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Ulrich looked over at Odd. He was sleeping through Mrs. Hertz science lesson again. He rolled his eyes and turned back to the blackboard. Someone had to take notes on the table of elements. Aelita and Jeremy may have been in the same class, but they could easily remember all this stuff.

There was a knock on the classroom door. Mr. Delmas came in with a student they never saw before. She had choppy brown hair, its length varying from shoulder to chin and brown eyes that had dark circles around them. She wore a pair of dark jeans and a black T-shirt that was two sizes too big for her, the front of which was shoved into her waistband, revealing a large belt buckle with a bird on it. At first, some of the students thought she was a boy.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Hertz," said Mr. Delmas. "You have a new student."

"Ah, yes." Mrs. Hertz looked at her seating chart. "Yes, Eva Maverick, is it?"

"Yes, ma'am," the girl replied in a rough voice.

"You may take a seat behind Mr. Della Robbia," said Mrs. Hertz. She looked back at Odd. "That is if Mr. Della Robbia would like to join us."

Ulrich jabbed Odd in the side. "Odd! Wake up!"

"Huh? Wha?" Odd yawned. "Class over already?"

"No wonder you are failing my class, Odd," said Mrs. Hertz. "If you would stay awake, you would understand this. Eva, take your seat."

Eva walked past Odd and Ulrich, taking the seat that Mrs. Hertz indicated.

The rest of the class went smoothly. Mrs. Hertz checked on Eva every few minutes to see how she was doing, asking her if her old school ever taught her the lesson. Eva even surprised Mrs. Hertz, as well as the rest of the class, when Mrs. Hertz asked one of her impossible questions.

"What are the nine elements that use the Latin atomic symbols?" Mrs. Hertz asked.

Jeremy, Aelita, and Herb put their hands up. But there was another hand raised that no one else but Mrs. Hertz noticed.

"Eva, do you know?" Mrs. Hertz asked.

"Yes, ma'am," she said. "The nine elements are sodium, potassium, iron, copper, silver, tin, gold, mercury, and lead. Their Latin names are natrium, kalium, ferrum, cuprum, argentum, stannum, aurum, hydragyrum, and plumbum."

Mrs. Hertz stared at Eva. Eva looked back at her. Everyone was turned around in their seats, watching Eva.

"Is that right?" Eva asked.

Mrs. Hertz grabbed her textbook and looked up the Latin names of the nine elements. At the same time, Jeremy and Aelita exchanged glances. Herb was skimming his own textbook to see if Eva was right as well. Finally Mrs. Hertz looked at Eva.

"Is that correct, ma'am?" asked Eva. "Natrium, kalium, ferrum, cuprum, argentum, stannum, aurum, hydragyrum, and plumbum?"

Mrs. Hertz looked down again to check. "It is. It is correct."

"Whoa," breathed Ulrich.

"Mr. and Mrs. Einstein are going to have some competition," whispered Odd.

"Eva, where did you go to school?" asked Mrs. Hertz.

"East St. Yves de Villefort," Eva replied.

"That's a good school," said Mrs. Hertz. "I know one of the teachers there."

The bell rang and class was dismissed. Ulrich, Odd, Jeremy, and Aelita watched Eva meet up with another girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She wore a teal shirt, a black pencil skirt, blue leggings, and boots.

"Hey, guys," said Yumi.

"Hey, Yumi," said Ulrich.

"What a class we had!" said Odd. "The new girl stunned us all by answering Mrs. Hertz impossible question."

"She did more than that," said Jeremy. "She answered the question with the common and Latin names."

"I wonder who her friend is," said Odd. "She's cute."

"Kayla Olson," Yumi told them. "She transferred here from East St. Yves de Villefort."

"So did Eva," said Jeremy.

"Who?" asked Yumi.

"Eva Maverick," Ulrich answered. "The new girl in our class."

"At least they know someone here," said Aelita.

"Looks like both of them are smart," said Yumi. "Kayla is in your year, but she's taking my math class. And you said that Eva answered the impossible question."

"Can we get going?" whined Odd. "I want lunch."

The five of them went to the cafeteria and got their food. They saw Kayla looking for a place to sit.

"Well, there's Kayla," said Yumi.

"But where's Eva?" asked Jeremy.

They searched the cafeteria, but couldn't find her.

