Harriet Potter Year 1: Life, Death, and Rebirth

"Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are".

~Bertolt Brecht

Potter Manor-September 2, 1991

Lily, James, Remus and Sirius found themselves sitting quietly in the living room. It was a rather odd thing for them, as usually they were busy, but today they all happened to have the day off. None of them felt like doing anything, though. A dark mood had settled on the house. Harriet was gone.

James grimaced. He had always looked forward to seeing his child go to Hogwarts-seeing their face light up when they saw the Hogwarts Express, getting letters from them detailing their adventures around the castle. But it was different. He and Lily had so little time with Harriet before she had left. Two months was not enough time...

Of course, there was also the matter of the Philosopher's Stone, which Dumbledore had informed them he was currently guarding at Hogwarts. He assured them that the Stone was well protected and that quite a few enchantments had been placed on it, but, nevertheless, he still wanted several people he could trust from outside of school aware of its presence.

James had appreciated him telling them, but he still felt unbelievably uncomfortable knowing that his daughter was in the same building as the Stone (albeit, a large building).

"I hope she's okay," muttered Lily, looking up from the book she had been unsuccessfully trying to read. James rubbed his wife's shoulders.

"I'm sure she is absolutely fine, Lily!"

"Then why hasn't she written?" demanded Lily, frantic. James opened his mouth to reassure her, when a soft hoot caught their attention. Hedwig sat patiently on the windowsill, a note attached to her leg.

"See, Lils," beamed Sirius as James retrieved the letter, "nothing to worry about!"

"Open it!" urged Remus, not the James needed it. He was already eagerly tearing open the envelope. Lily leant forward excitedly.

"Dear Mum and Dad," he read, "(and Sirius and Remus, if you're reading this!),"

"Smart girl," laughed Remus.

"You were right! Hogwarts is fantastic"

"I told you she was fine," said James smugly, looking at his wife, then continuing to read at her glare.

"( except for Filch. Do you happen to know if his cat is possessed? Ron-from the Platform, remember?-thinks it is)!"

"Ron might be onto something," snorted Sirius.

"Before you ask, I'll tell you that I was sorted into Gryffindor."

The three men cheered loudly and clapped. Lily smiled proudly

"Ron was, too,"

"I'm not surprised," James shrugged. "The Weasleys have been in Gryffindor for as long as I can remember."

" but he sleeps in the Boys' Dorm, while I, well, don't, obviously."

"Obviously," agreed Remus.

"There are three other girls sleeping in the room with me. Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil are nice enough, but they like to talk about girl things like clothes and makeup and boys and mushy-romance films that make me gag."

"I don't blame you, Harriet," laughed Sirius. Lily resisted the urge to remind him that he was talking to a letter and that Harriet was not even remotely close by.

"Thats my girl!" declared James.

"On the other hand, Hermione Granger, the other girl, is really smart."

"That sounds familiar," quipped Remus, smirking in the direction of the red-haired witch in the room.

I mean, its scary. She's apparently read and memorized all of our course books.

"That can't be possible!" frowned Lily.

" I didn't believe her before, but now that I've seen her in a few of our classes, I wouldn't be surprised. She's kinda bossy, though, so Ron and I don't hang out with her much.

She practically lives at the library, anyways."

"Well," laughed Sirius, "that sounds even more familiar!" He quickly ducked to avoid being hit by the pillow Lily aimed at his head.

"Classes are interesting. Professor Sprout is nice, but I don't think Herbology is my thing"

"Wasn't mine either," shrugged Remus, unconcerned.

"(Neville Longbottom, another boy in Gryffindor, is really good at it though)."

"Longbottom?" asked Lily, wide-eyed. "Oh, Neville! The last time I saw him, he was just a baby! It was right before Bellatrix-" Lily stopped short and bit her lip, trying desperately not to tear up.

James took a deep breath and began to read again.

"Transfiguration is interesting,"

The three Marauders smirked and shared looks with each other.

"but its kind of boring trying to turn a matchstick into a needle."

"That was very boring," admitted James, "but don't worry, Harriet! It gets much more interesting!"

"Hermione was the only one able to do it, something she isn't letting anybody forget.

