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Shadows behind the heart

"Oh you have to be bloody killing me!"Seras was once again stuck in her coffin. She banged on the lid until her hands turned numb

"Alucard! Are you there! I am stuck" seras froze as she heard a distant chuckle

"Alucard please help me out!" She yelled, she gave a sigh of relief as the coffin lid rose, she felt a strong arm yank her out of her bed and she was now being held by a very amused vampire king.

"You never fail to amuse me, my dear" he teased licking his fledglings cheek, seras frowned

"Hump, says the vampire who just got his ass kicked" he raised an eye brow

"Ah but you see my dear I was merely testing your new ability" seras felt like wrapping his mouth up with duck tape

"You mean you could have killed him without my help! You just wanted to see what I could do" she growled. Alucard chuckled causing seras to shiver

"Basted" she snapped

"Now put me down" Alucard gently lowered his no life queen down, seras paused and then blushed

"You knew didn't you, that's why you wanted me to stay" Alucard wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close

"Yes I did" seras smiled

"I am going to be a mother, I can't wait" she spoke like a child who was looking forward to Christmas. Alucard gently turned her around so that her back was against his chest, he placed his hands below her belly button

"Place your hands above mine" Seras did so

"Close your eyes" she shut her eyes and gasped she could feel her baby's heart beat, it was a small pulse in the darkness. Seras could not help but smile and a small tear of joy fell from her eyelash

"It's beautiful" she whispered

"yes indeed my darling" he purred kissing her neck, opening her eyes she span round and kissed her no life king , Alucard kissed her back holding her tightly.

"I am looking forward to being a father" Seras grinned making the ancient vampire smile he cupped her face with both of his hands

"Seras" he kissed her and repeated her name over and over after kiss after kiss.

"Hey! Go easy on her she has a bun in the oven" seras would have fallen backwards if Alucard was not holding her

"Grrr Sylvester have you ever heard of knocking" he growled form being interrupted

"Nope that's not my style!" Seras ran over to her feline friend and wrapped her arms around her

"Sylvester! I am so happy you are ok"

"Hey what makes you think I was gonna leave you with that perv" she spoke sticking her tongue out at Alucard

"Ha you call him a perv" Aurora spoke her arms crossed over her chest, seras sent her a warm smile

"Aurora are you ok"

"Yup, but I am more worried about my sanity rather than my health" she spoke pointing at the cat like girl who had stars in her eyes

"Ah my love! You have awoken form your dark slumber" Sylvester spoke dramatically attempting to kiss the vampire

"Don't push your luck hair ball" Aurora hissed dodging the lust filled cat.

"Ah what you let me kiss you yesterday" the room fell silent

"Y...you...Two...!" seras spoke dazed

"Don't even ask V" Alucard chuckled

"I see that you have fallen for my little necromancer" Aurora blushed but nodded, seras exchanged glances with Sylvester

"I am happy for you two" she spoke sheepishly

"Anyways Walter wants us to meet in Integra's office"

"Why?" Aurora winked

"You wanna meet the new Hellsing manager don't ya?"

Integra's office

Seras and the others were now looking down at a small girl who was standing next to Walter

"Ah I am glad you are all here, may I introduce Mary Dornez the new Hellsing leader" Seras looked at the little girl, she was long brown hair tied back with white ribbon , her eye's shone a light hazel with a tint of yellow, she was wearing a small white suite and a small silver cross hung around her neck. Her voice was as sharp and cold as Integra's was

"Good evening, before you say anything about my age I will have you know that I am perfectly capable to lead Hellsing" Seras blinked, not sure what to say, Mary smiled and walked up to seras

"Boo" seras shocked by the strange remark fell to the floor

"Ha ha, uncle this vampire is very amusing, you are?" seras blushed

"S...seras Victoria"

"Nice to meet you" she smiled at the bewildered no life queen, she then turned to Alucard who knelt down to be level with the small child

"You are Alucard, I have heard much about you from Walter" Alucard smiled

"it is a pleasure too meet you my dear, but tell me why do you think you have what it takes to lead such an organisation you're not even from the same blood line" the girl smiled

"Why don't you just read my mind?" Alucard gave her his trademark grin

"I would much rather hear it from you"

