Horoscope: Afterwords

Well, I started this a long, long time before I finished it, due to me being stalled and distracted halfway through. However, I've finally had opportunity to finish it, and I'm glad I did. The Sonic fandom was my first, and I've been pleased to finally make a tribute of it that has some semblence of writing skill.

I fully intend to do other Sonic fics soon, mainly because I finally got Sonic Colours and am delighted with it. They took the best bits of Unleashed, and then polished them. The scripting had improved to be genuinely funny (as opposed to Unleashed's somewhat stale physical comedy routine), and I appreciated the new voice actors as being less annoying than others who've appeared in the series. There's a real sense of speed, but also a sense that things are being taken back to basics. The gimmicks (Wisps and such) are usually optional; each level is designed well enough that you can usually just platform your way through. I had, up until that point, been disappointed with 3D Sonic games; however, I was pleasantly surprised, and if SEGA can follow it up with something of the same (or even better) quality, I think I could realistically count myself as an active Sonic fan again.

For now, however, I'm going to focus on contributing some good, quality stories to the fandom, and really work on my idea of the characters and how they can be fleshed out and made to seem more (or perhaps less?) real. It ought to be fun.

As always, I hope you've enjoyed these little bites. Until next time!