Well, here is my second Nicktoons story (well, second NU canon Nicktoons story, anyway.) Read and review!

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The Quest for the Orb of Power

A Nicktoons Unite Story


High over the city of Amity Park, a speck bounced up and down in the night sky, barrelling in the general direction of the Fenton Works.

Green globs splashed from it as it spun, barely in control.


Barely coherent thoughts crossed her mind as he fell down, through the roof of the Fenton Works and into the space above a room.


Danny Fenton grunted as he groggily wiped green ectoplasm from his face.

"Not now, dad," he muttered.


Danny grimaced as another glob landed on his face.


Groaning, Danny sat up.

"What the heck is that?" he demanded, looking at his roof for an explanation.


A glob phased through the ceiling and landed on Danny's pillow.

Danny glowered and shifted into his ghost form.

"So, someone thinks they're funny, do they?" he snarled, "Let's see how they find the Fenton Thermos."

He grabbed a thermos from his bedside table and floated upwards, into the small space between the ceiling and the roof.

Up on the supports, a small figure, not over twelve years old, was lying on a wooden pole, breathing heavily. Every now and then, a green glob of ectoplasm would fall from her melting foot.

Danny's eyes widened.

"Oh my gosh, Danielle!"