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"So... how are you two... doing?" Hooch was more than a little hesitant, dreading a positive response just as much as a negative one. She wasn't prepared for the blinding smile that lit up Hermione face.

"Wonderful. Everything's going great actually."

The flying instructor nodded. Feeling a sting in her heart that would have been a death knell a few weeks earlier. She had guessed as much, by the sheer fact of what she was doing.

"Sorry Hooch, I know that you don't want to hear that."

"Hermione..." Hooch magically lowered her burden, "All I want is for you to be happy. If Minerva bloody McGonagall makes you happy and is behaving herself... I can live with that."

The two friends hugged, "How's it going with you and Julie?"

"We're spending a lot more time together, dating I guess you'd wanna call it." The yellow eyed witch grinned, "Now where do you want this sofa?"

Dearest Hermione

Filius has insisted that I take this evening off rather than him, rather sweet of him. He said something about ensuring that Hooch hadn't accidentally moved us into the wrong house... which of course I said was nonsense.

I will bring dinner with me to save you cooking. I wish that I could have been there today. Please give my regards to Madam Hooch.

All my love


The young witch smiled when she received Minerva's owl. It was everything that she had come to expect from the older woman; sweet, caring, loving and it gave her a warm feeling inside. It was unfortunate for them both that by the time the sale on the new house had completed the headmistress had been due back at Hogwarts. But Hooch had stepped in to help.

It was pretty odd to have Minerva's self-declared love rival helping them move house but Hooch had insisted. With that thought in mind Hermione walked over to the spiky haired witch and gave her a friendly punch on the arm. "Hey!"

"Yeah like it hurt."

"Ouch..." Hooch snuffled, trying to garner sympathy.

"Awww diddums." She reached out and vigorously rubbed the 'sore' spot. "Thanks for helping."

"Anytime. Although I was going to ask what was in it for me..."

"Tell ya what, we'll move those last few things and then I'll buy you lunch."

Hooch hefted the final few stacks of shrunken boxes and headed for the library.

Hermione called after her, "And you can tell me all about how Julie is in the sack..." As the young womans words registered, Hooch dropped the boxes she was carrying with a loud crash.

"Honey I'm home..."

Minerva's eyes flashed around the hallway, noting that her boxes had been delivered from the school and were neatly stacked.

"In the library sweetheart."

The air was redolent with the scent of polish and cleaning supplies, it made the house feel more like home. She walked into the former dining room to see a huge amount of bookshelves, many of the volumnes stacked upon them were her own but Hermione owned literally thousands of books, more than Minerva had suspected. "Did you buy any more books perchance?"

"A few." They smiled at each other and a tired looking Hermione stepped out from behind a shelf. "I love you."

"Love you too 'Mione."

"How long do you have?" The young woman stepped into Minerva's outstretched arms and tilted her head in expectation of the kiss she knew was coming.

The headmistress quirked her lips in response to the flirtatious tone in her partners voice and leant in a little closer – teasingly brushing a light kiss across Hermione's cheek. "What would you say if I said that I do not have to return to Hogwarts until breakfast?"

"I'd say, great you can help me unpack."

Both women laughed before Hermione brought her hand to Minerva's face and guided the older woman in for a more passionate kiss. Arms wrapped around each other as passion rose, hands began to explore, bodies pressed tightly against their mate. Hairpins fell to the floor in a musical cascade, as ebony hair was freed from its restrictive bun by eager fingers.

"Dinner is getting cold." Minerva had broken away from her love. "...'Unpacking'... can wait my love."

"Hurry up and eat, yeah?"

"What is the urgency?"

"I want you!"

"Oh really?" Another blistering kiss was initiated by Minerva but it was briefer than the previous one. She took Hermione by the hand and led her into the kitchen. "Food first."

The younger witch grinned as Minerva pulled out her chair in a chivalrous gesture and invited her to sit down. She watched as brown bags were retrieved from the hall where the ebony haired woman had left them. The aroma of coconut and heady spices rose from the bags. "Thai?"

"Just something I picked up in Chiang Mai."

Hermione shook her head incredulously, "You said that you were bringing dinner and you go to Thailand to get it."

"What is the point of having magic and not using it?"

The younger woman chuckled, "Good point. Do you need a hand?"

"Uh... Would you mind opening this?" Minerva handed her a bottle of wine and two glasses.


Moving with her natural speed and grace Minerva moved the food onto serving plates and placed them on the table. She put two glasses next to Hermione and leaned in for a sweet kiss. "I love you."

"Love you too."

Forks and plates followed, Minerva warmed the china with a simple charm and finally sat next to Hermione. The elder witch raised her wineglass, inviting a toast. "To us."

"To us." The young woman echoed the sentiment, chocolate eyes fastened intently on Minerva's in a contact that was more intimate than any they had ever shared. "And to new beginnings..."

