Time passed and Eva and Kayla integrated into everyday life at Kadic Academy. They had their ups and downs with teachers and students, but everything was working out quite nicely.

Eva was just getting awake Sunday morning, the effects of the nighttime pain medicine beginning to wear off. She reached back and rubbed the gauze patch that covered the skin of her left shoulder. Kayla had taken the stitches out last week and today Eva could leave the gauze off it.

"Eva?" Aelita's voice drifted through the door. "Are you awake?"

"Yeah," Eva answered. "Come in."

Eva sat up and Aelita came in.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go into town for ice cream this afternoon," Aelita said.

"I was thinking about going for a run," said Eva. "But ice cream sounds good."

Eva walked over to her closet and pulled out a pair of jeans. As she got dressed, Aelita noticed that Eva's stature was more like a young man's. Her muscles were well-defined for a girl and with her baggy clothes, no one could really see her hips or chest. Aelita looked down at Eva's legs and saw that they were scarred, rough, and abraded.

"Do you have any lotion for them?" asked Aelita, gesturing to Eva's legs.

"No," replied Eva. "It's a luxury. I can cope with rough skin."

"Your knees are really scraped up," Aelita observed.

"It doesn't bother me," said Eva. "I barely feel it when I scrape them anymore."

Aelita looked around the room. "Why don't you have any decorations?"

"I only brought what I needed," said Eva. "I'm hungry. Let's get breakfast."

Aelita and Eva walked to the cafeteria and got their breakfast. Odd, Ulrich, and Jeremy were already there.

"'Morning, sleepyheads," said Odd.

"Hey," said Eva, taking a seat and brushing her hair back from her face.

"Rough night?" asked Ulrich.

"I'm groggy from the medicine I took," replied Eva.

"What time do we want to go for ice cream?" asked Aelita.

"Yumi's going to meet us there at one," said Ulrich.

"We should ask Kayla if she wants to go," said Jeremy.

Eva pulled out her mobile, pulled up Kayla's number, and handed it to Jeremy.

"Are you going to be awake enough to sneak around without being seen?" asked Odd.

Eva looked up from her plate of sausage. "That's funny, Odd."

"Just asking." Odd put his hands behind his head and leaned back in his chair, closing his eyes. "I don't want Jim to catch us."

"Uh, Odd?" said Ulrich.

"What?" asked Odd, opening his eyes. Eva was gone. "Huh? Where'd she go?"

"You were saying?" Eva whispered in Odd's ear.

Odd yelped and fell out of his chair. The others laughed. Odd got up and dusted himself off.

"I knew she was there," said Odd.

"Sure," replied Ulrich.

"Well, if it's going to be a bit, I'm going for a run," announced Eva. "I'll see you at lunch."

Eva took her tray up and went outside. She started to jog the paths in the woods.

"Hey, come on, Milly," said a girl. "I don't want to get in trouble."

Eva stopped and saw Milly and Tamiya, the school journalists. They were standing over a ball of fur.

"Is it okay?" asked Tamiya.

"What is it?"

The girls screamed. Eva had walked up behind them. There was a dog lying under a bush. It put its head up when it saw Eva. The dog growled.

"Tamiya, Milly, slowly move away from the dog," said Eva. "Now."

Milly and Tamiya moved away from the dog. The dog got up and Eva could see that it had a broken leg.

"Whose mangy mutt is this?"

Eva recognized Sissi's voice. The dog began to back away from them, cornering itself in the bush.

"Sissi, be quiet," Eva said in a level tone. "He's hurt."

"It's your mutt?" asked Sissi. "I knew you were up to something. You're always so quiet and strange. I'm telling my father about this."

The dog began growling again.

"Sissi, I'm warning you," said Eva.

"Is that a threat?" asked Sissi.

The dog lunged. Eva grabbed the dog and they both went tumbling to the ground. The girls screamed and Sissi took off running. Tamiya and Milly were too terrified to move. The dog snarled and tried to bite Eva. Suddenly it yelped and there was another growl. The dog froze and the growling continued. Then the dog tried to lick Eva's face.

"Whoa," breathed Tamiya, realizing that the growling was coming from Eva.

"Did she just . . . ?" started Milly.

Eva slowly got up and the dog continued to lick her. She picked up the dog and began carrying it toward the school.

"Now there's a story," said Milly. "I can see the headline now: New Student Saves Reporters. I'm sure that'll make the front page."

"Let's go tell Mr. Delmas," said Eva. She had a scratch on her cheek and leaves in her hair.

