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You could so easily lose the financial plot. Cost-wise nothing may be as it seems. The upside is that you could find exactly the right outfit whilst shopping. Green might not normally be your colour, but the colours of the sea - (or is it seaside?) could attract you. Involvement in a charity or helping out a friend who's not 100% seems likely.

"Sonic...You know that's a bad idea", he said reproachfully as his hedgehog friend wolfed down yet another candy-coated snack.

"Oh, chill out," was the reply.

The sun shone weakly over the harbour, the rays skipping across the sea like stones across a pond and splashing great waves of orange and red over everything. It was beautiful, but somehow haunting, and Tails was starting to think it was a bad idea to keep hanging around.

"Aw, man...Why does cotton candy have to be so tasty? Now I don't have enough to get Amy a gift!"

Tails smiled knowingly. By 'gift', what he really meant was 'inexpensive piece of tat which Amy will love anyway but which also serves the purpose of making sure she's not horrifically violent the next time I see her'.

"Well, I would help you out, but I spent most of my money on the boat ride."

"Ugh. Had to be a boat ride, didn't it? I got bored waiting by myself. I can't believe you offered to tune up the engine, though- I can't take you anywhere."

They shared a grin, the grin of friends who were pretending to hate the very qualities in a person that they appreciated most.

"So," Sonic asked mock-seriously, "What should I do about Amy? I'm not going back to hospital again."

"Iunno. Buy her a pirate sword and ask her to steal your heart?"

" You know, that's just stupid enough that it might work. Who are you, and what have you done with Tails?" the hedgehog joked, punching him in the arm and breaking into a run. Tails followed, the sun over the water bringing back a thousand memories of times just like this, when each step had been one step closer to saving the world.