"There she is," said Aelita. "She's standing beside Kayla."

"I never saw her," said Yumi.

"Was she standing there the whole time?" asked Ulrich.

"Hey!" yelled Odd over the cafeteria clamor. He stood on his chair and waved his arms over his head. "Eva! Kayla! Come sit with us!"

The girls looked at each other and Eva led the way to the table.

"Hi, Yumi!" chirped Kayla.

"Hey," said Yumi.

The others turned to Eva.

"It's Eva, right?" asked Odd. "I'm Odd. This is Ulrich, Jeremy, Aelita, and Yumi."

Eva nodded, but didn't say anything.

Kayla and Eva sat down at the table. Kayla took a seat next to Yumi and Eva sat beside Odd.

"So are you going to be staying in the dorms?" asked Ulrich.

"No, I'm not," said Kayla. "I don't live too far from here. I can walk to school every day."

"I'm staying in the dorms," said Eva.

"You'll be on the second floor," said Aelita.

"The boys' dorm is on the third floor," said Ulrich.

"You're welcome to come up," said Odd. "Just don't let Jim catch you."

"Who's Jim?" asked Eva.

Odd turned and pointed to Jim, who was keeping an eye on the cafeteria.

"That's Jim," said Odd. "He's the gym teacher."

"Oh! I don't think I want to cross him," Kayla said, looking at the gym teacher.

"Don't worry," said Yumi. "He looks scary, but his bark's worse than his bite."

Eva's eyes narrowed at the gym teacher.

There was a crash in the kitchen. Eva jumped out of her seat and began searching for the origin of the sound.

"It's okay." Kayla grabbed Eva's wrist. "Eva, it's okay. Sit down."

Eva slowly returned to her seat and finished her lunch.

"Uh," Odd started to say.

"It's first day of school jitters," explained Kayla with a smile. "She gets like this."

"What class do you have after this?" asked Aelita.

"I have history," said Kayla.

"Tenth grade language arts," said Eva.

"Tenth?" Yumi asked. "That's my class. How did you get into that class?"

"It's the middle of the year," said Eva with a shrug. "They probably didn't have room in the other classes."

"Just tell them, Eva," said Kayla. She turned to the others. "Eva is on a higher level in language arts and history than other students our age. It's the same for me, but with math and science."

"Good luck," Yumi said to Eva. "We're learning poetry. The teacher is not impressed at all with any of us. I managed to get by yesterday, but we're supposed to write our own compositions."

Kayla snorted.

"What?" asked Yumi.

"You'll see," said Kayla.

Eva followed Yumi to their next class. Eva sat beside Yumi and pulled out a notebook.

"All right," said the teacher. "You will compose your own poems this class period. The last half hour of class will be devoted to reading your poems in front of everyone."

Everyone groaned.

Eva put her hand up.

"Yes? You have a question?"

"Do we have a specific topic that we need to base our poems on?" Eva asked. "A certain style?"

"It can be on anything you like," said the teacher. "Just no free-verse."

"Is there a certain length?" Eva asked.

"Ten lines minimum," said the teacher.

There was a collective groan from the class.

"Nice going," hissed Yumi.

"I'll help you with yours," said Eva.

Yumi wasn't sure what to write about. She finally decided on writing about her family. Yumi looked over at Eva and saw her writing feverishly.

"All right," said the teacher when time was up. "Who would like to read first? Any volunteers?"

No one put their hands up.

"Then I'll just pick someone. How about you?" The teacher turned to Eva.

Eva slowly got up and walked to the front of the room with her paper in hand.

"Two countries at war, two leaders tired,

"Look at their world, at the pain they sired.

"Both remember all those bitter years,

"Filled with hatred, bloodshed, and many tears.

"They stare at their lands and reminisce,

"Of times of their youth and innocence.

"They wonder what color their souls are stained,

"Noble blue, blood red; they know no white remains.

"Neither leader can see peace anymore,

"Only wish that their children's children will not see this war."

Eva sat down.

"That was good," said Yumi.

"Not really," said Eva.

"It's better than mine," said Yumi.

"Following Eva's example," said the teacher, "I would like all of you to write a poem a minimum of ten lines focused on something of your everyday lives."

Class let out and Eva headed off to gym with Kayla. They were joined by Odd and Ulrich. Kayla noticed that Jeremy was sitting on the bleachers.