Professor Flitwick is really funny (not intentionally though), but History of Magic has to be the most boring class I've ever been in. Professor Binns was teaching while you were at school, right? Any tips for staying awake?"

"No," Remus apologized, "sorry!"

"Potions was great-even if Uncle Sev had to pretend he hated me."

"I'm glad she understood," sighed Lily, looking much more relieved. "He was worried about that." The Marauders exchanged looks.

"When people say that he favors the Slytherins, they weren't kidding. He really seems to like Draco Malfoy (the boy I saw at Borgin and Burkes), but I can't see why. I don't think I've ever met anybody I hate more than Dudley, but Malfoy has to be it. He's a git."

Sirius snorted.

"I was really looking forward to Defense, but Professor Quirrell spends so much time stuttering that he never has time to teach us anything. Not to mention I always get head-aches in his class."

"You need to have Madam Pomfrey take a look," Lily said immediately.

"I asked Ron if I should go to Madam Pomfrey, but he says its probably just the classroom."

"Well," hesitated James, still a bit unsure, "I suppose that could be it."

"Its foggy and dirty and Professor's Quirrell's turban makes the entire place smell like the toaster did when Dudley put his pet fish in there"

"How could anybody be that stupid?" gaped Remus.

"(No. I don't know what he was thinking)."

"Nobody does," deadpanned Sirius, "because he doesn't think."

"By the way, did you hear about Gringotts? Somebody managed to break in!"

"Yea," James let out a low whistle, "that was something. The Auror department still has no idea who was behind it."

"Dumbledore thinks it has something to do with the Stone," agreed Sirius, "but that information isn't something that can be shared with the Auror department at the moment. Dumbledore feels it would be prudent to wait until later." Sirius shrugged. "Its not very important at the moment. We should still be able to find the person responsible without that information."

"I couldn't believe it. Especially not after seeing the vaults myself! Nothing was taken, though, which I thought was funny. Why break into an empty vault? Actually, the Goblins said that the vault had been emptied earlier that week-they day we were there (kinda coincidental, right?).

I was thinking about it, and I remember seeing Hagrid putting something small in his pocket the day he rescued me. He mentioned that he had been to Gringotts that day on a mission for Dumbledore."

"Wasn't Hagrid the one who Dumbledore sent to retrieve the Stone from Gringotts?" asked James wearily, not really needing an answer.

"Harriet is too perceptive for her own good," Remus frowned. "You don't think she'll figure it out, do you?"

Sirius scoffed. "I doubt it. As smart as she is, Dumbledore has taken every precaution to keep that Stone a secret."

"I asked Ron if he thought they could be related, but he told me I was being silly and that if Dumbledore wanted something safe, there was no way anybody could take it."

"See," Sirius said.

"I've been having a great time here, but I'm also kind of homesick."

"Oh, Harriet! We miss you, too!" Lily agreed, deciding to ignore the fact that it was incredibly odd to be talking to a letter.

"At first, I felt kind of odd saying that, but I mentioned it to Ron and he reckons that it makes sense since I haven't spent too much time with you since you woke up, which makes a lot of sense."

"Thats a good point," James grumbled, "but it doesn't make us feel any better."

"I have to go. Ron is calling. We need to get started on our History of Magic essay."

"Bleh," Sirius made a face.

"I miss you and I can't wait to see you at Christmas.



P.S. Ron says "Hi.""

"That was a great letter," sighed Lily, disappointed that her communication with her daughter had been so short.

"It sounds like she's having a great time at Hogwarts," agreed James, feeling infinitely more relaxed than he had earlier.

"Too great a time," sighed Remus. "Honestly! I think I had a point! What if she starts to put things together?"

"Don't worry," soothed Lily. "When we send a reply, we can simply tell her not to worry too much about it and that the Aurors are working on finding whoever is responsible."

"You forget, Lily," retorted Remus, "She's yours and James' daughter! I hardly think that will satisfy her curiosity."

Potter Manor, September 23, 1991

"There is another letter!"

Those were the first words Sirius heard stepping out of the fireplace into James' house, his friend right behind him. He grinned at Lily.

"Brilliant! Have you read it yet?"

"Not yet," denied Lily. "I was waiting for you to get home. I've already Floo'd Remus. He'll be here-" The Floo roared and Remus emerged. "Now," laughed Lily.

