Yesterday was what we Koreans call 'Seol-nal' a day we celebrate the New Year. To celebrate the year of the Rabbit I've started a new series. It will be about the each crew member's responses after they found Zoro in chapter 458, but it will be Zoro-Luffy centric(non-slash) and major angst(yippee) before there's any fluff. If you've read my other fics you'll know that my writing can be vague and any questions concerning them are always welcomed. I'll start from Nami and probably go through all the crew members except Zoro and Luffy.


When Nami hears Sanji's urgent shouts, she rushes towards it in fear for whatever it is that has alarmed her crew mate into frantic gibbering for Chopper. When she sees the bloody figure, the image itself is so horrifying, so scary, so wrong that she freezes in her tracks and flinches away though she hasn't yet fully understood. When Nami understands and realizes who it is, her hands fly to her mouth but not fast enough and a strangled cry escapes. However, she doesn't stop to weep, pushes her feelings, her fear and her worries behind and whips around, with only one word on her mind.


She can't let Luffy see this, she can't let Luffy see Zoro like this. Nami screams to anybody to grab Luffy, to stop Luffy, to save Luffy, but her warnings are drowned in the confused shouts of others.

Her attempt is in vain as she is too late. Luffy, who was drawn to Sanji's shouts like Nami, is staring at the scene. The plains are now a rush of confused movement, half trying to find the enemy that could have hurt their friend this badly, and the other half screaming for the doctor. Yet Luffy stands out ghostly from the rest because in contrast to the others he is the only immobile and silent being among all of them. He is frozen, his mind struggling to grasp the overwhelming gravity of the moment and then suddenly-as if he knew she was watching him-Luffy turns and his stricken eyes met Nami's.

And Nami doubles over, finally letting out a sob but she doesn't know if it's for the swordsman or her captain, because she can't tell who's hurting more.