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~*~ 2 years ago~*~

Rochester, New York 1935

My father was one of the most successful businessmen in Rochester, New York, when the Great Depression made its way into our town. His bank went bankrupt, and the family earnings were cut in half. We were still rich because my dad had saved a lot of money during all those years of the bank glory. My lifestyle needed to change and I didn't like it. I enjoyed partying all day, spending money and having fun with my childhood friends. When my father cut off all funds, I was furious, so I started smuggling for fast money income.

A few trustful friends and I began working for Irving "Waxey" Gordon, one of the largest New York mobsters at the time. We hid large amounts of imported Canadian whiskey in my father's empty bank vaults, since alcohol was prohibited in New York during the Great Depression. We made a lot of easy money and gained the trust of influential people in the government. We also befriended several police officers who helped us transport the boxes from one place to another. Frank and I closed a big whiskey dead that night and we gathered to celebrate our magnificent business with the rest of the gang.

"This is the best idea Royce has ever had! Look man, we won five thousand dollars each." Frank said, waving the money on his hand like it was a lady fan. "If we keep working hard, we could be millionaires in no time, man."

I smirked and nudged him playfully on the ribs. "Man! We are millionaires. I would like to go from Rochester to Paris or something like that. Make a paradise of my own." I began to laugh at the absurdity of my own words. But hey! Who said dreams couldn't come true when you have the money to pay for them?

"And if you leave, then who will take care of your pretty little princess?" Stefan asked, making me glare at him. Sure, my fiancée was my princess, but I didn't like the tone rubbed me the wrong way.

"My princess belongs to me and only me, so stop it." I smirked and turned to him again. "But if you think you can pay me what she's worth, then she could be all yours." I said with a poker face, waiting for his response.

"How much do you want?" Stefan asked earnestly. All of us began to laugh harder, making a few neighbors around the corner shush us.

I started to make a plan on my head. Since I didn't really love my fiancée, then I could get money out of her. After a long silence, and a few more shots of whiskey, I began to explain my thoughts to my friends.

"What if we do something to scare my fiancée so she decides against marrying me? I don't really want to get married. I think if we all play a prank to scare the shit out of her, you Stefan could be her savior, then she would be grateful and you can keep her!" I started to laugh even harder. This was a very stupid plan. Much to my amusement, they agreed with it.

Frank, Stefan, Johnny, Mathew and I began to talk about the plan and how we were going to take action immediately. We needed to wait an hour because she still was at Vera's, her best friend, gossiping, talking about the wedding and other insanely stupid girls stuff.

We kept drinking, laughing hard, and eventually we were all wasted. Finally, we saw her: stunningly beautiful, walking along the brighter side of the sidewalk in front of us. I turned to look at them and smirked widely. "It's show time, gentlemen!" I took a swing, finishing off the remaining liquid in the bottle, and strode toward my fiancée. As soon as she saw it was me, she dazzled me with her white smile and perfect pink pouty lips.

"Hi, Royce! I didn't expect to see you here, love. What are you doing?" She lean up to kiss my lips and she backed down immediately. "Have you been drinking again? How could you?" She asked, shaking her head in disappointment. She knew the answer. "I can't believe it. You just promised-"

"It was just a couple of shots, Lilly. Don't worry." I flashed an honest smile and wrapped my arm around her tiny shoulder, making her walk toward the group of men. She groaned in annoyance and I smiled. She was always calling the shots, but this time was going to be different.

"Lilly, you know what? Stefan here said that he was going to throw me a party Moulin Rouge style -whores included- before our wedding day." We all laughed, but my fiancée was looking at me sternly, her eyes narrowed in distaste.

"Royce King! That is not funny. You're so not going to sleep with a low-life woman before our wedding." She took a step back away from me. Alcohol was clouding my judgment and I leaned forward and grabbed her by the arm and tugged at it hard.

"Hey sweetie, where are you going? We're just having fun here," I said, brushing my lips on her ear. She shuddered, and I smirked. "See? I can give you what's make you happy."

She just rolled her eyes and tried to push me back, but my arms were really tight wrapped around her tiny waist.

"Royce, please let go of me," she said, turning her head to the side and smiling apologetically back to Johnny and Mathew. They only grinned back at her. "Royce, you're hurting me. Let me go!"

"Come on, baby! Let's just go for a walk." I let go of her arm and grabbed her hand and squeezed it tightly, making her walk, almost sprinting, at my side.

"Royce, you're hurting my hand and you're walking too fast for me to keep up." She complained breathlessly, but I just ignored her complains. "Royce! Stop!" I looked back at my friends, who were right behind us.

Turning onto an empty street, I took her to a deserted alley. I pushed my fiancée's back against the nearest wall. She winced in pain as her head hit the brick wall and I smirked.

"Oh, Lilly! I want you so bad. I don't think I can wait for the honeymoon to have a taste of you." I pushed down her coat and began to kiss her neck, quickly moving down to her now bare shoulder. She was scared, so I knew was doing a good job. Pinning her body against the wall, I used my knee to spread her legs wider while I ran my hand in between her legs, making my fiancée fight to keep them closed.

"What the hell are you doing? No! Royce… stop… Royce!" she begged, but it fell on deaf ears. I had completely blocked out her protests. I was enjoying my moment of absolute power.

But things got out of hands in a blink of an eye. She lifted her knee and hit me right in the balls, making me stumble to my knees and roll on the ground in pain. She tried to a run, but Frank tackled her to the ground.

Her screams were muffled by Frank's mouth, as he began to kiss and tug at her lips roughly. Stefan was walking back to the alley to see if someone had heard her screams. The smile on his face confirmed me that there was nobody around. Johnny pinned her arms above her head and Mathew grabbed a hold of her kicking legs.

"Just… please… let me go. Please!" she cried, her voice filled with dread.

"Just stay quiet, bitch!" he said, raising his hand and slapping her across the face. "You gonna be quiet now?" She nodded and started crying silently.

My heart sunk at the scene but there was nothing I could do now to stop it.

"What are we going to do with her, Royce?" Mathew asked, running his hands down my fiancée's arms, trailing her chest and down her full breasts, squeezing them over her silk white blouse.

"No! Royce! Help me! Please! Don't let them hurt me!"

Frank raised his hand again and slapped her one more time. "I said shut up," he yelled. I could clearly see her body shaking in fear, and I almost stopped that mess, but fear over took me. I was sure she was going to tell her family and they would call the police and blow the shit on us. I would rather kill her, then go to jail for the rest of my life.

So, that's what we did. We took turns raping her. I did first because I knew well that she was still a virgin. Believe me or not, I treated her the best I could. Better than the others, I must say. Stefan, Mathew, Johnny and Frank followed right after I climaxed inside of her. She was a complete mess on the ground; blood was trickling down her legs, mouth and nose, from our abuse. Listening to her cry made me feel like a complete bastard, but it was too late to do something. The damage was done.

Mathew came from one side of me with a bottle of whiskey in his hand, panting from his turn. I snatched the bottle from him and took a long swig. Then Johnny slapped my back and spoke. "What are we going to do now, Royce? We can't leave her here, and frankly I wouldn't leave her alive either. In order to be clean, we need to get rid of her."

My heart skipped a beat at his suggestion. I took another long swig, the burning sensation making me forget about my fiancée's bloody body and her unceasing crying. I took a look at her over my shoulder and nodded.

"Let's get her out of her misery. Just do it."

And all of us beat Rosalie Lillian Hale to death that night.

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