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Art Auction

"Rosalie! Rosalie, hurry up. Dear Lord, child. Some things never change, do they?" Esme said from downstairs trying to make me move faster, but it was almost impossible.

"You should know me better than that, mom. Two years is not a long time for vampires to make huge changes in their behavior." I giggled, thinking of the decision Emmett and I took together on moving on our own for a while.

Forks' folks were getting suspicions about us, so when Emmett and I noticed it, we decided to let the family know that we were moving out. Esme and Carlisle were sad about that, but they understood, and of course supported us in the process of moving.

My hubby craved for a place that the both of us could call our home and a place where we could make out without the possibilities of being caught or heard. Emmett and I flipped a coin and the decision was made: Tumwater was going to be our hometown. We bought a cabin in the woods and it was like a sanctuary for us. Emmett was trilled, because he said our new home resembled his human life and family house. So I was ecstatic to make him that happy too.

The Cullen Coven was spread around the globe, and having this Auction was an excuse for us to be reunited once again. Jasper and Alice moved to France for six months but the dream of the French villa ended when Jasper accidentally came in contact with human blood. So Alice decided to bring him back home as soon as she could control and settle him back.

Edward and Bella were still in their honeymooner stage, as my dearest husband liked to call it, and they were staying on Esme's Island. They only flew back home for the art auction and they planned to go back to the island for a few more weeks in paradise. Our adoptive parents stayed in Forks -nothing that makeup and a hair dye couldn't fix, Esme said all the time.

I wouldn't step a foot out of my old room, if my long blonde curls weren't perfect. I knew there would be a lot of people outside our house waiting for us to let them in so we could commence with the Art Auction. I secretly love the spot light and the stares of the strangers that were dazzled by our unique features and beauty.

Giggling a little to myself, I took a last glance at the black, long dress that clung beautifully on every curve of my body, showing a perfect amount of cleavage -not too provocative nor too prude. And the best part of my outfit was my favorite Prada red heels to be exact. They made me feel like a true Goddess. These lovely heels were one of many gifts my love of a husband gave me, as part of our anniversary. Closing and locking our room door, I headed downstairs.

"I'm done Esme, sorry for the long wait," I said to my mother, flashing her one of my dazzling smiles squeezing her shoulder gently. "Where are Alice and Bella?" I asked, looking for them across the living room.

"They're outside with men. Come, we need to join them," she said, dragging me through the back doors and into the back yard where the guests were walking on the carpet that Esme has insisted we roll out over the green grass of our immaculate yard. Wrapping my arm around my mother's shoulders, we walked along to reunite with the rest of our family.

The exterior-decorator inside Esme did a really great job setting everything up. Everything was decorated beautifully and with such elegance, which was a reflection of who she was. Esme installed three separate luxurious tents with their own air conditioning systems. One tent was for the human food. A catering service was hired to feed five hundred hungry humans, filled with almost fifty round tables, all of them exquisitely decorated. Esme sure has a fine sense of style. There was another tent where the Art Auction was going to take place, which was decorated with flowers and chandeliers with soft lighting. It was just stunning. The third tent was being used as restrooms.

I silently walked behind my husband, wrapped my arms around his waist, standing on my tiptoes to place a wet kiss on the back of his neck.

"Hey handsome. What are you doing here all alone?'' I said seductively, running my hands and grazing my nails gently on his chest. He turned his head with a shit eating grin, showing me those dimples that made my knees go slushy and weak.

He let out a drama queen sigh, looking from side to side before speaking to me. His breath sent waves of lust and need directly to a single spot between my thighs.

"Let me tell you something before my maniac wife gets here," he said and I giggled. "I was waiting for her, but if you tell me right here and now that we can runaway together, I'll leave her for you right this instance," he said with a wink.

"Oh! So you're married then?" I said, playing along. "I think we could work something out later, handsome," I said, biting my lips in expectation of his response. The bastard just chuckled.

Emmett turned his head slightly to his right. "Edward is watching us, and Jazz is acting kind of weird trying to hide his sudden boner," he said, nuzzling his nose on my neck. Emmett knew how to make me want him. I was able to give him a simple nod, my body not responding to my brain's commands.

"Poor them. Let them watch. I don't care," I giggled, but was cut shut by our father clearing his throat, who was standing a few feet away from us. I smiled and shrugged, earning a hearty laugh from Emmett.

"Daddy's watching."

"Who's your Daddy now?"

"I'm Daddy's little girl, what can I say?"

"He looks dangerous. He's gonna kick my ass."

"He sure can," I drawled and shook my head with a grin.

"We should behave then baby, but you're making it awfully difficult for me to hold back," he said kissing behind my ear. Oh! That glorious spot.

I just nodded again, because I knew my teasingly husband was right. The family was gathered around the patio, probably annoyed, and waiting for Emmett and me to join them to start the Auction. It was a little unfair for all of them, especially for Edward who could clearly hear the dirty things the both of us were thinking, and far more worse for Jasper who could feel everything, and by everything I mean everything.

"I know, I know." I swallowed hard, trying to ease my unnecessary but sure-now-necessary breathing. "I'm going to behave, promise." Turning to look at my sweet dimple husband, I pulled him down again to kiss his gorgeous lips.

"Rose! Emmett! Come on, Seattle Times wants to take a group picture!" Alice came running, more like sailing through the air. She wrapped one tiny hand around my wrist and dragged me behind her. I did the same with my husband.

"Okay everybody," the photographer said. "Ready? One… two… three… smile!"

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