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Claire watched as Lorenzo walked toward her. He had changed into green striped pajamas. She smoothed her white nightgown as he sat besides her handing her a long black rectangular box.

She looked from the box to him. "What's this?"

"Open it," he simply answered.

Claire gently opened the box and took out its contents. "It's lovely," she told him, holding her hand closer to the light so she could better view the silver chain she had taken from the box.

He smiled. "It's to replace the thin chain that carries your old ring around your neck."

Claire gazed over at the silver ring that he had given to her when she was fifteen. It was sitting on the nightstand beside the bed. Lorenzo followed her eyes and picked up the ring.

"May I?" he asked motioning to the new chain in her hand. She nodded, handing it to him.

He took the ring from the chain it was on and put it on the new one. He then placed the chain around Claire's neck. "Perfect," he murmured looking at the ring and chain.