The four made themselves comfortable in the kitchen, Lily setting up the food to cook, before Lily opened up the letter and began to read.

"Dear Mum, Dad, Sirius, and Remus,

Thanks so much for your last letter! The chocolate was fantastic (although it didn't last very long)!"

"I didn't think it would," chuckled James.

"I have some rather interesting news. Its not anything bad (actually, its rather good) but I think I should give you fair warning that Dad will probably faint. So have the smelling salts out and ready to use."

"Why would I faint?" pouted James.

"What are smelling salts?" asked Sirius, evidently confused.

"Muggles use the to wake-up people who are unconscious," explained Remus. He rolled his eyes. "Are you sure you took Muggle Studies?"

"We had our first flying lesson yesterday, which was great."

"Flying is fantastic," sighed James and Sirius simultaneously.

"However, about a few minutes into it, Neville (remember, the one whose good at Herbology?) somehow managed to fall off his broom and break his wrist."

"The poor boy!" fretted Lily. "I hope he is okay!"

"While Madame Hooch took him to the hospital wing, Malfoy found Neville's Remembrall."

"Why is this giving me a bad feeling?" Remus rubbed a hand over his face tiredly.

"Neville was always really nice to me and helped me in Herbology and never stared at my scar, so I stood up for him and tried to get it back,"

Lily and James both smiled largely, immensely proud of their daughter for standing up for her friend.

"but Malfoy got onto his broom and flew into the air. I followed him."

"Oh, Harriet!" Lily cried, worried. "Think things through! You don't even know how to fly!

"It was wonderful! Flying that day was the most amazing feeling in the world! And it was so easy!"

"Or," muttered Sirius, slightly shocked, "maybe she is a complete natural!"

James was almost bouncing in excitement, feeling as though he could explode with pride. He thought he understood what Harriet had meant earlier about him fainting.

"Malfoy didn't expect for me to follow him, though, and threw the ball. I turned my broom down into a dive and managed to catch it right before it hit the ground (Ron swore that I was within a foot of the ground, but I think he was exaggerating)."

"He better have been," Lily said sternly, once again forgetting she was talking to a letter. "We are going to have a serious discussion about not putting yourself in unnecessary danger when you get home!"

"I was completely okay, but Professor McGonagall, who was watching from her office, was really mad."

"I can imagine," said Sirius, sympathetically.

"At first, I thought she was going to expel me,"

"She wouldn't do that," denied Remus. "Not for a first offense."

"but, instead, she introduced to Oliver Wood, the captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team."

James' eyes widened.

"I made the team! I'm the new Seeker. No joke! Professor McGonagall managed to get Professor Dumbledore to bend the first year rule!"

All eyes turned to James, who was openly staring at the letter. Feeling everybody's looks on him he scowled.

"I'm not going to faint!" He tried his hardest to look serious, but the grin overtaking his face was impossible to miss. Finally, he let loose a loud cheer and jumped from his position on a chair. This resulted in him landing rather painfully on the floor, but he was too happy to care.

"James, calm down," said Lily, watching her husband amused. Sirius, too, was getting into it, and now the two had begun to dance in circles. Remus gestured for Lily to keep reading, knowing that they were unlikely to stop anytime soon.

"Apparently, she is very desperate to win this year's Quidditch Cup."

"Or maybe my daughter is a brilliant flyer!" argued James.

"I wasn't sure if I should agree at first,"

"Of course you should!" said all three men simultaneously.

"because I was worried that I would make a fool of myself,"

"You won't," was the general response.

"If McGonagall was willing to bend the first year rule for you," deduced Remus, "you have to be beyond brilliant."

James scowled. "McGonagall never bent the first year rule for me...which means Harriet must be a better flyer than I was in my first year...even though she's never been on a broom...Thats unbelievable!"

Sirius laughed.

"Honestly, James," chided Lily, "You're acting as though she's going to play professionally, as opposed to just on her house team!"

James' eyes obtained a dreamy quality to them, no doubt imagining his daughter playing professional Quidditch.

"but Ron told me that Quidditch was a lot of fun"

"It is!" Sirius agreed wholeheartedly.

"and Fred and George (the twins), who are Beaters on the team, said that they would make sure that I didn't get "bloodied up too much" (as I'm sure you can imagine, that was incredibly reassuring)."

