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~*~Months later~*~

"Rosalie! C'mon babe! We're going to be late!" Emmett whined from downstairs. "And it is gonna be your fault!"

I shook my head and laughed quietly; he was such a child sometimes. "I'm coming, Emmett! Gosh!" I yelled from my room. We were going to the house to celebrate Carlisle and Esme's wedding vows. It had been months since Royce's death, and I was doing much better.

When Emmett brought me back home, I gave him a hard time. I screamed and flinched away from him when he moved too quickly toward me and I was frightened all the time. But my husband never left my side, never complained, never frowned.

When we cuddled in bed together at night, I shivered while Emmett just mumbled loving and encouraging words into my ear. He made promises that we were going to be fine, that he was always going to stick up for me.

He was sex deprived for months, and he never forced me to make a move beyond a sweet kiss. I rejected him all the time and he had to be completely dressed up when he was coming to bed. When I finally felt like I was ready to take that step, Emmett said we should wait. My man had the patience of a saint because I know I wasn't easy to endure.

I would hide inside our room for days. Emmett brought deers and lions to feed me because I was too scared to go outside. He went to the library, bought me all the fashion magazines he could find, and he even came home with a book full of silly jokes that he read to me every night.

I had a volatile temper. Sometimes I punched him, pierced his skin with my nails or threw all his things out of the window and he just laughed. Emmett picked his things off the ground and stayed in our bedroom door until I regained control of myself and let him in again.

"I have a lifetime to wait until you're ready. Don't worry, Rose. I am here for you angel. Nothing will ever hurt you ever again. I'll do whatever you want me to. You are worth the wait. We're going to be fine, I promise. I love you so much Rose," were his soothing words when I felt like dying—when I felt dirty and unworthy of his tender and unconditional love.

Emmett, without intending to do so, scared my demons away. Maybe Emmett didn't have a super power like Alice, Edward, or Jasper, but my husband had the power of healing and understanding in his mouth and hands.

Every word he spoke and every touch he made had helped me heal and chased my monster away.

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