"I am Walters's niece and I was chosen by the queen to lead hellsing, because a child who is not innocence is better to lead this organisation then men with corrupt minds, don't you agree vampire?" Alucard grinned

"Yes you are very much like her" he rose to his feet towering over the child , seras was about to speak when she felt something cold touch her shoulder, she span round to find the spirit of Integra behind her , with a very angelic smile

"Seras the girl cannot see me so don't say anything" seras smiled and watched the ghost walk over to Mary and gently placed her hand on top of her head

"I wish we could have meet when I was alive, you will make me proud" Mary shivered

"Is it just me or is it very cold in here"

"It's just you Mary" Walter spoke smiling at Integra

"thank you all, I think I can be at peace knowing Hellsing is in good hands" Integra smiled at Alucard , a smile that was filled with happiness and joy, and before seras's eyes the sprit became a small orb of white light and floated out of the room into the sky. Seras wiped the tears from her eyes before Mary could see them

"Ah yes I forgot to introduce you to my new vampire servant, Jack come in" seras felt her mouth drop

"Jack!" Seras's fledgling has phased through the walls, his wild red hair had become short and he was wearing the Hellsing uniform

"Master" he spoke smiling, Mary glanced up at seras then looked back at jack

"You two know each other?" seras was unable to speak

"Yes master, she is...was my master she made me" Mary nodded and turned to face seras

"You don't mind if he works for me, do you?" seras just smiled still unable to reply. Walter glanced down at his chain watch

"Oh my you all need to leave soon if you don't want to miss your flight"

Outside the main entrance

Seras and Alucard were the last to say their good byes

"I am sure that you will take good care of Hellsing" Alucard spoke bowing to the little girl

"Yes I intend to, Good bye vampire" Walter and Alucard shook hands as seras turned to Mary

"Please take good care of Hellsing and jack, he has been through a lot" The small girl toughed seras face

"I promise" seras smiled she stood and gave her a solute before saying goodbye to Walter

"Goodbye Walter" she hugged the elderly man, human tears falling from her eyes

"Goodbye Miss Victoria, Promise you will write"

"I promise, oh and Walter you might when to get that coffin fixed" Walter laughed

"Yes I will" Seras watched from the back window of the car the building she once called home

"I will see them again" Alucard smiled and pulled her close

"We will see them again, we have oceans of time to see them again"

Castle Dracula (22 YEARS LATER) in the play room

"Mummy, Darcy keeps biting my ears!" A smaller version of sears squeaked running towards her mother. Seras had been taking care of her children since Alucard was called away in a meeting, she picked up her child and looked at her ear, little teeth marks were printed on the rim

"Why did he bit your ear Victoria?" The small child sniffed

"I called him a stinky bat boy" Seras sighed

"Why did you call him that?" Victoria looked at her mother, her bright red eyes shone with tears

"He called me a baby" seras licked her Childs wounds so that they healed, in twenty two years seras had become a very strong vampire and a very busy mother

"There all better" she tickled her little vampire child making her squirm with delight

"Mum is something wrong with Vicky?" Seras glanced over her solder

"Darcy bit her again, but she is better now Integra" Seras smiled at her eldest daughter , who looked more like her farther , her long black hair almost swept the floor and she had the same hell fire filled eye's. Victoria smiled at her big sister and skipped over to her

"Can you play with me?" Integra rolled her eyes

"Not now Vicky I am busy"

"Doing what" she pouted

"I am ...going to ...I am going to read my book" This was the wrong answer

"Can you read it to me?" Integra slapped her head wishing she had made up another excuse

"No Vicky" the child was about to protest when seras interrupted

"Sylvester is coming to visit us tonight" both girls smiled

"Really! I can't wait"

"Will she play hide and seek with us again?" seras nodded, the three then heard the door slam open, seras frowned at her son

"Darcy don't slam the door like that!" Her son grumbled as he stepped into the room, Darcy looked exactly like Alucard when he was his age, it made seras smile

"I don't want that weirdo here again" he growled, seras knelt down to her son

"Don't you think you should say sorry to your sister" she spoke with a warning tone, the boy growled

"I am sorry for biting your ear...baby" Victoria blew a raspberry at her brother

"Meany" seras glance up at a clock that hung on the playroom walls, it was dinner time

"Who's hungry?"