"Oh, yes," said Lily dryly.

"Then Hermione (she sort of came out of nowhere) showed me something really wicked: the Quidditch trophy from your seventh year! It had your (that is, Dad's and Sirius's) names and positions on it. You told me you played, but never that you won the Cup!"

"You never asked, Prongslette," James chuckled.

"Not to get sidetracked, but something else interesting happened on our way back to the common room. Ron and Hermione were arguing (as usual)"

Both Remus and Sirius snickered in James' and Lily's direction.

"so we weren't paying too much attention to where we were going and one of the stairs moved".

"Those staircases," remembered Remus fondly.

"We ended up in a part of the castle we had never been in before. When it became clear that we weren't going anywhere anytime soon, we decided to take a quick look around."

Lily had to resist the urge to begin scolding, reminding herself that she would only be talking to a bit of parchment.

"Well, I decided and Ron agreed. Hermione yelled that I had no sense of self-preservation and that Ron had no brains, adding that we were both sure to be expelled for good measure."

"At least somebody has some common sense," muttered Lily, while the Marauders tried not to laugh too loudly.

"Eventually, she gave up and followed us, though, so I guess that means she has no brains or self-preservation, either."

"Never mind," sighed Lily, leaning backwards and crossing her arms.

"We managed to find an unlocked door and opened it. I was hoping for something really spectacular, but all that was there was a mirror."

Lily frowned. Something didn't feel right.

"It was very confusing at first because every time Ron, Hermione, or I looked into it, we saw something different."

"Interesting," mused Remus.

"Ron saw himself as captain of the Quidditch team and head boy. Hermione saw herself with the the highest grades in the school. I saw you guys in the mirror, but there were also a bunch of other people who looked a lot like either mum or dad."

"Our parents?" guessed James. "Maybe grandparents and so on, too?"

"That was when Dumbledore found us. He wasn't angry."

"Dumbledore doesn't usually get mad about things like that," agreed Lily.

"Instead, he explained that the mirror was called the Mirror of Erised and that it showed a person's deepest desires."

"Of course!" Remus said, shaking his head at having forgotten. Lily frowned.

"I understand what Ron and Hermione wanted, but what about Harriet?"

Sirius took the letter and reread it. "Family, I think," he said finally, his voice sounding a bit choked. He handed the letter back to Lily, who began to speak shakily.

"He also warned us that the Mirror was dangerous and that he was going to move it, so we should not go looking for it again."

"That would be a, ah, good idea," agreed Remus, gathering his thoughts.

"I then asked him what he saw in the Mirror. Looking back, it wasn't a good idea, since its a personal question,"

"We need to teach her about tact," Lily scolded her husband, trying to burn the image of her daughter standing in front of the Mirror from her mind.

"but at the time, Dumbledore told me he saw socks because people always buy him books during Christmas, but all he really wants is a way to keep his feet warm."

"Lily," began James.

"Yes, love," she interrupted, "We can get him some socks for Christmas."

"He let us go back to our common room, where Hermione got very huffy and told us that she was going to bed before we got her killed, "or worse, expelled!" Ron thinks that she needs to get her priorities straight, and I can't help but agree."

"That wouldn't be a bad idea!" Sirius said.

"So thats how I found myself siting on my bed, with the curtains closed to avoid Hermione's disapproving looks, writing you this letter to ask you permission to join the Quidditch team. Professor McGonagall is probably going to send you a letter, too."

"If you do say yes,"

"Did she actually think that we'd say she couldn't?" James wondered.

then Professor McGonagall says that I will also need a broom. I told her that I could use a school broom,

"No you can't," Sirius and James said at the same time.

"but she says that it wouldn't be good enough. Wood suggested either a Cleansweep or a Nimbus, since I'm Seeker, but I'll be happy with whatever you decide."

"The new Nimbus is supposed to be top of the line," James noted. Lily gave him a careful look.

"I'm not sure if thats such a good idea," she said slowly, "its her first broom and all-" she saw her husband's pained look and sighed. "We'll talk about it later."

"I love you and miss you and I'm counting the days until Christmas."


"P.S. Don't ask me how I know, but did Dumbledore tell you there is a giant three-headed dog in the castle?"

