Nobody's ever written a crack-like story for this particular movie, and this idea came to mind. So, I've decided to give it a whack. This may or may not eventually end up being referenced somewhere in my other August Rush fan fic.

As a teaser, did anyone ever notice something funny about the harmonica guy at the arch?

There were about five or six of them, brothers from the looks of it, but only two of them seem to catch his attention. The younger, level-headed-looking one was bickering with the apparent oldest. Two of them were carrying various odd instruments; they were travelling musicians from what can be inferred. Nonetheless, one thing was certain; they were loud, confrontational, and Irish.

He could easily have ignored their arguing; what use does he, a homeless man, for the petty squabbles of foreigners?


The Irishmen walked wearily, exhausted and hung over from a lack of sleep, blue eyes almost a bloodshot purple from what he could make out. He stood from his bench, and began to listen. The older of the brothers (the oldest, perhaps) was fuming mad, though nonetheless jocular. Apparently the night before, the youngest of the brothers snuck out of the hotel room that night and is somewhere in the city. They were due to leave very soon and time was of the essence.

The scruffy redheaded man stood up and approached the brothers slowly, harmonica in hand. The Irishmen took notice and were dumbstruck.

"Excuse me," he politely stated, tipping his ten-gallon hat. "I can't help but overhear, you seem to be missing someone."

"That depends," said the older, stubble-faced brother, "Ya seen a boy who's 5'10, about 18 but seems older at first glance, and somehow looks like a girl?"

"Sounds familiar. Irish, too."

"That sounds about right," said the younger, longer-haired brother, "Can you tell us where last saw 'im, ya did?"

He knew very well who they were looking for. That brat on the rooftop.