Mr. Delmas was busy listening to his daughter rant about a dog and the new girl, Eva.

"Elisabeth, please," he said. "Calm down and tell me again what happened."

Tamiya opened the door and Eva came in carrying the dog. Sissi screamed.

"Shut up!" barked Eva.

"That dog's a menace!" she cried. "It tried to kill me!"

"Because you scared him with your screaming," retorted Eva. "He's scared and he's hurt. I wouldn't be in such a good mood either if I had a siren shrieking in my ear."

"Where did you find him?" asked Mr. Delmas.

"In the woods," said Eva. "Milly and Tamiya found him, actually. He has a broken leg."

The dog whimpered in Eva's arms.

"I'll make sure he gets to a vet," said Mr. Delmas. "In the meantime, Elisabeth, I believe you owe an apology to Eva."

"No apology is necessary, sir," said Eva. "I just want to get this boy taken care of."

The dog barked in agreement.

"What happened?" Odd had to ask again when Eva finished telling him about the dog. She had called to tell them that she may be running late for ice cream and that they should go without her.

"The dog's fine," said Eva.

"After that Sissi attack, I hope so," said Odd. "Maybe I should bring some dog food for him."

"Mr. Delmas has that taken care of," said Eva. "He's sending animal control to the school to pick him up. The dog's healthy, he just has a broken leg."

"But he attacked you," said Odd, worried. "They might put him down."

Eva winced. "That's true," she said. "And Sissi already told her father what happened."

"Hey, I'll see you at the ice cream shop," said Odd.

"Later," replied Eva.

Eva tucked her mobile back into her pocket. She looked around the courtyard where she was currently standing. Something was wrong. Something was coming. Danger.

Eva heard Milly scream. Milly came sprinting around the building with a very large dog on her heels.

"Great," muttered Eva, getting low and bracing herself. Her eyes widened. "What?" There was something wrong with that dog's eyes. And they way it was moving, too. "XANA!"

"Eva, help!" screamed Milly.

Eva knew that this was going to hurt a lot, but if it saved Milly, she was willing to take the chance of being killed.

"Milly, here! Come here!" Eva called, opening her arms.

Milly ran straight into her with the dog on her heels. The force sent Eva tumbling backwards. As she fell, Eva placed her foot on the dog's chest and sent it flying over their heads. Eva got to her feet and started running for the dorms with Milly in her arms.

Jim was in his room, punching the punching bag when he heard Milly screaming.

"Jim! Jim! Jim, open the door!"

Jim opened the door and Milly was pushed into the room by Eva. Eva slammed the door behind them.

"What's going on?" asked Jim.

"A dog attacked Tamiya," sobbed Milly. "Eva found a dog with a broken leg and took it to Mr. Delmas. When Tamiya and I were leaving, another dog came and attacked her. I think she's dead!"

Eva was searching Jim's room for something she could use as a weapon. Her pocketknife wasn't going to do anything to that dog possessed by XANA. She slammed the closet shut and glanced out the window.

"Oh," she breathed.

There were more dogs outside surrounding the dorm. XANA was determined to catch them all this time. Eva looked at the clock. It read 12:45. The others would have already left to meet Yumi by now.

"Jim, is there anything I can use as a weapon?" asked Eva. "A bat, a golf club, a hammer?"

"No," replied Jim. "Why?"

They heard banging down the hall. The dog was throwing its weight against the door to open it. There was no way that Eva would be able to get to the factory if the dogs got in.

With a growl, Eva pulled out her mobile.

Meanwhile, the others were walking down the street to the ice cream shop.

"We should do something for Eva," said Aelita. "She doesn't have any decorations in her room. It's a little sad."

"What were you thinking?" asked Odd.

"Maybe framing some of your artwork and giving it to her," suggested Aelita. "A poster for the wall would liven things up. It just seems so empty."

Jeremy's mobile began ringing. "Hello?" Jeremy answered.

"We got a problem," said Eva. "XANA has a pack of dogs running wild on campus. Please tell me you are in town."

"We are," said Jeremy. "We're on our way."

"Hurry," said Eva. "Milly said that Tamiya was attacked by those dogs and it's a possibility that she's dead."

"Where are you right now?" asked Jeremy.

"Locked in Jim's room with Jim and Milly," replied Eva. "I think I might be able to get out and get to Tamiya. I doubt I'll make it to the factory."

"Consider us there," said Jeremy and he hung up.