"How in the world did she find out about that?" Remus gasped.

"It says not to ask," pointed out Sirius. Remus gave him a look.

"Do you know why he's keeping it there? Hermione noticed that it was standing on a trap-door. Is it guarding something?"

"I told you the warning wouldn't work!" accused Remus. Lily and James exchanged glances.

"We'll have to try again," agreed James.


"Harriet did what?" Lily screeched, looking at Snape in shock. He didn't giver her an answer, merely raising an eyebrow, knowing that she and the three idiots who had christened themselves the Marauders had heard him perfectly well the first time.

"A troll?" Remus asked, wanting to be sure. "A fully grown mountain troll?"

Snape nodded, wondering how many times he would have to repeat himself tonight. Then, in hopes that it would spare him from talking, he pulled out a letter from his robe pockets.

"From your daughter," he sneered, "hopefully explaining tonight's events."

"Hello, everybody!" Remus began, after unfurling the parchment.

"I'm guessing by now you had a visit or a letter from Professor Dumbledore or McGonagall or Uncle Sev explaining to you about the troll incident"

"Yes," said Lily, looking a bit more pale than she normally did, "we did."

Seeing Severus looking at her, she quickly explained, "We sometimes talk to the letter. Its a habit we haven't been able to break." She blushed when her friend smirked.

"(save the lectures, Uncle Sev already gave me one)."

"Did you tell her that she needed to think things through before she-" began James.

"Yes," was Snape's response.

"What about how completely dangerous-" Remus brought up.


"Or if she does anything that stupid again she'll be back home-" Sirius started.


"Good job," laughed Lily.

"I thought I would take a second to explain my side of things, which will probably be a bit different compared to what you heard."

Snape's eyes locked on the letter. Now why would that be?

"Somebody probably explained to you that Hermione, having read about Mountain Trolls, thought that she would be able to take on the troll herself and set off in search of it. Ron and I, worried about her safety, followed her and ultimately saved her life."

"Thats more or less it," agreed Remus.

"Thats not exactly what happened, though."

"Why not?" Lily fretted.

"I guess it all started in Charms class on Halloween, where Flitwick thought it would be a good idea to pair Hermione and Ron together to work on Levitation charms."

"In what world does that make sense?" Remus demanded.

"Ron had some trouble with it, so Hermione decided to try and help him. She didn't do it in a very good way though, ending up coming across as a bossy know-it-all (which she is). It lead to Ron insulting her after class and Hermione running off to cry to the girl's bathroom."

"I hear wedding bells!" sang Sirius sarcastically.

"I thought about going after her, but I didn't think she would appreciate comfort coming from Ron's best friend."

James grinned in spite of himself. Lily, seeing his smile, asked him why he was so happy.

"Harriet has a best friend," he informed his wife cheerfully, making her smile as well.

"At dinner that night, I was trying to convince Ron to go apologize to Hermione when Professor Quirrell ran in screaming about a troll."

"Subtlety is not that man's forte," Snape mused.

"We were all heading back to our dorms when I remembered that Hermione was in the girl's bathroom. Ron and I headed off to find her."

"No, no, no!" was Lily's only response.

"I know we should have gone to a professor, but I didn't think that the troll would be so far from the dungeons."

"I suppose she has a point," Remus conceded.

"We were wrong. You know what happened from there: Ron and I tried to distract the troll to give Hermione a chance to get away and, when that didn't work, I jumped on its back and got my wand up its nose."

"We didn't know that part," James said, trying to get the image of his daughter dangling off a troll's back out of his mind.

It tried to hit my with its club, so Ron (thinking desperately) tried the first spell he could think of, the Levitation charm. The club was lifted and up and fell on the troll's head, knocking it out! Ron, Hermione, and I were all perfectly fine, save for a few cuts and bruises.

"I hope they realize how luck they are," Remus pointed out, frowning.

"The professors came in at that point and Hermione did something nobody was expecting. She lied. To a professor. She told the professors the story you heard and they believed her."

Everybody looked at Snape, who scowled and said nothing.

"In case you were wondering, Hermione is now one of mine and Ron's best friends."

"Didn't they hate her several paragraphs ago?" laughed Sirius.

