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"Tokiko! You midget hag! I'll show you what the true powers of the legitimate heir family can do-Argg!" Shigemori shouted as he fell to the ground, water cascading down on him from the damn hose in Tokiko's hands. Tokiko chortled in glee and, being merciless, kept the insanely cold water on the old man's form. Shigemori gasped as the water continuously poured. He growled and jumped into the air, whipping his hands in front of him to grab Tokiko. Her evil grin said all as she produced another hose from her back, releasing the pent up water.

Shigemori howled as he fell once again, Tokiko throwing her head back and laughing.

"You old goat! Did you really think you could touch me?" She grinned.

"Damn you and your tricks, Tokiko!" He howled as he tried to shield his face from the steady downpour.

The moment was short lived however. The sound of arguing made them turn their heads to watch the scene.

"Tokine, it's none of your damn business if I sleep or not in school! So just leave me alone!"

"Do you have any sense of principle? School is for learning not being lazy and sleeping, you baka!"

"I don't give a damn! School is whatever I want it to be, whether that be a place to sleep or learn! It's bad enough you're always on my case when we're on duty, I don't need you criticizing me at school also!"

Tokine threw up her hands in anger. "Well excuse me for worrying about you! God forbid me to ever do it again!"

With that she stormed away with Yoshimori glaring daggers at her back before taking a different route to school.

The two older kekkaishis glanced at eachother, sharing the same thought, We need to talk.

"We have a problem." Tokiko said as she paced around in the living room of the Sumimura house.

Shigemori humphed. "Of course we do!"

She glared warningly at him before continuing her pacing a sad smile gracing her features. "Do you remember how they were inseparable when they were little?"

He allowed a small smile and nodded. "It was nearly impossible to seperate them. Yoshimori would kick or hit me whenever I din't let him see Tokine."

Tokiko chuckled. "Same with Tokine only she would just glare and not talk to me for a while. If I remember correctly, when I didn't let her go to your boy's birthday party she didn't talk to me for over a month."

Shigemori laughed outright at that but became sober instantly. "What have me done?"

Tokiko gazed at him questioningly.

He sighed. "If your memory is as good as mine then you remember we interfered with their friendship and made them hate each other."

Tokiko's face pinched in pain. "We were such fools back then." Shigemori nodded in agreement.


"Tokine" Yoshimori, age five, called as he ran up a hill. At the top, a small six year old girl stood as she watched some ducks play in the creek. She turned at the sound of her name, a grin brightening her face.

"Yoshi!" She cried and hugged him tightly. They both laughed as Yoshimori's momentum carried them to the ground, his arms protectively holding her so she wouldn't get hurt.

The fall spurred them into an all out tickle fight, both laughing so hard tears came to their eyes.

Yoshimori climbed on top of her with a mischievous smirk. Tokine's face paled in fear. "Now Yoshi-" She started but was cut off as she had the life tickled from her.

"Y-Y-Yoshi s-stop!" She cried in between gasps and laughs. He laughed but showed her mercy as he carefully climbed off to lay beside her, arms folded behind his head.

Tokine turned on her side, violet eyes gazing at him. "How did you get away?"

He chuckled and replied, "I told my old man that I was going to go train in the woods. He would've given me a long lecture about the legitimate heir's responsibilities if I hadn't left right them."

She laughed lightly and shrugged her shoulders. "I just said I was going on a walk."

They both laughed again and Yoshimori scoffed, "My old man wouldn't buy it."

But they wouldn't know they were being watched until it was too late.

They leaped to their feet as two figures appeared on their side of the creek.

Yoshimori gripped Tokine's hand, hers squeezing his in response. He glanced at her and his face screamed that he wanted to run with her but Tokine shook her head and lifted her chin proudly.

"Yoshimori, Tokine..." Shigemori growled. Tokiko put a restraining hand on his arm before turning to the younger kekkaishis, her eyes telling them she was not happy.

"You disobeyed us." She stated, her tone like ice. Tokine stepped forward, violet eyes a violent storm.

"We disobeyed because it's stupid to keep us seperated from each other. Our family feud has nothing to do with us."

Tokiko cocked an eyebrow. "You would forget your upbringing to remain friends with this boy and deal with his foolish family? You would give up your namesake, your family's wishes, to be selfish and keep him as a friend." Tokine flinched at the word selfish, Tokiko striking home, and lowering her head in shame.

Briefly Tokiko felt bad for using her grand daughter's pride against her, but it quickly escaped her mind. Whatever it took to break her away from the Sumimura family's clutches.

Tokine glanced at Yoshimori, his eyes widened as he read her desicion in her eyes. She pulled her hand away from his. He didn't even put up a fight, he was far too shocked at the betrayel. Briefly pain shot through her at the lack of fight in her friend before putting on a cold mask of indifference.

She left his side to stand by her Grandmother, her mask still in place. It panged Yoshi's heart to see her like this, but she'd hurt him too much. This was the worst kind of pain, the betrayel of a close friend. Bitterly he realized their friendship must've been fake on her part, or she wouldn't do this.

He also put on his own mask to hide hs pain, a mask that screamed this is boring I just want to go home. He saw Tokine flinch slightly and was glad she could read his as he could read hers.

But he couldn't mask his eyes and a single tear that ran down his cheek silently, unnoticed as Shigimori turned him away, both families walking seperate paths.

Yoshimori told himself that he would never let someone come close to him like Tokine had. He would die if he was betrayed again. No, that day, Yoshimori hardened his heart so no one, not even Tokine, could wriggle inside again.

His childhood was over the moment he saw the betrayel in her eyes.

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