Damien had just come back to South Park for the first time in nearly eight years. Not that it was very significant in that sense of going to a new school and making new friends, anyway. Being the Son of the Devil, his father had decided that Hell wasn't an appropriate place to raise a child, and he lived on earth as a mortal, though he was indeed half mortal. Eh, fucking mortals. He hated them anyway. He hated how he had worked so hard to make friends in South Park all those years ago, and now nobody even remembered him.

But one person remembered him, and this person was no other than Pip Pirrup.

The British teenager was the only person in South Park High School more neglected than he was, and when either one received the slightest bit of attention, it was, of course, not in a positive light. Being the anti-Christ in a town full of Christians didn't help Damien much, either, especially since he was pubescent and now old enough to show the features of a demon: on his head were small horns that grew larger as he aged, and his teeth were becoming more fang-ish...

Both boys became much taller. Pip, especially, who stood at about six feet. They both became much more masculine in appearance though Damien and Pip both had long hair. Damien figured he'd grow it longer because it might help conceal his horns, though his plan hadn't been working so far. But the layers of thick black hair did help conceal eyes that were noticeably red with flame when he became angry, and that was enough for the half-demon. Barely.

But much more than that was affected by Pip and Damien's age.

Damien, whom was very intelligent, had begun having sexual fantasies. He'd had these for about four years now and began watching all kinds of porn while he was at it; 'experimenting' was what he called it. You know, just to see what he was in to. From as far as he could tell, he liked it all. Even guys.

Pip didn't exactly have a sexual preference...not that anybody knew of. Well, he probably did, but nobody would want to go out with him anyway. Whether it was a guy or a girl.

A part of the anti-anti-Christ movement was Pip's mother. She despised Damien with the passion of the burning sun, no matter how much she tried to hide it. When he went over to play Guitar Hero at Pip's house, Damien could see out of the corner of her eye her glaring at him hatefully. When she spoke to him, she made an attempt to talk to him like 'a proper English woman', but the tone in her voice said different. Damien attempted to talk to her politely, but made it evident in his speaking that if she was to say anything dispicable to him or his father or his friendship with Pip, then he would spew venom out at her. Pip saw this, and whenever Damien left the house, he was well aware of the fact that Mrs. Pirrup would be giving her son a strict talk about being friends with the Son of Satan, and why never to bring her son over to the house again. Never to speak with him again, even. But then Pip would protest, saying that Damien was his only friend and he'd never give him up.

So when Pip was walking home with Damien from school, the demon wasn't surprised.

'It really stinks that the other kids get to go on the bus, doesn't it, Damien? Especially since my house is about a mile away,' announces a heavy British accent.

'Yeah,' says Damien.

'Oh...yes!' Pip says yes with great urgency in his voice. And with that urgency, Damien turns to look at Pip, who is attempting to shield his face with blond hair. God, that's not discreet at all.

'What did your mom do?' asks Damien as if it's the most obvious thing in the world. Which it is.

'Oh...nothing. Why are you pinning this on my mother all of a sudden? She likes you.'

Liar. Well, Damien couldn't argue that considering the fact that he was a liar himself. But he knew the truth, so it really didn't matter.

'Pip.' Damien stops in his tracks and yanks Pip's hair and pulled it in his direction this way he could study his facial features. 'I know you're mom said something. What exactly did she say?'

'Um...' Pip pauses a second before spitting out the answers in a garbled sentence that Damien could barely manage to translate, 'my mom says not to talk to you anymore. Not to bring you over.'

Exactly the answer Damien assumed, no, knew, but didn't want.

'Ah,' he grins, 'but she can't go with you to school. She can't make sure you aren't talking to me. So we'll just hang out at school. And at my house.'

'You have a house?' queries Pip, whom was completely unaware of the fact that Damien had a house. 'I thought you lived in Hell.'

'If I had lived in Hell,' said Damien, 'then I would see my dad much more often than I do. I see him, like what? Once every two or three years? I'm done kissing his ass like I did when I first met you. But I know I'm gonna have to face him again. However, I'm gonna try to live like a normal kid. Even though I live with one of his servants, and that and all the visions and beliefs I have is my only way to him unless he decides to come and see me, which is rare.'

'Oh,' replied Pip. 'I've never been to your house.'

'You can come over tommorrow,' says Damien. 'Just tell your mom you've made a new friend at school.'

'Oh...um...okay,' said Pip in reply to this. He didn't like the idea of having to lie to his mother, but if this was what he'd have to do to get to see his only friend...well, then. Count him in.

AND THAT WAS HOW IT ALL BEGAN! I'm planning on making this ten to fifteen chapters, which is scary because I'm only on chapter one. May contain smut...very awful smut, that is, since I'm not used to writing it. Please favorite and review! :)