Author's Note: It's been a bit since I saw some of the Gargoyles episodes. I apologize ahead of time in case there are any discrepancies. Like some fan fiction writers, I did not include the Goliath Chronicles. I do not own Gargoyles—it's the property of Disney. Thank you.

Child of Sorrow

The sun was setting on the ruins of a once wonderful city. The sky was red, orange, and pink and would soon turn to purple and then deep blue and then black. The moon had already risen and the evening star was shining brightly.

Standing on a rooftop was a young woman. She was staring at the western sky. Her tank top was black and barely covered her midriff and her blue jeans were worn away at the knees, darkened from dirt, and her leather boots were covered in mud and other vile things that no one wished to think about. Her raven hair was pulled back out of her face in a ponytail. Cinnamon skin was beginning to pebble in the cool air.

The door to the roof opened. "I thought I would find you up here," said a young man. His hair and beard were red and he was very muscular. "You know the others are going to have a fit if you're not there when they wake up. Especially Brooklyn."

"Okay, I'm coming, Alex," said the young woman.

Alex turned and started for the staircase. "Now, Liz!" he called.

The young woman sighed and followed Alex. They went downstairs and left the building. They found the nearest service door to the sewer and entered. Alex and Liz traveled the many tunnels to the Labyrinth.

Alex knocked twice, waited, and knocked again three times. A man opened the door and allowed them passage. The door revealed the one of the many settlements that existed under the streets of New York City.

This is how the humans lived nowadays. Ever since Demona took over Manhattan, people were forced underground. That was fifteen years ago, back in 2005. Liz was too little to remember what it was like to live aboveground, but Alex remembered well. He was about eight years old when it happened.

"I see you found Miss Maza," the deadpan voice of Owen Burnett came. His face was expressionless as always, his blond hair swept back from his face. His clothes were very old (jeans and a sports shirt), but were clean in Liz's opinion.

"Hey, Owen," said Liz.

"She would have stayed out all night if I hadn't gone and got her," joked Alex, nudging her in the side.

Liz glared at him, but didn't retaliate. She never retaliated against Alex in Owen's presence. It was one of the first things she learned when she was a child.

"Your dinner is ready, sir," Owen said.

"Thank you, Owen," said Alex.

Owen bowed and went along his way.

Liz sucker punched Alex in the arm. Alex chuckled and rubbed his arm. Liz had an amazing right cross, courtesy of Lexington.

"You better get down there," said Alex. "You'll be the first thing they want to see." He glanced at his watch. "You have two minutes."

Liz jogged to the other side of the settlement and dashed down a tunnel. She came to a door and opened it without knocking. Inside were several stone statues. Just as she closed the door, they cracked and the gargoyles awoke. Their roars were ear-splitting, and Liz was forced to cover her ears, but it was a joy to hear.

They stretched and yawned. Liz waited until one of them noticed her. That gargoyle just happened to be Brooklyn.

"Did you stay out of trouble today?" he asked sternly.

"Yes, sir," said Liz.

"Och, leave the lass alone," grumbled Hudson.

Lexington and Broadway said their good evenings and went to see what food they could find. Angela hugged Liz and kissed her forehead before following Broadway. Brooklyn gave her a stern look and left without another word. Now it was only Hudson, Liz, and Bronx.

"Come here, lass," said Hudson, holding out his hand.

Liz took it and led him into the tunnel, Bronx walking on the other side of Hudson. In the years that had passed, Hudson had lost most of his sight in his good eye. He could see colors and every now and then, fate allowed him to see someone. It was a blessing to him even if the person appeared blurry.

Liz opened another door and led Hudson to his favorite chair, a recliner that had been salvaged from a condemned building.

"Would you like something to eat?" she asked.

Hudson shook his head. "Nay. I had a book last night. Where is it?"

Liz took a book from the small table and handed it to Hudson. He used his fingers to read the Braille. Hudson had taught Liz how to read Braille after learning it from Jeffrey Robbins. Robbins had left many of his books to Hudson before he was forced to flee the country. No one knew what happened to him or even if he was still alive.

"Alex is taking me on patrol tonight," said Liz.

"Oh?" asked Hudson. "And what do Brooklyn think of that?"

"I don't think he knows," said Liz. "You know how Brooklyn gets. He's so overprotective. It's annoying. He knows that I can take care of myself."

Hudson chuckled. "He knows very well what you are capable of. But he made a promise to Goliath to protect us."

"I remember," said Liz in a small voice.

In the past fifteen or so years, a lot had happened and mostly for the worst. Elisa Maza had died in the line of duty and it completely devastated Goliath. Goliath held on for about two years before going to be with Elisa, living with the fear that he had gotten her killed. Beth had been attacked by Quarrymen and left for dead, but survived, Liz being the product of the violent rape that had occurred. Beth later died during the transition of power from human to gargoyle, along with the Xanatoses. Brooklyn became the new leader of the Manhattan clan and became very cold towards others, especially Liz. Talon and Maggie went missing one night and were presumed dead. Matt Bluestone was taken by Demona's goon squad of gargoyles and hadn't been heard from since. Peter Maza passed away ten years ago and Diane was not in good health. The Clones were still around, but did not interact with the gargoyles or Liz. Fang got his life together and helped out around the Labyrinth, being one of Liz's primary care givers when she was little. Claw and Lexington were the ones to go to when someone got hurt or something needed to be repaired. Broadway and Angela were usually searching for food for the Labyrinth's inhabitants.

"Ye mind yerself out there, lass," said Hudson.

"I will," said Liz. She reached down and patted Bronx on the head. "See you later, Bronx."

Liz found Alex waiting for her. He handed her a jacket. Liz put it on and followed him through the tunnel that led topside.