"It might be a bit quick, but there are some things that you can't go through without becoming friends and taking down a fully grown Mountain Troll is one of them."

"Can't argue with that logic," Remus said, chuckling.

Please don't ground me!



P.S. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you so much for the Nimbus 2000! Its fantastic!

James smiled happily, glad that he had been able to convince his wife to let Harriet have the Nimbus. It was much better than the Cleansweep.

I had my first Quidditch practice a few days ago and it went great. Wood threw golf-balls for me to catch. I didn't miss any and Wood was so excited he kept me playing until it got dark.

"She didn't miss any!" cheered a delighted James. Snape scowled thinking about the chances of Slytherin winning the Cup.

I don't understand what was the big deal, but I didn't feel like raining on his parade. He was practically skipping on his way back to the castle.

P.P.S. I noticed while Uncle Sev was lecturing me that his leg was hurt.

Almost immediately, Lily was up and fussing over her friend's hurt leg. He tried to tell her he was fine, but she gave him a glare so cold that he could do nothing more than sit patiently and let her look him over. While she did, Remus continued reading.

Judging by the wound, it looked like he tried to get past the three-headed dog (which you still haven't told me anything about, by the way!). I asked him about it, but he told me not to worry.

"Were you?" frowned James.

"Yes," Snape answered. "Upon hearing that a troll was let in, I believed that somebody had let it in as a diversion to attempt to get to the Stone. Sadly, I did not anticipate having that much trouble with the dog and I scared whoever it was off."

Sirius grumbled, disappointed that Snape had been unable to catch the man responsible.

Hermione thinks that he is trying to get past whatever the dog is guarding (and that would be...?) Does it have anything to do with the Gringotts break-in?

"You're daughter," scowled Snape, "needs to learn to keep her nose out of other people's business!"

Both Lily and James grinned sheepishly.

Potter Manor-November 29, 1991

"Honestly, James," Lily laughed as she came down the stairs. Her hair was still damp from her shower and she had dressed herself comfortable in preparation for a few hours of relaxation. The image of her husband continuously looking at the window was what had greeted her when she had come home, and that was where she found him now.

"The letter will come when it comes!" she admonished.

"Its the first Hogwarts Quidditch game!" he told her excitedly, "I want to know how Harriet did! Whether or not Gryffindor won!"

"Are you doubting you're daughter's Quidditch skills?" she teased, pulling him away from the window and onto the couch.

"No!" he protested laughing. He smirked. "She's my daughter after all!"

"The poor girl!" both Lily and James turned and saw Remus's head in the fireplace. "Mind if I come through?"

"Not at all," Lily smiled. Remus entered the house, followed moments after by Sirius.

"I don't remember inviting you," chided Lily.

"It was implied," was Sirius's retort.

"With all the time you two spend here," chuckled James, "People would think that you do not have your own house!"

"We've been separated for ten years," Remus shrugged, unconcerned. "We have a lot of time to make up for."

An awkward silence descended on the room for a moment, broken by the sound of an owl.

"Hedwig's here!" exclaimed James, running to the window. Sirius looked at him, confused.

"Its the first Gryffindor Quidditch match today," explained Lily, "and James is very eager to see how Harriet did."

Sirius suddenly looked much more interested.

"Dear Mum, Dad, Sirius, and Remus"

"I love how she is able to predict who will be reading her letters," giggled Lily.

"We had our first Quidditch game today! I was really nervous, but Ron and Hermione were really supportive. They even made me a sign that said "Potter for President!"

"That was very nice of them," Sirius nodded. He turned to Remus. "Why didn't you ever make me a sign, Moony?"

"I was too busy commentating, Padfoot," Remus responded, "and I couldn't show a bias."

"Yea," laughed James, "you did that very well, didn't you? What do you call storming onto the field in fourth year during a game demanding that the Slytherin team be penalized for hitting me with a Bludger?"

"That was a completely fair call!" argued Remus. "You were nowhere near enough to their end of the field to score a goal! It was completely unprovoked!"

Lily cleared her throat pointedly, and James continued to read.

"The game started out normally enough: Gryffindor made a few great scores, much to the annoyance of the Slytherins."

Sirius and James high-fived each other.

"Thats when they started playing really dirty (dirtier than they normally do), managing to make a few goals of their own."

