Elisa and the Greatest Secret

Liz could feel Goliath glancing down at her while they glided. She kept her eyes focused on the sky and tried to ignore him. It was impossible to do so. Every time Goliath looked away a small sigh escaped his lips. Finally, Liz had enough.

"If you are going to say something, say it," Liz said with an edge in her voice.

"Liz, I do not believe it is possible to save Elisa," said Goliath.

"Don't say that!" Liz yelled, her head whipping around to face Goliath. "Never say that!"

"Liz, I have tried to use the Phoenix Gate to change the past," Goliath said. "Perhaps you've heard the story, but I tried to save a gargoyle from a similar fate."

"What happened?" asked Liz.

"I was forced to take him to another time," said Goliath.

"But he lived?"

"Yes, he lived."

Liz looked away, watching the sky. "My grandma told me that the future isn't set in stone. Only the past is."

The police were already pulled up at Julian Martin's place when they landed on a nearby rooftop. SWAT was inside and hauling out a wiry man who looked like he had been dragged out of a gutter. Another man, this one taller and broader than the first was shouting and kicking as the police dragged him to an awaiting cruiser.

"I don't know Scrawny," said Liz. "But the big guy, he's one of them, I'm sure."

Goliath and Liz waited. There was no sign of anyone else. They could see the police shaking their heads in disappointment.

"At least they got one of them," said Liz. She stood up and looked around. "Goliath, what's that?"

Goliath turned to see Liz pointing to the East River.

"A boat?" Goliath said, squinting.

"A bit late, don't you think?" Liz asked.

"Yes, it is strange," said Goliath. "Let's investigate."

Goliath glided over the boat. Neither of them could see who was on it, but it was clear that whoever was on it was up to no good.

"What do you think?" Liz asked.

"We will keep our distance for now," said Goliath. "We will see where they are going."

The boat met up with a cargo ship. Goliath landed on the ship and he and Liz watched a man pull something on deck. It was a bag and there was something inside it moving around.

Someone shouted to the man, speaking in Russian. The man opened the bag and Elisa tumbled out. She was beaten and bleeding, but she was alive. Her hands and feet were tied and there was a gag in her mouth.

"The cops raided Martin's place not an hour ago," said the man. "We were lucky that we got her out in time."

"Good," said the Russian, his accent thick. "We will proceed as planed."

"What about Martin and Russo?" asked the man.

"What about them?" the Russian asked. "Let's get our money and leave her."

"I doubt her parents are going to pay."

"Do not underestimate the concern of a parent for their child, Stone," said the Russian. "Once we start sending her back in pieces, they'll pay."

Goliath growled low in this throat. Liz glanced at him to see his eyes glowing a fierce white. She couldn't help but smile. These guys were in for it.

"What's the plan?" asked Liz.

Goliath let out a roar and leapt from their hiding place, aiming for the Russian and the man named Stone.

"Good plan!" chirped Liz, hurrying to Elisa's side.

The men never stood a chance against Goliath. He hurled them across the deck without a second thought. Several other men came out to see the enraged gargoyle and went for their weapons.

Meanwhile, Liz went for Elisa, pulling out a knife and cutting her restraints. She helped Elisa to her feet and allowed her a moment to stare at her.

One of them ran up to them and tried to stop them. The man collided with both Elisa and Liz and the three of them went tumbling over the railing.

Liz felt her earrings burning her skin and they lit up with an eerie green light. The light grew more intense and she began shaking like she was having a seizure. Liz could feel Fey magic surging through veins. Her body became stronger and she could feel something tugging at her back. Just as she thought her body couldn't take anymore, Liz let out a howl and the light disappeared.

Elisa was falling. Liz tumbled in the air and grabbed her outstretched arm. There was a snap of wings and they glided over the water.

"How?" Elisa asked, too stunned to finish the question.

Liz knew what had happened. She had gone under a transformation spell. One of Alex's spells had turned her into a gargoyle. Her skin was cinnamon, her wings were red and black. She looked much like Elisa did when Puck had used the mirror to transform her, the only difference being that Liz's ears were pierced and her hair was much shorter.

Elisa was pulled into Liz's grasp and they hurried to shore.

"Goliath!" Liz shouted to the lead gargoyle.

She shrieked when something struck her in the back, burning her skin. Now she had to land. It hurt too much to stay in the air. Liz began searching for a safe place to land.

"There!" Elisa cried, pointing to a castle built at the edge of a cliff.

Liz nodded weakly, bit her lip, and headed for the castle.

They crash landed on the wall and tumbled across the stone. Liz looked up and saw Elisa getting to her feet.

"Are you okay?" Elisa asked.

Just as quickly as Liz had transformed into a gargoyle, she reverted back into a human. She only wished that the pain went away like her wings.

"I think so," said Liz. She put her head down. "Just let me lay here."

Elisa smiled weakly at Liz.

"I was not expecting company."

Elisa's head whipped around to see Macbeth standing ten feet in front of her.

"Save it, Macbeth," Elisa spat. "I've had a long couple of days. I don't want to fight with you. We'll be out of your hair in a minute."



Goliath landed next to Elisa and pulled her into his arms. "I thought I lost you."

"I was starting to think that forgot about me," said Elisa, nestling herself against his massive chest.

"Never," whispered Goliath, carefully inspecting her injuries. "I will never forget you."

Liz propped herself on her elbows and watched Elisa and Goliath. It was heartwarming to see them together again. She smiled.

Macbeth stepped up to Liz. "Allow me." He held out his hand for Liz.

"Glad that turned out okay," said Liz, letting Macbeth pull her to her feet. She rubbed her back, feeling a searing pain shoot into her shoulder.

"I want to go home," said Elisa.