"Why doesn't he participate?" asked Eva.

"Note from the doctor," said Odd.

"Is he sick?" asked Kayla.

"No," said Odd. He lowered his voice. "Can you keep a secret? I know you'll hear the rumor eventually."

"Yes," said Kayla.

"It's a forged note," Odd whispered in her ear. He put his arm around Kayla's shoulder only to have Eva grab his wrist. Odd was surprised; he never saw Eva come up beside them.

"Remove the arm," Eva said coldly.

"Now, Eva, there's no reason to be rude," said Kayla.

"I know a flirt when I see one," said Eva, glaring at Odd.

"She's got you pegged," said Ulrich with a chuckle.

"Let's go!" hollered Jim. "Start by running around the track for warmups."

"Running," muttered Kayla, adjusting her gym shorts. "Joy."

Jim ran in front of the students, shouting over his shoulder at them.

"He sure likes to talk," Kayla said to Odd.

"Yeah," replied Odd. "He says all sorts of stuff, like he was in the Olympics and things like that."

"Is it true?" asked Kayla.

"Maybe, maybe not," said Odd. "He always says that he doesn't want to talk about it."

Eva jogged quietly beside Kayla. Ulrich was on her opposite side. She looked very unhappy with jogging the track.

"What?" asked Ulrich. "Hate running?"

"No," replied Eva. "I'm bored."

Kayla looked at Eva. "Eva, don't so anything stupid," she warned.

"I'm not," said Eva. "I'm just going to shut him up."

With that, Eva began sprinting, passing everyone ahead of her and blowing by Jim.

"Hey you!" Jim shouted.

"Forget it, sir!" called Kayla. "Once she starts, there's no stopping her."

Odd, Ulrich, and Jeremy watched Eva sprint around the track and catch up with the slower kids. Eventually she caught up to Kayla, Odd, and Ulrich, passed them, and jogged next to Jim.

"I'm guessing you were on the track team at your other school," said Jim.

"No," replied Eva. "I just like to run."

"Have you thought about joining the track team?" asked Jim.

"I rather not," replied Eva. "Sports aren't my thing."

They played soccer for the rest of the period and hit the showers. The girls were impressed with Eva's athleticism and asked to be on her team during recreational time.

"You're making friends quickly," said Kayla.

"No, they just want me around," said Eva. "I know a friend when I see one. And you're one."

Kayla smiled. "I don't have any classes with you for the rest of the day," she said. "I'll see you tomorrow."

"You may see me tonight," said Eva.

"Eva, no," said Kayla. "You need to get some sleep."

"I'll be fine," said Eva.

"Okay," said Kayla.

Eva sat with Odd, Ulrich, Jeremy, and Aelita at supper.

"Where's Yumi?" Eva asked.

"She lives in town," said Ulrich.

"Oh," said Eva.

"So what do you think of Kadic so far?" asked Jeremy.

"It's what I expected it to be," said Eva.

"What made you decide to come to Kadic?" asked Aelita.

"Yeah, it's the middle of the year," said Odd. "Why now?"

"I have a scholarship," said Eva. "If I want a chance at my choice of college, I needed to get here as soon as I could."

"And Kayla?" asked Ulrich.

"Kayla's parents were planning on moving anyway," said Eva. "It was just good timing."

Jeremy frowned. He thought it was too coincidental that two friends would come to the school in the middle of the year.

Eva took a bite of her peas and stopped.

"What?" asked Odd. "The food isn't that bad."

Eva swallowed and began to scan the cafeteria. Something was off. There was a line of students waiting for lunch, but there wasn't a sound from the kitchen. After a moment, she saw the cafeteria worker come from the kitchen. Maybe it was nothing. Then she noticed a boy sitting alone. He was older than she was, wearing a green jacket and jeans.

"Who is that?" Eva asked, nodding in his direction.

"That's William Dunbar," said Jeremy.

"He's a little weird," said Ulrich. "You may have seen him in history class."

"Yes, I remember him," said Eva. "He's very quiet."

That night, Eva stayed awake until midnight. She was sure that everyone was asleep at that time. She got out of bed and grabbed her shower things.

In the shower, Eva stood under the hot water and winced. Her shoulder was hurting more than usual. She wondered what the policy of OTC drugs was in this school. Her skin was raw in some places as well.

