He can't believe he let Pip go home. But Pip was so confident that nothing was going to happen that...

Damien is surprised his occasion case of insomnia didn't act up that night. The reason he slept soundly that night was probably because he went to Opal and talked to her, asked her if she was to disown him because of who he fell in love with. She just sighed, poured vodka in to a glass, took a sip of it.

'Damien,' she sighs, 'you do know you're like a son to me, don't you?'

Damien nods. 'You raised me.'

She takes another gulp. 'I remember when my father first gave me to you, begged me to take care of you. At first I rolled my eyes in disgust at the thought of raising a baby, I hated children, but then I got to know you and love you, as chessily doting that might be. And I just wanted to let you know, that if this makes you happy, then...'

'Thank you, Opal,' Damien nods. 'But now I just don't know.'

'Don't know about what?' The dazzling redhead's head rose, and she looked at Damien, wanting badly to know what he was so unsure of. She hoped that maybe it was something she could give him advice on. After all, she was a whole lot older than she looked.

'About whether or not I should be with him.'

'You love him, don't you?' Opal queries.

'Yes, very much. But that's the thing. It turns out what Dad was telling me was true - that church burning thing - these people do believe I'm responsible. And I'm worrried, because everybody knows that Pip's my best friend, and...' Damien can't believe it. He's practically on the verge of crying. And he's just so fucking disgusted with himself...

'...And you think they're gonna go after him?'

'Yeah.' Damien finds the mahogany table below him mighty interesting and hopes it'll conceal his shame.

'Now you listen to me, you little demon,' Opal yanks on one of Damien's horns, pulling Damien's face up so that she can see his face. She pulled his hair out of his face so that she could see a pair of black eyes and said, 'Now you stay with Pip. You break up with him, you'll let those assholes at your school control you. You ain't weak, Damien. You just let 'em know that you'll never, ever let them hurt Pip. Ever. You understand?'

Damien nods, and his voice box torn, he manages to mouth a 'Thank you' to Opal. Opal just nods back, and lets Damien know that she understands and there's no reason to thank her.

'Now you just get your ass to bed.'

The demon nods, smiles, and gets up from the table, creeping up the stairs to bed. And for the rest of the night, he's dreamless, sleeping in peace of mind. But that perfect slumber is soon to be interrupted.

Violent pounding at the door.

Damien wakes with a start, automatically forgetting the sleep he savored. He gets his bare ass out of bed and picks up his abandoned jeans from the ground, pulling them on. The clock reads nine-thirty. Fuck! He's an hour and a half late for school!

He runs down the staircase and finds Opal already at the door. She's dressed in her red robe.

Damien garbles, 'Who is it?'

Opal can barely make out Damien's words, and bitchily she replies, 'I have no idea. Wait for me to open the door at least, will you?'

But they don't have to. Beside the door there's this slender window, and while the pounding on the door never had stopped, the individual committing the slamming on the door pounds on the window, leaving a bloody handprint...And by the hand size and color, Damien knows who the individual is.

'Open the fucking door!' Damien snarls like an animal, jumping foward and unlocking the door, opening it and grabbing his boyfriend. Pip is bloody and breathing heavily, heart pounding. One of his eyes are black and his knees and hands and cheek are smothered with a thick layer of blood.

And Damien blamed himself for letting Pip go home yesterday. He should have...he should have trusted his gut instinct...

In disbelief, Opal gawked.

'Help him, you stupid bitch!' Damien snapped, and Pip attempts to move, making it evident that he walked with a limp and obviously broke or sprained something. Damien helps him the best he possibly can, and the walk up the stairs is quite a journey. The Brit every once in a while sputtered in pain.

Opal rushed up the stairs in the little bit of room that is still left, rushing in to the kitchen. Damien hears her slamming and opening a drawer, and then sees her rushing in to the living room with a first aid kit. Pip gasps in pain, and then says, 'Cartman...'

It takes every bit of patience in Damien's body not to snap 'Cartman what! What did he do to you?' But he knows he had to comfort Pip before questioning him.

The two make it to the couch, where Damien sets Pip down carefully. Pip's head is resting on a pillow. 'Thank you...Damien...and Opal...my ankle...I think it's sprained...'

'Which one?'

'My right,' Pip says, looking down at his injured area.

'Here's a pillow for that,' says Opal, and Damien turns around just in time to catch the pillow his adopted mother tosses to him.

'Thanks,' says Damien, regarding how lucky he was to have her around.

Without a complaint of pain from Pip, Damien gets Pip's hurt ankle on the pillow. Opal comes in with a wet paper towel and begins wiping blood off of Pip's knees, face and hands, revealing cuts on the face and hands. She then begins taking cotton balls and soaking them in alcohol to prevent infection.

While she is doing so, Damien asks, 'Cartman did this to you?'

'Yes,' said Pip. 'And Kenny. They approached me while I was walking to school. I heard laughing behind me and knew it was them. Eric yelled at me to turn around and I didn't, so one of them pushed me down and they both laughed. I don't know which one pushed me down. But I landed on my face and knees and cut myself up real bad, and then I was yanked up by my hair, and they threw me down the steep ledge on the side of the road. It did a job on my ankle - took me a long time to climb up the ledge. I even rolled in to a tree.'