Goliath turned to Liz.

"Go," said Liz. "I can walk back. It's only to Midtown, right?"

Liz and Macbeth watched Goliath glide away with Elisa in his arms. Liz bit her lip and lowered her head.

This isn't over, she thought. Not by a long shot.

So what are you missing?

I don't know. Elisa's safe; we found her in time. Or did we?

Liz bit down on her lip even harder. The trauma could already be in place. Now it didn't make any difference. She changed the past, but the future was the same. She had failed and there was nothing she could do about it.

"This can't be it," whispered Liz. "This can't be everything."

But what else was there?

Liz winced and rubbed at the sore spot on her back.

"Let me see," said Macbeth, brushing her hand aside. "You better come inside. This needs to be attended to."

Liz followed Macbeth inside. He showed her to the infirmary and began to clean the wound.

So this is Macbeth. No wonder Demona hates him. He's nice.

"This is a laser burn," he told Liz. He gently applied some cream to her wound. "It'll be a few days until you have full range of motion without pa—"

Liz turned around to see Macbeth frozen, his mouth still open to finish his sentence.

"So this is the girl who has caused such a stir."

Liz whipped around to see who was talking.

"What do you think, sisters?"

Sisters? Oh, no. Not them.

The Weird Sisters appeared in front of Liz.

"For someone who is not one of us, her magic is impressive," said Phoebe.

Liz laughed. "My magic? It's Alexander's magic. I have none."

The Weird Sisters laughed.

"No magic?" laughed Luna. "Did you hear her, sisters? She thinks she has no magic."

"I can't have magic," said Liz. "My mother was human."

"But what about your father?" asked Seline.

"A bastard Quarryman!" spat Liz. "No self-respecting Third Raceman would lower themselves to their level."

"True," said Phoebe. "But there are others who would help your family in a time of need."

"Puck's restricted," Liz immediately said.

"Yes, he is," Phoebe said with a nod.

"Your family has ties to another of our kinsmen," said Seline.

"It was he who gave you the endowment of magic," said Luna.

"No one was told about it," said Phoebe. "Not even your mother."

"Who?" asked Liz.


Liz turned. Standing in the doorway of the infirmary was a young man with the same color of skin as herself. He wore jeans and a black leather jacket. He looked exactly like Liz's grandfather when he got out of highschool.

"Coyote," breathed Liz.

"I gave you some of my magic," said Coyote. "You weren't born yet so it was easy. No one suspected that you were born with magic. And if anyone did, they would just contribute it to you being born in the castle with Puck and Alexander around. Not even Puck guessed!"

"Is that why I haven't disappeared?" asked Liz. "I changed the future. I should not even exist."

"Technically, yes," said Coyote. "But thanks to Alexander, you won't."

Liz reached up and tugged at an earring. "As long as I keep these in."

"Exactly," said Coyote. "And once you tap into that reservoir of magic inside of you, you won't need the earrings anymore."

"You cannot disappear," said Luna.

"If you do, Demona will still take over," said Seline.

"You've changed the future that you were born into, now you never existed, and you would not have been able to come to this time and stop the events leading up to the reign of Demona," Phoebe finished.

"Confusing?" Coyote asked, seeing Liz's frown. "I know, but once you think about it hard enough, it becomes clear."

"But I can't stay here, either," said Liz.

"You must make a choice," said Coyote. "You can stay, if you like, or you can come to Avalon."

"But I'm not—"

"Not by blood you aren't," said Coyote. "You're a . . . special circumstance. Anyway, we have a couple of humans living in Avalon already. I doubt Oberon would mind. It's your choice."

"We will give you time to make your decision," said Phoebe.

"We will give you until sunrise," said Luna.

"This is your only offer," Seline finished.

The Weird Sister disappeared.

"I will see you at sunrise," said Coyote.

"Wait," Liz said. "Can you take me back to the castle first? There's something that I need to tell them."

Coyote nodded and Liz found herself on the roof of Castle Wyvern. Elisa and Goliath were coming in for a landing.

"Coyote?" Goliath called. "What are you doing here?"

"There is something I need to say to you, Goliath," said Liz.

"What is it?" asked Goliath, setting Elisa down.

Liz motioned Goliath to lean down so she could whisper it in his ear. Goliath's eyes went wide and Liz stepped away with a nod.

"Okay," Liz said Coyote. "Let's go."

"See you around, Elisa," said Coyote. "Tell Peter I said hello."

Coyote disappeared with Liz.

Elisa turned to Goliath. "What is it, Big Guy?" she asked. "What did she say to you?"

"She said, 'My name is Elisabeth Goliath Maza of the gargoyle clan of Manhattan, New York.'"

"Maza?" asked Elisa. "You mean, you and me . . . ?"

Goliath shook his head. "She told me that you weren't her mother."

"Then, that means . . . " Elisa shook her head. "I'm guessing the Phoenix Gate has something to do with all of this."

"Yes," said Goliath.

"I'm confused already," said Elisa.

"Don't worry," said Goliath. "Something tells me that Liz has done the impossible."

"What's that?" asked Elisa.

"She changed the future," answered Goliath.


The clan ran outside and crowded Elisa, hugging her, checking her injuries. She hugged them back, ignoring her pain.

On Avalon, just as the sun was rising, Liz sat on the parapets to watch the sunrise. The gargoyles of Avalon took their positions. Katherine and Tom came up behind her, Tom resting his hand on her shoulder.

"And here I thought it would be the end of me," said Liz. She smiled. "It's just the beginning."

It's confusing, I know! Even I got confused while I was writing this. I am purposely leaving the ending the way it is. I may write a sequel, but all depends on what you, the fans, think. Please review.