemi's control.

"Ugh. Goodness gracious." Juuri muttered to herself as she looked at her now limp left arm. Her red cross-shaped Innocence that is placed on her left wrist is now glowing a dangerous black. Furthermore, the cross is now gone, in its place were many smaller black crosses on her skin extending up to her upper left arm to her shoulder, which she perceived as the same number as the people she had used Reaper on.

Although it looks pretty, it doesn't bring any comfort from looking at it when all she can feel from it was pain. It was like the bones inside were being crushed and twisted by someone. Not adding to the fact that trying to move it feels like having your skin tear any moment.

A third degree burn is nothing compared to this. Simply put, she's way past her limit.

"Juuri!? What are you doing here!?" A familiar male voice called out to her grabbing her left arm, unconsciously making her cry out loudly in pain. "Eh-h? What happened to you?" Sensing her pain, he instantly retracted his hand and instead examined the female's form.

"Geez, Komui," She take in deep breaths as if to calm herself. The man now known as Komui immediately tried to offer his hands, but before he can even offer his help, she gently push him away. "I'm fine. You need to get going to the control center."

"Having a limp arm is not fine!" Komui pointed out. "Nevertheless, why was it like that!? What happened?"

Juuri gave out a small laugh before moving forward. "Nothing, nothing. You know me, I like experimenting on things. I might as well be a scientist than an exorcist." It was then that she turned at him, humour had completely left her eyes. "How's the fight in Hevlaska's?"

Wait. Is it just him or Juuri knows something?

Was it just his imagination?

Komui ignored his own thoughts and instead focused on the matter at hand. "Allen and Lenalee together with General Cross are all fighting the Level 4 Akuma. But about the present situation, I cannot yet tell what will happen."

He was about to adjust his glasses but found that there were not there anymore. "If you're planning on going there yourself, I'll have you-"

"No, I'm not." She cut him off. "Maybe later after they're done. I need to find Lemi first. I believe she's still in Krory's room where you had Lavi and Lenalee locked in."

"Lermiana? Wait, your injuries-"

She cut him off again."-I'll go there and get a doctor to check this, okay? Hit two birds with one stone, remember? You're worrying too much." Juuri cannot help but smile heartily at him. "-Why don't you try to trust on us, Supervisor?"

Getting her point across, Komui cannot do anything but comply. "Just promise me that you'll get that checked." He frowned at her. "-And where have you been all this time-"

Before he can even finish his sentence, Juuri had already ran off before waving her right hand in the air at him. "Sorry! I believe promises are meant to be broken!"

"H-Hey! Juuri!"

"Lemi! Lemi!" The black-haired female called out, her wavy hair swishing side by side as she moves about, checking each room in the hallways in signs of finding her best friend. Out of nowhere, she found a familiar face hovering around the still comatose Krory. "Head Nurse! Have you seen Lermiana? Where is she?"

"Juuri! Where have you-" The Head Nurse was about to say something when she too had noticed the female exorcist's left arm. "-what happened!?"

"Um, can you please tell me where Lemi is first? Please? I need to tell her something first. " The female exorcist said in hopes of having to get away from the Head Nurse with just words.

She inwardly crosses her fingers.

"Let's check that left arm of yours first before I'll let you off."

Plan, failed.


"No buts! Why don't you exorcists and workaholics ever listen to us? And here I thought that you would at least understand our job!" The head Nurse said, her eyes softens slightly as she looks elsewhere, sighing in disappointment as she pushed the said female down to sit on a nearby chair. "'Besides, she's there, see? You two can talk later!"

Truth to be told, just standing on the doorway was none other than Lermiana Mei Lim, her friend who seems to be holding onto something shiny.


There was a sudden whizzing sound coming from a nearby golem, alerting not just the black-haired exorcist but also the other members of the Order. Shortly after, it was replaced by a familiar voice of none other than Komui himself. "It's Komui, retreat cancelled! Level 4 was destroyed!"

"-The long morning has ended."

With newfound glee, Juuri threw herself to Lemi, jumping and shaking the girl with happiness. "Did you hear that? It's finally over! Woohoo!" The black-haired female smiled brightly at her. "We can finally cease activation!"


Sensing her friends silent demeanor, Juuri just shrugged at her before averting her eyes on her poor limp arm. "Ah, yeah. Can I go first? I'm kind of not feeling my arm anymore and it's been hurting a lot. So, if you don't mind," She took in a deep breath. "-Come back from the realms of the shadows! Reaper, deactivate!"