Just when Damien thinks Pip's done, he continues, 'And you were right yesterday...When I was rolling down, they were saying things about you...'

All of a sudden, a wave of grief hits Damien. He knew it. And he had this little feeling that next time, they'd do much more than just push Pip down and sprain his ankle. He had no idea what he was going to do with himself. There was no doubt that when Pip's parents heard their son had skipped school, they'd be pissed, and in no time...but he couldn't move around with Pip in this condition. But he only had a sprained ankle. Maybe he could get Pip a crutch or something...

But then the thought yet again occurs to him about Cartman. What was he going to do about him?

'I'm going out,' said Damien after a minute, beginning to turn around.

'Damien,' Opal protests. 'Stay here. Deal with whatever you have to deal with later. But for now, stay here and think everything through.'

Damien shuts up and sits down on the couch, sighing and resting his head in his hands. He has a minute of peace to himself before Pip has yet another announcement to make.

'You were gonna go and beat them, weren't you?'

Damien looks up at Pip. 'Yeah, I most certainly was.'

'You know, Opal's right. You should think of a more intelligent plan. Not just go and violently beat them. With an intelligent plan, you'll be more likely to get your way.'

Damien exhales, sorting through the options he has. He doesn't see many. And the ones that he did see weren't exactly 'epically genius'. And then, just like that night he knew he wouldn't be able to go over and see Pip ever again, a resolution came.

And just like that night, the plan was excellent.


'Hey, Cartman!'

'Christopher Kipper' approached the fenced yard where the high school students went to hang out and play sports and all that shit. The four boys - Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman - were playing basketball. Cartman made the last shot.

Damien was observing this, his arms folded across his chest casually. He had to yell his greeting twice.

'What!' Finally he caught the fat ass' attention.

The basketball hit the floor and was on a roll, and Cartman was over near the fence.

'Who are you?' asked the Nazi.

'I'm Chris. I'm here on behalf of Pip Pirrup. The British kid who you beat the shit out of yesterday.' These words poured out of Damien's mouth. He was looking foward to the words that were to come.

Cartman just managed to open up his fat mouth when suddenly the unusual boy said, 'May Stan Marsh please exit the area so that I might be able to talk to these individuals: Kenny McCormick, Eric Cartman and Kyle Brofloski?'

'For what?' pipes up Stan.

'Never mind for what. Just go and play with your girlfriend in the bathroom or something,' says Damien, his foot tapping impatiently on the ground. 'Just fuck off, dude. Okay?'

Stan fucks off, the gate slamming behind him. Surprisingly, Stan didn't tell Wendy and then Wendy didn't tell Bebe and then Bebe didn't tell the whole school. There was only a few people near the fence, and even so, they were only casually leaning.

A sigh comes out. 'I just wanted to tell you guys that if you don't quit bullying Pip I'm gonna tell everybody that Cartman's fucking Kyle in the ass.'


Cartman looks like his eyeballs are gonna fall out of his head. Kyle looks like he misheard something. Same as Cartman, pretty much. Kenny looks even more shocked...

'What the fuck!' Kenny exclaims. 'You guys are together?...What is this dude saying?'

'What I'm saying is simple,' says Damien. 'If you guys don't leave Pip alone, I'm gonna tell everybody the secret Cartman and Kyle have been hiding.'

'Dude,' says the Jew, looking rather pissed off, because that was just his demeanor. 'I don't even know you, but I do know that what you're saying is bullshit. I never got together with Cartman. Why, we hate each other, for fuck sake!'

Kyle was a convincing liar. Kenny nods, seemingly in agreement with his friend. Cartman still looks shocked. Damien was sure he liked this Cartman best, because this Cartman knew the vocabulary 'Shut up'.

'Ah, I thought you'd say that.' The biggest smile is drawn on Damien's face. 'Kenny...why don't you come over here?'

The blond manages to storm over there. Damien knows that underneath his parka, there's this look on Kenny's face that says 'I'm looking foward to the bullshit'.

And that was the best part of it. It was time to prove him wrong. To make these crazy accusations correct.

Out of the blue, Damien sticks a gloved hand in to the pocket of his parka and pulls out a folded little note. Through the holes in the fence, he hands it to Kenny.

'Evidence, my friend.'

Kenny takes the note and unfolds it. It's printed on looseleaf. In the distance, the two other teens' faces turn red. And not from the cold.

A muffled voice recites the letter.

'J-O-O,' Kenny starts, 'this is the first time in a week you're gonna be able to come over to my house so I can fuck you up. I really enjoy being with you...like this. Even when I don't have my cock in your ass. I remember when you never would have touched me. The old times. But let's try to forget then. Until then, kiss me through the phone. Cartman.'

Kenny refolds the letter and shoves it in his pocket. He turns around and looks at the two lovers. 'So this is what you've been hiding from us, eh?' he asks. But even with his unidentifiable voice, it's easy to tell he's not pissed.

No answer.

Kenny turns back and takes one last look at Damien. 'Thanks, Chris,' he says. 'We'll avoid Pip.'

'C'mon guys,' he says, motioning for the Nazi and the Jew to follow him. Speechlessly, the two obey.

And Damien can't help but wonder where things will go.

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