Eva shoved her mobile in her pocket and continued to look for something that she could use. She had a pillow, Jim's dirty laundry, his overpowering cologne — Cologne! If that stuff could make a student choke, it would do a number on a dog's nose. And since XANA turned the dogs into super dogs, their sense of smell would be heightened. So would their hearing! Eva remembered that she had a bumblebee ringtone. That was just as good as a dog whistle.

Eva took the bottle of cologne from Jim's shelf and pulled her mobile out again.

"What are you doing?" asked Jim.

"Hopefully try to save Tamiya," said Eva. She turned to Milly. "She's by the principal's office, right?"

"Yes," sniffed Milly.

"Good," said Eva. "Once I leave, lock the door."

"Eva, wait!" Jim yelled, but Eva was already out the door.

The others made it to the factory.

"An activated tower in the ice sector," Jeremy told them as they prepared to be transferred. "We need to hurry. I think Eva's going to do something extremely stupid."

"Knowing Eva, she probably will," Kayla said.

They appeared in LYOKO and hopped on their awaiting vehicles.

"Let's go," said Ulrich, revving the bike's engine.

At the same time, Eva was searching for Tamiya. She had managed to sneak passed a few dogs and was now running for the principal's office. Tamiya was right where Milly said she was. Her clothes were ripped and bloody, but Eva could see that she was still breathing.

"Hang in there, Tamiya," said Eva, picking up the younger student. "I got you."

"What's going on out here?"

Eva could have sworn like a sailor. Sissi had the worst possible timing. Eva dashed around the corner carrying Tamiya. Sissi stared at them.

"Get in the building," Eva commanded. "Come on, Sissi!"

"What?" Sissi asked, trying to understand what was going on.

There was a series of loud barks followed by low growls. They turned to see the dogs closing in around.

"Go!" shouted Eva.

They ran into the building and into Mr. Delmas' office. The office was empty except for the dog that Eva had rescued earlier. He looked up from his place in the corner of the room.

"Clear the desk," Eva told Sissi.

Sissi moved everything and Eva put Tamiya down.

"Is she going to be all right?" asked Sissi in a quivering voice.

"I don't know," said Eva. She tossed her mobile to her. "Call the number labeled 'Factory'."

Sissi pulled up the factory information and pressed 'call'.

"Eva, how are things on your end," Jeremy's voice came.


"Sissi?" Jeremy went pale.

"Put it on speaker," said Eva, taking off her shirt.

Sissi put the mobile on speaker.

"I'm here, Jeremy," said Eva, grabbing a pair of scissors.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"It's not so good," said Eva, cutting up her shirt. "Tamiya's alive, for now. I left Jim and Milly in Jim's room. Right now I'm in the principal's office with Sissi doing what I can to help Tamiya." Eva growled in frustration. "I feel so useless right now!"

"Do what you can," said Jeremy. "The others are almost at the tower."

Jeremy hung up.

"How are things there?" Yumi asked.

"Not so good," replied Jeremy. "We don't have much time."

The five of them raced for the tower. There was company waiting for them: four tarantulas.

"Four of them, five of us," said Odd. "This shouldn't be too hard."

"Kayla and Aelita, let the others clear a path for you," said Jeremy.

"Okay," said Kayla.

Kayla and Aelita got off and searched for cover. The others attacked.

"Once there is an opening, I'll head for the tower," said Aelita.

"Ladies," greeted a demonic voice.

They turned to find William and the Scyphozoa. Kayla grabbed her mace and swung. William blocked and slammed his foot into Kayla's stomach, sending her sliding across the ice, away from Aelita.

"Help!" screamed Aelita, trying to stay out of the Scyphozoa's reach.

Kayla looked in dismay in Aelita's direction. William took that moment to attempt to cut Kayla in half. Kayla raised her mace, blocked, and gave her hardest swing. The mace smashed William's sword, stunning him. He quickly retreated only to have the morning star slam into his chest. William disappeared into smoke.

At the same time, a small XANA-fied dog came flying through the window. Sissi screamed and Eva went for the bottle of cologne.

There was a growl and the dog Eva rescued ran into the small dog. They fought for a moment, the small dog biting the rescued dog. He yelped and grabbed the small dog by the neck and hurled it across the room. Eva ran up to it and kicked the XANA-fied dog hard, sending it out the window it came in.

The rescued dog whimpered in pain. He hobbled over to Eva and licked her hand.

"Good boy," she said. Eva looked out the broken window and watched the dogs begin to stalk them. "Hurry," she whispered.

"Aelita! No!" yelled Jeremy.

Kayla saw Aelita being lifted into the air by the Scyphozoa.

"No," whispered Kayla. "No. No. No!"

