Tricked N t r E a T e d

Silver Flare of Spirit


His eyes grew wide as their giggles erupted within the room. They continued to sing and dance through the slit blindfold that partially blinded him. Grumbling to himself, he located his friend Red off in the distance, in another corner of the closed off room. Passed out still, and unmoving. A blindfold covered his eyes as well, yet a slit was near his left eye. Opposite of his own, which let him see out of his right. That's right, Red's pokeballs were broken, which meant that his pokemon were free to roam around this manor. His wings fluttered slightly – shaking even. He gulped down his fear, letting out a shout.

"W-What are you going to do to us?"

They stopped their merry cheer and dance; their façade seemed to end too. The blond boy grew a smirk on his lips while the girl to his right giggled. Their show wasn't over – just yet.

" My, My what a horrid child to wake so early." He remarked with bright blue eyes. Their innocence seemed to even startled the angel even more so. Making him back into the wall, more so into the corner.

" If your blindfold comes off," The girl asked, a smile still on her face. Looking kind and caring, but showed to be a violent girl as well, " Should I come to you and blind you instead?"

His teeth seemed to chatter, but a small chuckle wanted to escape his lips. Fingers were put onto his mouth, forming into a forced smile.

The two childrens looming presence seemed to even scare him more. Even when the girl asked of him, " Hey look you're laughing," She turned to her brother who also seemed to laugh as well, " Now isn't that just the cutest sigh, hm?"

Her brother continued to smile as well, then responding slowly, " Though you still wear lies, so let's go back to our play tonight!"

Holding his breath, the angel gulped. No longing to see their faces at all. But when he opened his eyes, he heard the small whisper, " Hey … give me that?" He yelped with fear when he saw the children's eyes bright pumpkin orange: scaring him out of his skin and making him scream into the night. He was then took a hold of and darkness took over him.

A distance word of, " Choudai!" were the only word he heard last. Blood dripped from his elegant white toga and painting the room red.

The twins giggled to themselves, anxiously waiting for their – second victim of the night would wake. So they could play with him – too. His pokemon already were put under their spell of lullabies and fantasies. They pledged their loyalty to them, as soon as they broke their so called prisons known as poke balls. The twins both knew that their friends – would come too. Because before they were played with. The two boys told the twins, more would be coming because they had been told of their tale. Probably coming in the next couple of days or two. More dolls to play with, how joyful it seemed.

The girl, smiled towards her brother; observing the young male who was still alive and started to wake from his fantasies. " Dear brother, I do feel apprehensive yet happy. More people to meet, and more dollies to create. " She giggled, smirking. Her lips pursed together.

The boy, smirked towards his sister. With a chuckle coming out. " You are quite right, now – we have a dolly to prepare, hm? Now – chop, chop. We have some playtime to attend too! "

Red awoke as their conversation ended; his eye that was not covered showed his pokeballs were broken. While to a darkened corner, a bloody angel seemed to lay. Dull brown eyes showed no life, while blood trickled from his lips. His white toga stained with his own blood. It made the pokemon trainer distressed, he then turned towards the devilish twins who stood before him. He growled under his breath, " What the hell did you do to my friend, Pit!" He sounded furious.

Eying one another, they sang and danced for the boy who appeared astonished. Snickering under words and several rhymes. They drew closer to the red capped boy, smirking from ear to ear.

" Choudai ! "