In life, there comes a time where changes become predominant in a person's lifestyle.
Some people might start school, work or even find themselves getting married or having kids…me?
I was no different…
But out of all the things that could ever happen in the world, I found myself falling in love with a man who was unlike any other that I had ever seen.

It all started long ago…back when the second world war was the topic in nearly every conversation and the threat of air raids was very high.
I was a young mouse woman, born from a rich family; who was going to meet her future husband ( as requested by mother) very soon.

" I heard from somewhere that his last name is Nezumi…that's rather un-British don't you think so dear?" my mother asked me, yet by the smile on her face, she obviously liked the thought of that.
" Do you suppose he has family ties to a foreign country?"

Of course the answer to that question should have been obvious to my mother, but I just rolled my eyes and gave a shrug of my shoulders.
Although in my mind, I tried to get a picture of my future husband in my head…maybe he was tall and slender or was an average height; was he handsome or with a weathered appearance?
I didn't have to wonder for much longer however, as the motor car eventually pulled up outside the gates of a rather weathered-looking mansion.

There was a blonde-haired young man who stood outside, as if waiting for visitors to arrive…I thought that he was a butler or something like that, with his posh waistcoat, black trousers and polished shoes, I was half expecting him to offer on taking our coats or something…but instead, he gave a graceful bow.
" A pleasure to meet you both" he said, extending his arm out to me and my mother.
" I trust that you are here to discuss wedding plans"

" Indeed we are" responded my mother " Lady Elizabeth and her daughter Victoria Weathering, here to see Madam Nezumi and her son, Gregory"

The young man gave a surprised look at that moment, but it soon became a grin as he nodded and merely turned to look at the mansion.
" Please follow me, I shall take you to see the madam herself"

As them two had been talking, I gazed at the sights around the mansion…despite the fact that this was a secluded area in the middle of a forest, the sights were pleasant ones.

There was a small fountain with sparkling clean water aplenty gushing from it and the gardens were trimmed well, safe from becoming overgrown; a bed of red roses lined the path to the mansion.

The only thing that perhaps stood out from all of this, was the state of the house.

The bricks were slightly weathered, patches of moss were starting to grow in a few areas, as well as climbing ivy, yet the young mouse insisted that there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Once we were inside, the young man told us to wait for a few minutes while he went and called the madam.
We merely did as we were told and sat down in the lobby of the house.

As we were waiting, my mother gave me a grin.
" That young man is quite the looker hmmm?" she said to me, nudging my shoulder very lightly.

I laughed in return.
" Mother! Are you insisting I marry a butler instead?" I asked in-between laughs.

" Well only if this Gregory doesn't turn up…I wonder where that young man could be, oh I hope he's not one of those rowdy boys that enjoy drinking, we had enough of that from your father"

It seemed to be a fair old wait, but eventually our young escort returned with a much older woman.
" Mrs and Ms Weathering…this is my mother, Madam Gabriella Nezumi" the young man said, introducing the three of us with an impish grin.
" I'm her son…Gregory"

My mother and I could only stare open mouthed upon learning that, afterall despite being dressed in posh clothes, the young lord looked so…ordinary compared to what I had imagined him to be.

Madam Nezumi gazed at me and my mother with what I could only assume was some kind of judging stare, she didn't seem to look very friendly…but then again, I thought that maybe it was wrong of me to be so judgemental towards people and just thought that she was just a little nervous of us…how wrong I was.

Although I had yet to find out…Madam Nezumi was far from being a normal woman, she had the most bizarre taste in clothes, furniture and food, but I put that down to her perhaps migrating from somewhere long ago and she had been too sentimental to leave it all behind.
She looked as if she despised the fact that her son was going to take my hand in marriage and even more incensed once she learnt that it was actually her son that had accepted it in the first place without telling her.

Yet through all of this, she hardly said a word…but the look in her oddly coloured eyes said a lot more than if it had been put into words.

The old woman just sat there throughout the entire meeting with a tight-lipped expression on her face, giving occasional venomous glares towards me and her own son…but still she said nothing, heaven knows why…but of course it didn't take me long to guess what her problem was just a few days after the wedding.

From the moment we were to be married, I was quick to find out that Gregory was far from the ordinary man that I had at first believed him to be.
The first thing I noticed about him was his eyes…
They were unlike any other colour that I had ever seen before, a gorgeous shade of violet merging with some dark purple.
It was a colour that made his eyes seem so deep and soulful, almost like he was from another world or something like that.

His mannerisms were quite interesting as well…he may have been twenty-nine years old, but he had in his eyes, a sparkle of life that could only be seen in the eyes of children.
He had quite an appetite for adventure and exploration, setting his sights on overcoming any hurdle that life threw at him.

Gregory was also a gentleman, using every gentle word and charms to make me seem less wary of him, he was someone whom I had only met that day at the engagement…and he also won his way into my heart on that very same day as dusk had settled outside.