Bartering a Heart

A HariPo drabble

by mew-tsubaki

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"Why, hullo there, Cormac."

It's not the first time you've seen her, heavens no, because she's smirking at you with a lover's familiarity—which you know is a right and wrong description, because she's one hell of a kisser but she was more interested in haggling a discount on your Quidditch wares than anything else.

She's Potter's kid, yeah, and that your conscience manages to brush off, but the freckles and blue eyes (okay, they're teal, so sue you; you know Quidditch, not art) reek of Weasley to you and you can't help hearing two words echo in your brain: wrong & idiotic & wrong & idiotic & wrong & idiotic & wrong & idiotic, goddammit, because Weasleys are really just—AGH!

Lily Luna Potter watches you, and you know she sees your internal struggle, because she's oh-so clever like her father and her smirk's widened just this much and dear Merlin, how bad is it that you know her intimately enough to know what her different sizes of smirks mean?

As she slides the Galleons and Sickles across the counter to pay for the new broom-cleaning kit, her fingers rest on your hand and her smirk softens just a smidge. Oh. ...apparently not even she's clever enough to keep her heart out of a deal.

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A new M&MWP! Feels like it's been a while...*lol*. I like this and I think I have an idea to elaborate on their background story... Anyone want more? ;)

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