Dining room

Seras sat down with her children at a very long oak table. Victoria still needed help drinking her dinner so she sat next to her mother while her other two children sat next to each other on the left side of the table. They had all started to tuck into their blood meal when

"Hiya blondie!" Seras almost dropped the spoon which she used to feed her youngest

"Sylvester seriously Knock first!" she growled but smiled after seeing her old friend making her usual unexpected entrance, both girls smiled at seeing their feline friend while Darcy hissed

"Ah c'mon Darcy you're not still mad at me"

"Hump" he growled

"Look I am sorry I thought you were a girl the first time I meet you, but you really did" she teased ruffling his raven black hair.

"How's you Integra?"

"I am very well thank you Sylvester"

"Tee hee, so polite" The cat girl smiled patting her on the head

"Hello Victoria, how are you?" she spoke poking her gently on her noise

"Hi kitty!" Sylvester grinned at the child

"Lemmie see how your fangs are coming along, say ahh" Victoria opened her mouth to show off her small and still developing fangs

"Wow they are getting big!" she said looking up at seras

"Yes Alucard said that they will keep growing until they have reached their end age"

"Remind me what that is again"

"It's when a vampire child reaches a certain age and they stop growing"

"Ah yea, hey! Were is that big red monkey anyways?"

"Daddy's in a meeting" Victoria spoke her voice held a tint of sadness

"Ah don't worry he will be out soon" seras reassured her child stoking her cheek

"She's a real daddy's girl huh?" seras nodded

"How is Aurora and the others?"

"They are alright it took a lot of will power for me to get them on this holiday thingy, have you got any letter's form Walter?" seras nodded and she opened the locket around her neck, on one side was Alucard's mother and on the other was a picture of Mary , now a grown women.

"Hey! Its Mary wow she 's really grown up" Sylvester mused looking at the much older Mary

"He sent it in a letter I got a few days ago, Hellsing is fine and jack has become the new "Alucard" of hellsing and he even has his own fledgling, what was her name again...umm...Oh yea she's called eve" Sylvester nodded at the good news

"Well I am glad that things are going smoothly" At that moment Alucard phased through the walls, he was wearing his red coat but his hat and glasses were missing.

"Hey Al"


"Hey dad!"

"Farther" Alucard smiled at his necromancer

"Good evening Sylvester how is Aurora and the others, are they enjoying the trip to Italy?"

"Yup apart from Ember she got sea sick"

"Daddy" Victoria stretched out her small arms to her farther, he smiled and pulled her out of her chair, he kissed her forehead

"How are you my dear?"

"I am ok, daddy Darcy bit my ear again" Darcy shrunk in his chair, wanting to avoid his father's angry gaze

"Darcy, you must be gentle with your sisters"

"Sorry farther" the boy muttered, Alucard smiled and ruffled his hair

"Integra why don't you take your brother and sister and play with Sylvester"

"Ok dad" seras and Alucard watched as Sylvester was getting dragged away by the three little vampires.

"How was the meeting?" seras asked

"The usual, I would rather be with them than listing to the whims of empty headed fools" seras smiled up at her lover.

"Alucard" she tugged on his sleeve and her cheeks burned

"Are you hungry?" The no life king gave her a twisted grin, he pulled her roughly into his chest

"If you are offering , police girl" seras shivered as she felt his fangs sinker into her soft flesh , the vampire let a moan escape his throat as he drank her intoxicating flow, he then pulled away and gave her a look which made her blush

"Still acting like a little virgin are we" he purred into her ear

"We shall soon change that" he teased as he started to undo her dress

"Alucard! Stop the children will see!"

"Well then let's move some were a little more private"

"You really are a perv" she hissed but he pushed her out of the room and they were now walking through the main hall, they passed their children on the way

"Mummy, daddy where are you going?" Victoria asked her sweet little voice caused the vampire parents to smile

"Mummy and daddy have to go and talk my dear, we will join you later" the little girl smiled and played with her siblings, their laughter echoed through the hall, seras noticed her no life king smiling

"What is it?" she asked as they walked to the main stair well, he looked into the eyes of the women he loved and would do forever

"Children of the night, what sweet music they make"

The end

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