Aelita and Kayla disappeared and reappeared in the other's place. Now the Scyphozoa was holding Kayla. With its tentacles at Kayla's head and red energy pulsating through them, the Scyphozoa tried to implant a control code into Kayla. Instead, it received a powerful jolt of energy, causing it to drop Kayla. It squealed in pain and quickly retreated.

"What the?" Ulrich started to say, but was cut short when the tarantula shot him.

Kayla began swinging her morning star so all that they could see what a gold disk. Kayla swung hard and the chain extended to hit the tarantula closest to her.

Yumi threw her fans and they sliced the mark on her tarantula's head. Odd shot his and Aelita fired an energy field at the last one.

"Go!" commanded Yumi.

Aelita ran into the tower.

More dogs came in through the window. Sissi grabbed the lamp from the desk to use as a weapon and stood in front of Tamiya. Eva got in front of Sissi and the rescued dog growled menacingly.

Aelita reached the top of the tower.

The dogs lunged at Eva. She braced herself for the pain.

Aelita put her hand on the screen, entering the code.

The dogs stopped in midair.

"Huh?" Eva murmured in disbelief.

"Tower deactivated," said Aelita.

The tower went dark and a light began to rise from the base.

Jeremy hit the enter key. "Return to the past now."

Eva opened her eyes. It was morning! Had she passed out? She sat up to find that her room looked different. There were framed photos of her friends sitting on her desk, along with a gift basket full of lotions and soaps. Her laptop had a different screen saver: the LYOKO symbol in navy blue. The chair now sported black cushions and a blue throw.

"What on Earth?" she said.

The door opened and her friends walked in.

"What do you think?" asked Odd.

"What—huh?" Eva managed to say.

"We did it while you were still asleep," said Kayla. "You told us that you took your medicine last night."

"Last night?" asked Eva. "I took it Saturday night. Today's Monday! We're going to be late."

"No, we're not," said Jeremy. "I used the return-to-the-past program after the tower was deactivated. Today's Sunday, Eva."

"If we came back in time, that means . . . " Eva said.

"Tamiya's fine," said Aelita. "I just saw her in the showers. There's not a mark on her. It never happened so she wouldn't."

"In that case." Eva got up. "There's something I need to do."

Eva hurried to the place where she met the dog. He was sitting under the brush.

"Here, boy," Eva called, squatting down and holding out her hand. "It's okay, come here."

The dog limped out of the brush and sniffed her hand. Eva scratched him behind the ears.

"Is that a dog?" Eva heard Milly say.

Eva turned to see Milly and Tamiya cautiously walking up to them.

"Yes, he is," replied Eva. Eva picked him up. "Let's tell Mr. Delmas that he needs a good home."

"Come in," Mr. Delmas said when someone knocked on his door.

Milly opened the door for Eva and she brought the dog in.

"Excuse me, sir," Eva said. "But you wouldn't happen to have the number of the local veterinarian on hand, would you?"

"This would make a great story," said Milly. "Student Rescues Stray Dog. What do you think, Eva?"

"I like it," Eva said with a nod of her head.

Mr. Delmas called the vet to pick up the dog. When the van pulled up to the school to take the dog, the LYOKO warriors were waiting for him.

"What's going to happen to him?" Eva asked.

"If no one claims him, he'll be put up for adoption," said the vet.

Eva's shoulders sagged slightly.

"I'll take him."

Eva turned to Kayla. She had a big smile on her face. Kayla reached out and petted the dog. He licked her hand.

"Your parents wouldn't mind?" Eva asked.

"They've been talking about getting a dog for almost a year now," said Kayla as the vet put the dog in the back of the van. "Plus, after what you've been through with that dog, I can't just do nothing."

"Thanks, Kayla," said Eva.

The vet came around to them. "Since we don't know who his owner is, if he has an owner, what do you want the name to be on his records?"

Everyone turned to Eva.

"You should name him," said Ulrich.

"After all, you did find him," said Yumi.

Eva looked at Kayla and Kayla nodded. After a moment, Eva replied, "Bon Ami."

"All right," said the vet and he got in his van.

"Bon Ami?" asked Kayla.

"I thought it was fitting," said Eva.

"'Good Friend'," said Odd, nodding in agreement. "I like it."

"Well, that dog's been a good friend," said Eva. "If it wasn't for Bon Ami, I probably would be dead."

"Everyone needs someone to watch out for them," said Ulrich. "A good friend."

"Yeah." Eva smiled faintly. "And I have six of the best friends I could ever ask for."