"New beginnings."

Dinner was almost finished, along with most of the bottle of wine. The conversation between them had developed sexual overtones and they were currently discussing a rather naughty dream of Hermione's. "I think in order to fulfil that particular fantasy... we would have to wait until Hogwarts is closed for the summer."

"Minerva... you would..?"

An elegant hand reached across the table and covered Hermione's for a moment. "Yes... that sounds rather intriguing."

"Do you have any fantasies that you would like to... make a reality?" The young woman looked up through her lashes coquettishly, knowing that she was squirming in her seat and pressing her thighs together.

Minerva smirked and leant back in her chair, crossing her legs to attract attention to their shapely form, she remained silent for a moment – swirling the last sip of wine around in her glass absentmindedly while she observed the younger woman. "Well there is one..." She lifted it to her mouth, swallowing the liquid before licking her lips – knowing that Hermione was watching her every movement.

"And?" The brunette's voice was a little breathless as her desire was intensified by Minerva's deliberately provocative actions and by the growing passion burning in deep emerald eyes.

"And... Ms Hermione Granger, author of the most highly regarded history books of the last century... who wrote them at THAT desk..."

There was an odd cadence in Minerva's voice as she gestured towards the library. It took Hermione a moment to catch up. "...That desk..?" Her words came out in a squeak.

"Mmmm, yes." Minerva sat up and leant in closer to her love, one hand grasping the back of Hermione's chair as her voice dropped into an intimate near-whisper. "The thought of you... sitting at that desk, trying to write while I slip underneath and kneel down... is rather sexy. You pretend not to notice me and I can hear you scratching away with your quill."

One hand slid onto Hermione's thigh, very lightly running up and down the fabric, caressing. "You are wearing one of those elegant pencil skirts and I run both hands up your legs, cupping your calves, tickling the sensitive spot at the back of your knees. The scratching of the quill starts to slow down but you are still ignoring me or trying to."

Minerva was closer now, her lips grazing Hermione's ear with every word that she whispered. "I start to slide the skirt up your thighs, caressing them as I do so. Just high enough so that I can part your legs. I look up and I have the most wonderful view of those sexy lacy knickers you tease me with. There is a rather large wet patch."

Hermione was shivering with desire now. "I have to see how aroused you really are, so I hook my fingers in the fabric and pull them down. The movement of your quill falters, just for a second. Half-naked, wanton and needy – you almost give up the pretence, you have long since forgotten what you are writing in any case. My hands slide under you, cupping that wonderful arse and pull you towards my mouth."

One of the young womans hands grabbed a fistful of Minerva's green teaching robe and she tried to quell her heavy breathing. "The first time that my tongue grazes your clitoris, you arch into my mouth and drop the quill. All pretence is gone. You cannot write any longer, all you can do is feel. I am licking you frantically now, tasting your arousal, showing you how much I want you."

This time Hermione did moan, clutching tighter at her lover. She was squirming more now, shifting her legs – trying desperately to get some pressure where she needed it most. "You lift one leg now, resting it on the edge of the desk, opening yourself to me completely. You are so wet baby, so ready for me. I slide two fingers deep inside you... you make that high pitched yelp that you always do at first but before long it changes into more primal, guttural noises. Especially when I curl my fingers so that I can hit your sweet spot."

Hermione bit her lip – hard. "You are bucking in your chair, thrusting, desperate now. I wrap my lips around your clitoris and begin to suckle rhythmically. I am still deep inside you, moving faster now." Minerva's own breathing was extremely rapid. "I can feel you start to spasm around my fingers, your sleeve gripping me tightly and I begin to wonder what it would be like to engorge and take you from behind, up against that desk."

Her words were cut off by Hermione pushing her away and standing up. The two witches stood toe to toe panting heavily, dark emerald stared into almost black orbs. Minerva smirked when a whispered spell came from the younger womans lips, it transfigured her clothing into a very formal looking pencil skirt and jacket.

"I'm um... going to do some writing... at my desk..." Moving hastily Hermione practically ran out of the room.

Minerva gently shook Hermione awake very early the next morning, it was still dark and the young woman really didn't want to wake up. "Mmmmm... wha?"

"I have a few hours before I have to be at work, I wondered if you fancied breakfast with me first?"

"Love ta."

The two women groggily got out of bed. It was after all very early and they had not gotten much sleep the previous night. Hermione perked up a little as she admired the sway of Minerva's hips as the older witch walked towards the en-suite. Chocolate eyed flicked to the clock and she smirked. There was not only plenty of time for breakfast but also ample time to ravish her partner in the shower.

She caught a flash of emerald as Minerva glanced at her around the door. "'Mione'..?" The three syllables were issued softly but with a sensual promise that made the young woman shiver. Hermione grinned broadly and followed the older witch into the shower.

Life was grand.

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