Eva toweled off and pulled on an oversized T-shirt and flannel pajama bottoms, both black. She walked back to her room. Hearing something that she was sure she wasn't supposed to be hearing, Eva froze. It sounded like a television set was on. They weren't allowed to have televisions in their rooms. And it sounded like it was in the hallway.

There was a terrified scream. Eva whirled around, dropped everything, and began running in the direction of it. One of the dorm rooms was opened. Jim was coming out with Aelita kicking and screaming.

Eva ran up and slammed her full weight against Jim, sending all three of them tumbling to the ground. Eva jumped up in time to have Jim's fist come into her field of vision. She ducked and slammed her knee into his stomach.

"Eva!" cried Aelita.

"I knew there was something off about you," Eva said to Jim. "But I didn't think you were such a creep."

"Eva, there's no sense in reasoning with him," Aelita said. "He's lost his mind!"

"I can see that!" snapped Eva.

"It's not like that," Aelita clarified. "He's being controlled!"

Aelita screamed a warning and Eva ducked another punch. Eva ran into Aelita's room and grabbed the desk lamp. Jim followed her into the room. Eva whipped around and struck Jim in the face with the lamp hard enough to make him fall back into the closet.

"Come on!" said Eva.

Eva slammed the door shut and grabbed Aelita by the arm.

"We have to get Jeremy and the others," Aelita said as they ran down the hall.

"Not with Jim on our tail," said Eva. "We have to get to the principal."

"No time," said Aelita. "He wouldn't be able to stop Jim."

"Then what do you suppose we do?" asked Eva.

"Do you have your mobile with you?" asked Aelita.

"No," replied Eva. "It's in my jeans' pocket."

"Let's hope that Jeremy knows that a tower has been activated," said Aelita.

"A what?" asked Eva.

"I have to go," Aelita said.

Eva grabbed Aelita's arm. "Hold up."

Aelita turned to face Eva.

"You know more than you're telling me," Eva said levelly. "You know how to stop this. Jim is after you, okay. I won't let him hurt you. You do what you need to do to stop this. I'll look out for you."

They heard Jim's footsteps coming down the hall. Eva pulled Aelita into the stairwell and hurried down the steps. At the bottom, Eva pushed Aelita against the stairs and pressed her against the wall.

Jim came down the stairs. Aelita shook with fear that they would be found. Jim came closer. Eva covered Aelita's mouth so she wouldn't scream. Jim stopped at the bottom of the stairs, looked around and walked out the door.

"Come on," whispered Eva.

Aelita led the way outside and into the woods behind the school.

"Here," Aelita said, stopping in the middle of the woods.

"What's here?" asked Eva.

Aelita reached down and opened the manhole cover.

"Follow me," said Aelita, climbing down the ladder.

Eva climbed down, pulling the manhole cover back into place. She quickly found herself in the sewer. Aelita grabbed a scooter leaning against the wall next to the ladder.

"Can you ride a skateboard?" she asked, pointing out the three boards next to the scooters.

"No problem," said Eva. "Let's go!"

Eva followed Aelita down the passages of the sewer. As dark as it was, Aelita knew where she was going without the aid of any light.

"This is it," said Aelita.

Eva hopped off the skateboard. Aelita climbed the ladder they stopped at and opened the hatch. Eva came up behind her. What she saw when she emerged from the sewer surprised her.

"A factory?" she asked Aelita.

"You'll see," Aelita replied. "It's not just a factory."

Aelita ran inside and slid down the rope. Eva followed and they got in the elevator. Aelita hit the down button and the elevator began to move.

"Can I trust you?" Aelita asked.

Eva looked at her, barely turning her head. "I trust you," she said.

"That doesn't answer my question," said Aelita.

Eva gave a soft laugh. "I believe that trust is mutual," she said. "Right now, my life is in your hands."

"I don't understand," said Aelita.

"It means if Jim comes after us, I will fight," said Eva. She drew an X with her finger over her heart. "You can trust me."

"Good," said Aelita.

The elevator had come to a stop while they were talking. Aelita punched in a code on the keypad and the door opened.

Eva's eyes widened at the sight of the supercomputer.

Aelita hopped into the chair, turned on the supercomputer, and put on the headset. Eva hurried off the elevator and walked over to the chair.

"What is all this?" she asked.

