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Kenickies POC

"Hey Nat" I shout, I didn't know whether she has had something to eat or not.

"What?" She answers coming down stairs.

"Have you had anything to eat?"

"Oh no, the last thing I ate was at school at dinner. But I'm not hungry, if I get hungry I'll have an apple or something."

"Ok then, just don't tell Danny you aint had anything to eat or else he will kill me."

"Ok Kenickie." She says laughing and sits down. Man she has changed so much, she just looks so grown up, she looks so beautiful. Wait! Kenickie stop, she's Danny's little sister, your best friends little sister.

"You ok Kenickie? You keep staring at me; do I have something on my face?"

"No I was just thinking you look so grown up, it was like just yesterday I was giving you piggy back rides around the house." I say laughing.

"Aw well if you miss giving me piggy back rides that much then here." She jumps on my back laughing.

"Woa I wasn't expecting that." I laugh as well.

"I remember this being more fun, Kenickie you are getting old!"

"Hey! I'm not getting old." I say and get up and run around the living room with her screaming and laughing, but then I trip on something and fall to the ground at this moment she is on top of me and we are face to face, "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, that was a thrill." She laughs, man I love her laugh. Next thing I know I'm kissing her! I'm kissing Danny's little sister, I know this is wrong but it just feels so good. Her lips taste like strawberries and they are so soft. But what shocks me is that she's not pulling away, she's kissing me back. I sat up and she sits in my lap, I don't know how long we were making out for but it didn't seem that long but I hear the door open.

"What the hell Kenickie! Get off my little sister" Danny shouted grabbing her arm and pulling her up then throwing her on the settee. This is not going be good.

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