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Esme's POV

These past 4 days have been hectic. On second thought, maybe hectic isn't exactly the right word. Crazy sounds more like it. It's funny that "crazy" fits better only because it's crossed my mind that maybe I've become crazy, or at least paranoid.

This has never happened to me before. When this first began, I thought that I was just imagining hearing what I heard that day. Telling myself that I was feeling stressed out seemed to ease my mind. Unfortunately, feeling stressed out didn't ease my anxiety at all. As I kept hearing the things I was hearing, my paranoia grew. I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed about this. I have, however, kept a positive thought that there's, and still is, the possibility that my mind was and/or is playing tricks on me. The other possibility that has crossed my mind is that I'm just overreacting. This kind of possibility makes more sense.

I haven't told anyone what's been happening. I've tried to act as I always have like everything's fine like I'm not hiding anything. On the contrary, they've noticed that I'm not acting like myself. It's true that ever since this whole thing began, I've been jumpy at everything even over the smallest of things. I've also been very distant and very depressed and it's gotten the attention of everyone because I can tell by the look on their faces or in their voices that they're worried. Luckily, no one asked what's been bothering me. I know I should tell someone, but I'm afraid. Afraid that no one will believe me.

In order to explain what I've spent 10 minutes talking about, I need to start from the beginning, 4 days ago.

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