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Eric "Cross Road"

Sookie had asked me the impossible, to let her be, to give her space. And I had only one reaction to it. I left. I left Fangtasia and drove home. And as soon as I arrived there, I took a long shower and then I dressed. I packed a few clothes, got my passport and some money from my safe box and then called Pam, who picked the phone at the first ring.


"Pam, I'm not at the bar anymore," I told her. I could hear the bar's noise in the background.

"Yeah. I noticed. Where are you? How's Sookie?" Pam asked.

"She's alright. We decided that she is leaving Bon Temps for a while. She is just human and all these… these… Well, she is just human and she should not know so much about our world. She is going away for some time. And so am I."

"Where are you guys going?"

"I will visit Ocella in Europe for a couple of weeks, maybe a month, and then I will be back. I don't know where Sookie will go. I told her to text you her next address." I answered.

"Me? Text me?"

"Yes. And Pam?"


"I do not want to know where or how she is. If she is in some trouble then you call me. But only if it's serious. Otherwise, I do not want to talk about Sookie Stackhouse anymore and I do not want to hear about Sookie Stackhouse anymore. Is that understood?"

"Yes. But Eric… are you okay?"

"Yes. Everything is all right. Also: contact Victor and tell him that I'm traveling and won't be available for a few weeks. I trust that you will keep everything running smooth in my absence?"

"Of course. Are you sure you are alright?" Her voice was almost trembling. Almost.

"I am Pam. And do not call me unless you really have to. See you when I'm back".

"Hey Eric?" Pam said.

"What?" I really needed to end that call. Talking about it was too painful. I just wanted to leave that fucking country and find myself again in Europe. I… I couldn't stand being in the same state as Sookie, while knowing that she wanted to be away from me. Yeah, I really needed to end that phone call.

"Have a nice trip Master."

"Thank you my Child," I answered before I ended the call.

I could tell that Pam understood what had happened between Sookie and I, even thought I did not explain everything to her. And how did I know that? Well, because Pam hardly ever called me master. We were just Eric and Pam since those first thirty years in England when we pretended to be married, after I had turned her. Sometimes, she'd call me Sheriff, but never master. I knew that she had called me that when she was talking about me but I honestly couldn't remember the last time she had called me master directly. Calling me master was her way to say "I'm here for you" and I could not answer her anything other than "thank you my child".

Turning Pam was the best thing I had done in the last 500 years. She had been one of my great choices. I trusted her; she was my right hand, my friend and my family. But she was very young still and she was a woman and had once been my lover. And right then, at that moment, she was not what I needed.

Besides, Pam knew Sookie, and I was pretty sure that she knew my feelings for Sookie. If I was to talk to Pam then, she would try to convince me to follow Sookie and make things right again. Hell, Pam would convince me of that. And I would follow Sookie. But I knew that I could not. Sookie's resolution was unshakable. And I could feel her strength about her decision. So, if I was to talk to Pam then, she'd make me follow Sookie. And I would follow her, but then we would argue and fight and scream at each other and I would lose it and lock her somewhere to prevent her from leaving. And then Sookie would get mad, insult me and I would get even madder and all hell would break lose.

No. It was not Pam I needed at that moment. It was Appius Livius. He would put everything in perspective. He would make me see that a human was not worth of my time, let alone my feelings. He would make me me again. He would give me back everything that Sookie had taken away from me with her words. "I need space from you". Not "take me away from here" but instead "I don't want to be with you". Fuck! I needed to forget her. I needed to not think about her. I would not let a human girl distract me and be my final death. I wouldn't. Appius Livius. I needed my maker.

And so, I tried the last number I had had from him when he had called me three years before from Spain. But, obviously, it was unconnected. Figures. Either way, I knew that he was still in Europe and I was sure that I would find him. And then I realized that it was almost 4 am in the States, so Ocella was probably already dead for the day in Europe. But it didn't matter. I knew that the next night, as soon as he would wake up, he would feel me.

And that was why, after I tried Ocella's unconnected number, I then called Anubis Airlines, and I booked a flight to Spain. I'd be taking a 9 am flight to Dallas and then a 2 pm flight to Madrid.

And I was just ending that phone call when I decided that I'd rather die for the day in Anubis' terminal then tell them where my place was, so I drove there. And as soon as I arrived, I checked my bag and they showed me my travelling-coffin in a room with ten others. I looked at my watch and I noticed that I still had time until dawn. But I did not want to risk meeting anyone there so I got inside, closed my eyes and thought about my maker. Or rather, I tried to think about my maker, so I would not think about Sookie Stackhouse.

And then, it was day, and I was dead.

When I woke up, we were already 1500 miles into the Atlantic and I immediately felt that Appius knew that I was going to meet him. And even though I didn't need to, I breathed deeply before I exited my coffin. There was an employee at the door, and he showed me to my seat and got me a Royal Blended O Positive. And luckily, there was no one at my side and I managed to spend the rest of the flight drinking, looking out the window and trying to close my blood bond with Sookie. It wouldn't be easy, but I would try.

I took another unnecessary deep breathe. And despite the distance that was increasing between us, I could still feel her. And I could tell that she was sad and nervous, but that her resolution continued strong and she was also happy to carry on with what she had decided. She really wanted to be away from me.

And then, for just a few seconds, I pondered meeting the sun because being without her was painful. However, as soon as those thoughts and feelings were born in my mind, others appeared too: pride to be a vampire, survival for more than a thousand years and the absolute certain that a vampire must not crumble before a human.

And then I tried harder to block the bond.

It would take some time but I'd do it. I just needed my maker's help. Ocella's 2000 year old blood would give the strength that I needed to block Sookie out of my mind and my life. And then I'd get back to where I belong: being the proud vampire that I was.

And, then and there, flying over the Atlantic, I vowed to myself that I would not let anyone else "humanize" me like Sookie had done. I'd go back to the no-feelings, tough mother-fucker I was before Sookie had showed up and defanged me. I wouldn't worry or think about her. Never again! Yes, I'd go back to the no-feelings, tough mother-fucker I was. I'd go back to my worst.

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"Cross Road" is a greatest hits compilation released by the American band Bon Jovi in 1994. Yes, it's almost 20 years old but it's still a great album!