And with a snap, all the scientists that had either turned to Skulls, to sand, and those who were currently been tending by the medical staff had disappear into thin air. Moreover, the many cross markings on Juuri's left arm had also started to disappear.

"Now, let's just hope that they'll not panic, especially Komui. " She let out a huge sigh as she started to feel her left arm again, her gaze averting toward the quiet girl. For a moment, worry crossed her mind. "H-hey, are you alright!?"

"What's happening you two?" The Head Nurse asked, slightly amazed on how the former's left arm had turned back to its normal form.

"Jiri, sorry."

"Huh?! What for...?" Juuri shook her friend at the same time, checking her of any injuries. "Don't tell me you don't know how to cease activation? I-It's simple! Just realx, then-"

Without any warning, the Chinese female raised the old burnished object that she had in her right hand- a pair of scissors, and thrust it too hard on her right hip.

"Wha- !"

At that moment, no one around including Juuri had dared to move from their spots. Blood flowed down her thigh, staining her blue skirt with her own scarlet red blood. The sickly metallic smell of blood had also started to fill the air.

"Jir- Jirai..inne," Lemi uttered with a raspy voice, as she slumped down to the floor, her left arm clutching the door frame as support. "I can't hold it in any longer!" She cried out. " Hurry!"

Upon further inspection, it seemed like Lemi's skin had also started to change from its pale color to a slate violet. To top it all, it seemed like her skin was peeling off on its own.

Just like that of a snake.

'It's her demon!'


"What's going on there?"

The mark on her back means she's with or under a demon's influence. But right now, she's there, changing into the demon like she's a vessel.

But a contract doesn't have anything to do with having a human vessel. It doesn't work like that as far as she knows. Unless she's possessed.

Juuri's eyes widened in horror as her presumption were confirmed.

She needs to get everyone out of the way, fast.

Lemi will be going on a rampage.

At a distance, Juuri heard the sound of Lemi's Innocence, her diary, fall away to the ground with a light sound.



"What was that!?" Fiamma exclaimed. The Hispanic female was peacefully taking a small nap at a nearby sofa beside Lermiana's bed side when she was woken up by loud clatter of glass.

It was a weekend so she had thought of dropping by at the Hospital to see the still comatose Lermiana and before she knows it, she had already fallen asleep while looking at her friend.

"S-Sorry, Ma'am! I was just cleaning the room when I bumped into the table," A woman in her mid thirties whom Fiamma thought to be the janitress, continue to bow in apology. "-I really didn't mean it! I'll pay for it if you want!"

Fiamma clutched her head in slight annoyance, trying to be as polite as she could. "It's okay. It cannot be helped. " She looked at the poor janitress. "-But please, do your job well." The janitress gratefully nodded her head a lot of times, Fiamma almost thought that her head might fall off her neck.

"I- I'll just get something to pick up the pieces of glass on the floor!" The older woman left, leaving Fiamma again to her thoughts. She cannot help but let out a tired sigh.

If only Lemi would open her eyes and talk to her, it might ease her boredom even just a little.

"Now, let's see what's the janitress would be paying. " The Hispanic girl stood up from the sofa. "-let's just hope that Mrs. Lim wouldn't notice anything."

Although she's still a yard away from the broken furniture, Faye can already make out what exactly did the janitress broke.

It was a typical photo frame.

But what caught her attention was the four figures in the photo. She remembered they took this photo as a commemorative photo or something.

"Yeah. It was when Jiri had first joined the crew." She wondered why and when did Lemi's mom placed this photo.

As memories of her years in High School flooded her mind, worry flashed in her eyes as she looked closely at the now broken photograph. The glass was completely shattered.

But what really shocked her most was why is there something in the photo that isn't supposed to be there?

When she flipped the photo, her suspicions were instantly confirmed.

"This is bad…" Fiamma looked in fear at the still comatose Lemi and with shaking hands, placed down the photo on the small table on the bedside.

"What are you doing Lermiana?" Fiamma's gaze shifted from the ceiling down to the floor while biting her thumbnail in anxiousness. She stole another look at the backside of the photo which is actually crammed with words Faye didn't know Lemi of all people, would be capable of using.

"Why do you hate Jirainne?"

"Never let it go. Never lose my way.

Koko de umare kawaru keshiki

kizu sae ima hokori ni aru

dakara kimi to futari tokeatteku burst the gravity!"

-Burst the Gravity by Altima

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