James, Remus, and Sirius booed. Lily looked at Remus, surprised.

"Remus!" she laughed. He smiled apologetically.

"Sorry. It's easy to get carried away!"

I saw the Snitch, at one point,

"Go, Harriet!" cheered Sirius.

but one of the Slytherin Beaters hit a Bludger at me and I lost sight of it.

"He better have been penalized for that!" growled Sirius, sounding a lot like his animagus form. James glared at the parchment, as if it had been the one to hit his daughter with a Bludger.

I'm still not sure what happened after that, but all I know is that my broom began acting very oddly.

"What?" asked Lily, startled. "Thats not possible!" She turned to her husband accusingly. "You told me the Nimbus had a large number of safety features! Thats the only reason I agreed to let Harriet have it!"

"It does!" James said, sounding as worried as his wife.

It was bucking around and trying to kick me off it! It took a few minutes, but eventually, it stopped.

"Hm," hummed Remus thoughtfully.

I got the following story from Ron and Hermione:

"Hermione and I"

"Why are you talking like that?" interrupted Lily, looking at her husband as though he had grown an extra head.

"Its Ron talking now," he told her, showing her the letter, "see?"

"And thats your 'Ron' voice?" teased Sirius.

James didn't deem this worth an answer.

"were watching the game when Hagrid noticed that Harriet's broom was acting funny. At first, I thought maybe the Bludger had done something to it-"

"Honestly, Ronald!"

"Your Hermione voice is worse," quipped Remus, catching on to what was happening.

" Did you actually think that? Use your brain! Brooms, especially a racing broom like the Nimbus, will be built to withstand the abuse enacted on them by things like Bludgers!"

"Exactly," praised Remus. "It had to have been dark magic to mess with a broom that way." Seeing the parents's worried looks he said quickly, "Don't worry! I'm sure a professor noticed. and helped her"

"Well excuse me! I was too worried about my best friend falling to her death to think about that!"

"Harriet and Ron seem close," pointed out Remus, hoping to bring the minds of James and Lily to happier matters. It worked, as they both smiled.

"Are you implying that I wasn't worried?"

"And Hermione," added Sirius.

"You know what? Let me tell my side of the story than you can tell yours! What was I saying? Oh yea, Harriet's broom was acting very odd. It went on for a few minutes, while Fred and George flew under her to try and be ready to catch her if she fell."

Lily let out a breath, feeling a bit more relieved.

"Using my binoculars, Hermione noticed-

Its my turn now, Ron!

Alright! Alright! Don't get you're knickers in a twist!

How charming."

"They fight worse than you two did," laughed Sirius, partially at the argument and partially at James having to switch voices so quickly, looking at James and Lily, who blushed.

"Anyways, I noticed through Ron's binoculars that Professor Snape was jinxing the broom"

"No," denied Lily quickly. "Snape wouldn't do that!"

No he wasn't! You don't know that for sure!

I recognize a jinx when I see one! He was muttering words and he wasn't blinking, since you have to maintain eye-contact!"

"We have to hear his side of the story first," Lily snapped, as the Marauders grew angry. Sirius scowled at her.

"You heard what Hermione er..wrote!"

"There has to be another explanation!" Lily said in defense of her friend. She decided to try and use logic. "Even you can't deny that Snape is not an idiot. If he wanted to jinx Harriet, do you actually think he would be foolish enough to do it in front of dozens of professors and hundreds of students?"

They had no answer.

"We have to hear his side of the story," she repeated firmly. James backed down, knowing how stubborn his wife could be, and began to read.

"So, while Ron stayed behind, I ran down the bleachers where Snape was with the other teachers. Then I...well, I

She set fire to his robes! It was bloody brilliant!"

"Yes," laughed Sirius, "it was!" Seeing Lily's frown, James nudged her a bit.

"Come on, Lily," he prodded, seeing her struggling to stop from smiling, "it was a bit funny!"

She shoved his shoulder, hard, when her smile became too pronounced to hide.

"Everybody started panicking and I think Professor Quirrell even wet himself!"

"Poor man," Lily grimaced.

"He did not! He did fall over, though. I felt bad about that. But the important part was that Harriet had control of her broom!"

"Thank god," Lily said.

"Well, not completely. She fell, but not very far."