"I'll tell you in a minute," said Aelita, pulling up a window that said phonebook. She clicked on Jeremy's number. "Answer. Answer."

The busy signal rang in her earpiece.

"Ulrich," she muttered, clicking on his number.

Busy signal.

"Odd," she said, a bit more frantic. "Pick up!"

Busy signal.


Aelita prayed that Yumi would pick up her mobile.

Busy signal.

"No!" cried Aelita. "I can't get a hold of anyone."

"Try Kayla," said Eva.

Eva gave Aelita Kayla's number.

Busy signal.

"XANA must have taken out the phone towers," Aelita said. "I guess I'm on my own."

Aelita clicked on another window. The warning alarm beeped in her ear and several red lights flashed in the window. There were four tarantulas guarding an activated tower.

"Why would XANA do this?" Then she groaned. "To lure me out. As soon I get there, the Scyphozoa will get me."

"I'll protect you," said Eva.

Aelita turned around in the chair to look at Eva. She wasn't the least bit afraid, at least that was what Aelita thought.

"This isn't a game, Eva," said Aelita.

"I know," said Eva in a level voice.

Aelita shook her head. "I can't," she said. "I can't take you with me. If I do, we won't be able to erase your memory with a return to the past. And we already lost William. We can't lose another."

"William?" Eva asked. "You mean William Dunbar, the quiet kid in my history class?"

"That's not really William," said Aelita. "He's not even human. William joined up with us not too long ago. He wasn't careful and XANA took him away from us. Jeremy managed to make a specter clone, but it's not perfect. It can function like a normal person, but it doesn't have William's memories or personality. We did what we could to make him like William, but we told everyone that William got sick and it caused brain damage."

Aelita shook her head again. "I can't do that," she insisted. "Not after William. And I would be betraying everyone else."

"Not to sound pessimistic, but I think they may need our help right now," said Eva.

"What?" asked Aelita.

"Boy, you may have good grades, but no sense," said Eva with a frown. "If this XANA knocked out all the cellphone towers so we couldn't call anyone and possessed Jim, I'm pretty sure that they're in trouble."

"Oh, no!" gasped Aelita. She turned back to the screen. "Even with a return to the past, we can't bring back anyone who dies!"

Aelita typed in the automated virtualization program and ran back into the elevator with Eva on her heels.

"When we get down there, get into one of the scanners immediately," Aelita told Eva. "You can gawk later."

Eva nodded.

The elevator door opened and they went right to the scanners. Eva stepped in and turned around. Across the room, she saw Aelita smiling from her scanner.

"Just relax," said Aelita. "It helps if you close your eyes. Just be ready for the drop."

Before Eva could ask "What drop?" the scanner doors closed. She could hear the machine whirling. Taking Aelita's advice, Eva closed her eyes.

Eva was falling! She braced herself for impact and landed hard on her hands and knees. She took in her surroundings: a desert wasteland with a tower in the distance with a red glow.

"Welcome to LYOKO," said Aelita.

Eva turned to her and gaped. Aelita, who had been wearing a nightshirt up until now, was wearing a jumpsuit in pink and fuchsia with silver stripes and a partial miniskirt of wire and sheer fabric. Her long gloves were violet-red and on her right wrist was a star bracelet. Her ears were pointed and she had a silver earring that had a small pink orb dangling down. There were thick, pink lines extending from her cheeks to her jaw line.

Aelita smiled. "Our LYOKO forms depend on our personalities and our abilities on Earth," she explained. Aelita looked Eva up and down. "Yours is interesting to say the least."

Eva was dressed in a dark blue and black jumpsuit. She wore armor on her forearms made of black metal and shoulder armor with reliefs of skulls. Her knuckles had the same black metal in the shape of diamond studs and she had knee pads and elbow pads also in black armor. A black band came around her chest and in the center was a small Moline cross medallion with a dark red center stitched into the fabric. She had a black belt around her waist and her boots were also black. Her face was the only place where there was bare skin. It was deathly pale except for the charcoal color around her eyes and on her cheeks and lips. Her eyes themselves were completely white, the iris and pupil only outlined with a light gray color. Instead of brown, Eva's hair was now jet black with the front section the same dark blue as her suit.

"No weapons," Eva said flatly. She looked at Aelita. "You don't have any either."

