Hey guys I'm crazy about grease at the moment and I thought hey! Why not do a fan fiction :P Its about Danny's little sister (Natalie) is just starting Rydell high and she is instantly one of the pink ladies, Kenickie and Natalie begin to fall for each other yadda yadda yadda. Yea I know there is one already lyk this but I just love the idea :P oh yea Nat(Natalie) is one year younger than them all. Hope you enjoy Starts off in Danny's POV by the way. Oh and there is also no Sandy. Pretend Sandy is in Australia. Oh and sorry for the gay name lol.

"Het Nat hurry up!" I shout trying get my little sis to hurry up. Her first day at Rydell and her first day as one of the pink ladies. To tell ya the truth, I'm kinda nervous about it and I have no idea why.

"Yeah, yeah I'm coming." She says running down the stairs grabbing her bag, well at least I think it's her.

"Nat? Is that you?" She looked so different, she had a short black skirt, black shoes and a black button up shirt plus the pink ladies jacket Rizzo had given me to give her and she had her hair tied up in a high pony tail, she has recently died it dark brown, It almost looks black.. Dressed like that the guys will be all over her.

"Yeah of coarse its me." She answered me,

"There is no way you're going out like that, go get changed now." Just then I heard a horn beep outside.

"Oh sorry you know I would but Rizzo is here now and I don't want be late on the first day." She says smiling; I follow her out the door.

"Fine, go high school like that. Get grabbed like a piece of meat, I'll see you later."

"She'll be fine Zuko, remember she's with me." Says Rizzo.

"Bye Danny." Natalie says laughing, I stand outside waiting for Kenickie come pick me up that hunk of junk he calls a car. Three minutes later he pulls up with Doody, Sonny and Putzie in the back acting like the idiots they are.

"Took you long enough." I say getting in the car.

"Yeah sorry, these three idiots were messing about. Natalie's gone already? I wanted see her before her big day." Kenickie says laughing.

"Yeah well you can see her later. Hey do me a favour, if you see anyone trying anything with her sort them out yea? And you three jack asses don't even try anything!" I say the last part looking in the back at the others.

"Don't worry Danny; I'll make sure no-one touches her. Even them three."

Natalie's POV

"So are you nervous about your first day Nat?" Rizzo asks me, I was riding in front with her while Marty, Jan and Frenchie were in the back.

"Kind of, but I'm okay. I know I won't get any trouble of anyone and even if I do, Danny keeps reminding me he will punch the lights out of any guy who tries to hurt me." I say laughing.

"Yeah, and you have us. You are one of us now and no one messes with us, isn't that right girls." Rizzo says smiling, all three of them agreed with her.

"Yeah, stick with us Natalie and you will be fine." Frenchie says to me. I smile at her.

"Hey girls, wanna go Burger palace after school" Rizzo asks.

"Yeah that sounds awesome." Says Marty, the second thing she has said since I got in the car. Before I new it we were at Rydell already and the little pink car was already parked up. We got out and just waited by a big tree, I'm guessing for the guys to come.

Kenickies POV

I pull up in the usual spot three spaces away from Rizzo's car, when I got out I noticed that there was someone new with them and let me tell you, she was hot! She was curvy but not fat, nowhere near. She had her hair up in a high ponytail, it looked black but I could see brown in the light. Leaving Danny Sonny, Doody and Putzie in the car I went up to the girls and stood by the newest member of the pink ladies. "Alright girls." I say looking at them all and then stopping and looking at the new member, she looked familiar.

"Oh hey Kenickie." She says to me smiling. Wait, how does she know my name?

"How do you know my name?" I ask.

"Kenickie, it's me. I've known you since you and Danny became friends and that was ages ago." I look at her confused, she sighs. "It's me! Natalie? Are you feeling okay?" Natalie! I was checking out little Natalie, shit Danny would kill me if he noticed.

"I knew you were Natalie, it was my way of showing how much different and grown up you look." I say laughing, they all laugh as well. I saw Sonny coming up behind us and he grabbed Nat's arse, she let out a little scream.

"Dude what do you think you're doing?" I asked him getting a little bit protective.

"What she hot." Sonny replied.

"She's Danny's sister, Natalie Zuko you dick." I say.

"So? She's hot." Sonny says laughing.

"Touch her and your dead." Zuko says coming up behind us. Sonny shit himself, I burst out laughing.

"Ha Danny, you know I was kidding. I would never touch your sister." Sonny says with a nervous laugh.

"Yeah ok whatever you say." Danny says.

"I can handle myself you know guys." Natalie speaks up.

"Better get used to it Nat; we are going be around a lot." I say to her smiling. The bell rings. "Well I better go find somewhere to hide before coach Calhoun finds me. Later guys." I say walking away.

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