"What?" Lily squeaked.

"She still managed to catch the Snitch, though!"

The Marauders began to cheer and whistle and catcall. Lily let them celebrate for a moment, before having them calm down and finish the reading the letter.

"Catch it, Ron? She nearly swallowed it!"

"Thats one way to do it," Sirius said, a bit surprised. James chuckled at the image of his daughter coughing up a Snitch.

So? We still won the game!

Yes, but-

"Okay! Thanks guys!" James said, relieved to finally be able to go back to reading in his normal voice. His throat had been getting tired.

"So, thats the story, more or less. I know what it seems, but Uncle Sev would never do that!"

Lily nodded to herself, glad that she would not have to convince another person to hear Severus out, even if she herself was unsure of his true motives.

"I tried to talk to him after the game, but Hermione and Ron wouldn't let me out of their sight and dragged me down to Hagrid's hut for tea.

While we were there, by the way, Hagrid let it spill that the three-headed dog was his! Apparently his name is Fluffy! Only Hagrid!"

"Well," Remus said, trying to bring the letter to a positive close, "at least it seems like she has forgotten about the Stone and that she is satisfied with the explanation of the dog belonging to Hagrid."

"Fluffy!" Sirius shook his head. "Did you ever notice that, with Hagrid, the more harmless the name, the more dangerous the animal?"

"One more month!


Harriet and Ron and Hermione"

"That was an insightful letter," Sirius commented, looking at Lily carefully. She threw her hands up in exasperation.

"I'm telling you, Severus didn't try and jinx Harriet! If you are so eager to be proved wrong, though, I can Floo call him right now!"

"Please do," Sirius challenged, crossing his arms over his chest. Lily huffed and quickly made her way to the fireplace, grabbing some Floo powder off the mantle as she did so. She threw it into the fireplace.

"Professor Snape's Office, Hogwarts," she ordered, before sticking her head inside. Sirius couldn't hear what was said, but she emerged a minute later, making room for Snape to follow. He didn't even have time to issue a greeting when Sirius verbally attacked him.

"What the hell were you thinking?" he demanded, making a grab for him, only to be restrained by Remus. "Jinxing Harriet's broom!"

"Sirius!" Lily screeched, hitting him hard upside the head. He continued to scowl at Snape, who looked indifferent to the proceedings.

"I didn't jinx your precious goddaughter, Black."

"Then explain why Hermione saw you muttering words under your breath and not blinking!" Sirius retorted, a bit incoherently. Snape understood, though.

"Did you ever consider, mutt, that counter-jinxes also require eye-contact?"

Sirius blinked, realizing that, no, he had not considered it. Lily grinned triumphantly at Sirius's rather befuddled expression.

"But then why did the broom work properly after Hermione set your robes on fire?" Sirius tried, desperately.

"Granger did what?" Snape snapped.

"Nothing," Sirius said quickly. Lily, remembering something she had read in Harriet's letter, picked up the parchment and read through it.

"Here," she interrupted the glaring contest between the two men by shoving the letter under their noses. "Hermione wrote that, in the confusion, Quirrell was knocked over!"

"Did you know it was Quirrell jinxing the broom?" asked James. Snape denied it.

"I did not," he said slowly, thinking over his words. "However, as he is only new professor at the school this year, I had my suspicions about him. I will report this to the Headmaster, but I doubt anything can be done-"

"Nothing can be done?" repeated Remus, annoyed. "He tried to kill Harriet!"

"According to who?" challenged Snape. "The suspicions of an ex-Death Eater? Or the words of an eleven year old Muggle-born, who, as it happened, believed the formerly mentioned ex-Death Eater to be guilty?"

"Yes?" said Sirius, evidently confused, "er no?" Snape resisted the urge to make a comment about his lack of intelligence, instead settling for waiting for him to figure it out. Finally, realization dawned on face.

"Oh," he said sheepishly, "right."

"Then what do we do?" Lily interrupted.

"I'll warn the headmaster and keep a closer eye on Quirrell."

"That doesn't seem like much," griped James.

"Its the only other option we have." Snape responded. "Lets just hope that this little stunt has taught your daughter to be a bit more wary for her safety than she had been previously. The last thing we need is her making Quirrell's job easier."

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