"I manage without," said Aelita. "Since you don't have a weapon, you have a special attack, like I do. And each warrior has a special ability. You'll figure out yours when the time comes."

Eva set her mouth in a firm line. "When the time comes," she repeated. "I have a feeling that it's going to be very soon."

Aelita nodded and dashed off in the direction of the tower. Eva caught up with her and jogged beside her.

The tarantulas saw them coming and got down for the attack. Aelita and Eva ducked for cover as shots fired in their direction. Eva chuckled. The odds were stacked against them. She laughed at the little optimistic voice that told her it could be easy.

Aelita stood up from behind the rocks and fired an energy field. It hit its mark and the tarantula exploded.

"One down!" she said to Eva.

Eva nodded. There had to be some way she could fight these things.

Aelita cried out in pain and ducked behind the rocks. She was clutching her arm as it sparked.

"Aelita!" cried Eva.

"I'm fine," said Aelita. "I just can't take that many more hits."

Eva growled and ran from her cover, straight for the tarantulas. Rage built inside of her and a pulse of energy shot from her torso in the form of a ghost. It hit a tarantula and knocked it back a few feet.

"Aim for the spot on their heads!" cried Aelita.

Eva aimed and fired again. The second tarantula cried out and exploded. The third and fourth now concentrated their fire on Eva. There were no rocks large enough to take cover behind. Eva was out and exposed.

Suddenly the tarantulas stopped firing. Eva frowned in confusion and looked around.

"Eva? Eva!" Aelita cried, looking around for her. "Oh, no!"

The tarantulas got up and began moving toward Aelita, passing Eva like they couldn't see her. Maybe they couldn't! Eva looked down at her feet and all she saw was dirt.

"Invisibility!" she hissed. Eva smiled maliciously at the back of the tarantulas.

Aelita saw a whitish glow and another pulse struck one of the remaining two tarantulas. The tarantula was destroyed. The last one turned around, searching for the attacker.

"Psst, spidey," whispered Eva.

The tarantula looked down in time to see its end as another pulse slammed into its head. Eva reappeared and looked at Aelita.

"Well, come on!" Eva shouted. "Gawk later! You need to do your job now!"

Aelita came out of hiding and ran for the tower. Eva watched as the tower let her in and waited. The red aura turned white.

Eva looked down and saw herself disappearing.

"What?" she said.

The scanner doors opened and Eva was looking over at Aelita's scanner. It opened and Aelita stepped out in her nightshirt. Eva looked down and found that she was back in her pajamas.

"Whoa," muttered Eva, stepping out of the scanner and looking around.

"Come on," said Aelita.

They got into the elevator and back up the supercomputer. The phones were working now and Aelita called Jeremy.

"Aelita, are you okay?" asked Jeremy.

"I'm fine," said Aelita. "I deactivated the tower without too much trouble, but . . . "

"But what?" asked Jeremy.

"I had help," said Aelita glumly. "I couldn't get a hold of anyone and Eva saved me from Jim, so she followed me."

"So use a return to the past," said Jeremy.

"I can't," said Aelita. "Eva followed me to LYOKO. Her data's in the supercomputer."

"Oh, no!" Jeremy said.

Eva heard and carefully removed the headset from Aelita's ear.

"Jeremy," she said. "It's okay."

Aelita took the headset back. "If it wasn't for Eva, William would have come and thrown me into the digital sea. She didn't give him the time to even get to LYOKO."

There was silence on the other end of the line. Aelita thought they had been disconnected or worse, Jeremy hung up on her.

"Okay," said Jeremy. "She can be a LYOKO warrior."

"Great," said Aelita. "We'll be back soon."

Aelita took off the headset and got up from the chair. "Let's get back to school," she said to Eva. "It'll take us a little longer to get back."

Eva nodded and looked down at Aelita's feet. Her pink socks were soiled and she didn't have any shoes or slippers on. In the tunnel, Eva picked up the skateboard and Aelita began pushing her scooter.

"Hold on," said Eva. She folded up the scooter and knelt down. "Get on my back."

"Why?" asked Aelita.

"Because you are in the sewer with no shoes," replied Eva. "Now get on."

"What about the scooter?" asked Aelita.

"Get on," commanded Eva.

Aelita got onto Eva's back. Eva picked up the scooter and skateboard and used them to hold Aelita on her back.