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Yoshimori's worst fears were confirmed as he turned to see the hateful hag, Julia, posing suggestively against a tree, her hands behind her back with her back and a foot resting against the bark. He rolled his eyes and continued on his way, the school building in his line of sight. Julia huffed and ran up to him, linking her arm with his, smirking when he turned to glare at her. Yoshi tried to shake her off but she had latched onto him. Julia sighed dramatically and brought herself closer to him. "I'm so glad I can walk with you like this now!" She proclaimed joyously.

His eye twitched. "Take your hands off me, Julia. I'm not in the mood for this crap."

She laughed him off, clinging tighter as he once again tried to take back his arm. "I know you don't mean that, baby. You know, you are so lucky to have me, guys are constantly annoying me by asking me out, but I just smiled and said, 'I'm so sorry, but I already have a boyfriend.' But they're so persistant that it's scary!"

He scowled. "Then let go of me before your boyfriend sees me and gets the wrong idea."

Placing a hand against her chest, she looked up at him with hurt in her dull brown eyes. "But baby, you are my boyfriend, or did you forget that you asked me out?" He growled and stopped walking to place his free hand on her shoulder, hand tightening as he tried to control his anger. "Then I must have missed something because I do not remember ever wanting to be near you. I do remember me telling you to stay away from me!"

She laughed, the sound grating on his ears and he gritted his teeth. "Baby, that never happened, quite the opposite in fact! You told me you loved me. You even said that you want me, but I had to say no because I'm not ready for that yet."

Yoshimori growled and firmly took her hand off his arm, stomping away with fists clenched. "Stay away from me, Julia." He growled out, throwing a warning glare over his shoulder. Julia watched him walk away, and smirked. He wanted her, she could tell. He just needed to be shown his true feelings, and of course being the good person she is will help.

Yoshimori sighed as he sank into his chair, head propped against a hand. He wanted to just go home and sleep now, his day officially ruined. A hand banging on the desk made his eyes lazily roll up to see the fuming image of one of his friends, Haru. Haru angrilly flipped his brown hair away from his piercing blue eyes. Yoshi had met Haru in middle school and they had been friends for a good three years now. Haru was really pretty brainless, caring less about schoolwork and more about getting a girl, at which he failed miserably. Haru banging his shoulder brought Yoshimori from his thoughts, a scowl taking place on his lips as he looked up at his brainless friend. "What the hell are you mad about, Haru?"

"I'm mad at you!" Haru groaned pathetically, sinking into a nearby chair, mumbling about the unfairness of the whole thing.

"And just why," Yoshi's eye twitched, "are you mad with me?"

"Because you bagged the hottest girl in school!" Haru practically yelled, throwing his hands in the air, onlookers scowling at the idiot.

Yoshimori blinked. "Who?"

"Kami, why do you have to rub it in? The hot blonde former foreign exchange student, Julia!"

"You do know she hasn't been a foreign exchange student in forever right?" He stated.

"Yes!" Haru sniffed. "But putting that title on her makes her even more hotter in my book."

Yoshimori rolled his eyes and sat back in the chair, a hand lifting his coffee milk to his lips. "Whatever dude."

"Anyways!" Haru leaned forward. "How could you do this to me, man? You know I had my eyes on her and was about to make my move."

"One, you and I both know you would just scare her off. Two, you never had a plan. Three, I haven't 'bagged' her. I don't even like her!"

"Total denial, my friend." Haru shook his head sadly, clapping his friend on the shoulder as he stood. Looking down, he let a lecherous grin cross his face. "Treat her good, will you?" Yoshimori frowned at his friend's back before lying back down on his desk.

Julia happily patted herself on the back as she watched the seed she planted blossom as word got passed of hers and Yoshi's relationship. More and more people were starting to believe it and soon the whole school would. Hopefully that bitch, Tokine would hear as well. Everything was going to plan, perhaps even more so than she thought it would and it was all because of one of her good friends, Jun, who actually spread the rumors.

Humming happily, she opened her locker, placing a couple books in it. Two girls came up to her giggling. One was pretty much a tall lanky bookworm from the looks of those geeky glasses; her shoulder length black hair was up in pigtails. Her friend wasn't really gifted in the looks department either, from the way her boring brown hair hung limply down her back. Julia frowned in annoyance and faced the two, darting her eyes around for any onlookers that may see her conversing with losers.

"What do you two want?" Julia eyed them nastily. The geek took a step forward and adjusted her glasses to keep them from falling down her nose.

"We just wanted to know why you would go out with that middle school kid."

"Is that any of your business? Yoshi is about to graduate anyways so it doesn't matter. School will be out in a month."

"Well true," the girl fidgeted with her glasses again. Must be a habit, Julia inwardly sniffed. "But still, why him?"

"Doesn't concern you two so just butt out or I will destroy your social lives! Get lost." Julia turned back to her locker, satisfied when she heard the girls turn tail and run. Smart of them.

Turning back to the locker, a gasp escaped her lips as a hand banged next to her head. Turning slightly, her eyes travelled up a muscled arm, up broad shoulders, into the angry face of Yoshimori Sumimura, a bright smile instantly lighting up her face.

"Hey, Yoshi." She teased, his teeth visibly clenching at the nickname. "Don't ever call me that again." He bit out. He growled and pushed off the locker, a hand furiously running through his hair as he fought to control his temper.

"Why not?" She asked, eying a fingernail.

"Because no one can call me that except for one person."

"That person being Tokine?" She eyed him and watched the emotions pass in his eyes.

"Whether she is or not doesn't matter to you. I came here to tell you to stop spreading rumors about us!" He retorted. She batted her eyelashes at him. "But it isn't a rumor..."

Yoshimori groaned and threw up his hands. He poked her hard in the shoulder and glared into her eyes. "Stay away from me."

Julia watched him walk away and smirked to herself. It was time to move on to plan 'B'.