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Perspective Challenge:

by ChallengeMistress87 on the HPFC

Characters: Luna Lovegood on Lily Potter

lily anne evans potter.

you died, and left behind your son

your sister; your nephew; your friends.

but you did it for love.


lily, you are my hero.

you lost your mother; i lost my mother.

do you remember how much it hurts, lily?

because it h u r t s .

i believe in nargles and snorkacks and heaven

because if fairytales exist, so can my mother,

and so can you.


they think it's strange that i think of you,

more evidence of

loony lovegood.

but what's so bad about believing?

what's so bad about looking up to you, admiring you?


you were a believer, too;; weren't you?

first you believed in a s l y t h e r i n who was afraid to believe in himself.

then you believed in a g r y f f i n d o r who never believed in you.

and you alwaysfromthestart believed in

magic. not the magic we all know exists –

the other kind.


the magic of


of kisses&&death&&ice cream.


the magic we create,

the magic that is so

easily denied

by those who are afraid.

people like tom riddle

and harry potter

and hermione granger.


but you, lily potter,

are beautiful, even in death,

because, lily, you are a believer.


and so i will always believe in you,

if you will always believe in me.