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Past is Past

Rough shouts made sensitive ears beg to be deafened, howling cries echoing away and bouncing off walls like excited Tektites. The sounds of rattling chains seemed to be everywhere, and the only question that seemed to be running through the young hero's mind was merely…why.

It was a humble question. Why was he hearing those sounds? Why was it that all he could hear those ear piercing sounds and see nothing but the pitch black darkness?

And how.

The last the dirty-blonde haired hero recalled was merely doing as he had done for 5 to 6 months after the grand adventure of before…playing as the Hero of not only the Light Realm, but the mysterious and lesser-known Twilight Realm. Just as he began as a farmhand, he just the same ended up as the same when his part was played. The Master Sword returned, the grand Twilight Mirror Broken, the infamous Ganondorf felled and no longer bearing Din's strength; all seemed normal once more…but as he looked to the sky, laying on the pasture of the ranch as he chewed on a piece of hay, he gave a bored sigh looking back to adventurous memories.

He couldn't help but ponder of his impish friend he met on his adventure…sharp-witted, sharp-tongued, and a sharp sense of sarcasm. The idea that she was the Twilight Princess didn't faze him much; we has friends with fish people, rock people, chickens that…didn't quite look like chickens, the Princess of Hyrule…it didn't take long to get used to such things on his adventure.

His train of thought was intercepted as his trusty partner and mare decided to lightly nibble on his own mane, giving a sigh as he pet Epona's soft muzzle. Noticing the sky turning into hues of fire, he sat up, ready to call it a day as he led the mare back into the stalls. Before he could finish the deed, a distant 'hey' from the farmhand Fado stopped him of such.

"Link, glad I caught you…Ya mind doin' me one more favor before hittin' the hay?"

Of course, Link shook his head, always glad to help, though occasionally being asked one too many favors sometimes had him high-strung.

"Good…we forgot a delivery but it was a really important one. Straight to the Princess herself."

Well, important indeed, and the Hero was more than eager to do so, taking no moment as to rush back to his tree house to which in his basement he preserved the most valued Hero's Tunic in all its green glory and chainmail. Though it wasn't necessary, he enjoyed feeling the nostalgia as being the Hero entering the town, not to mention it was one of the only ways guards would identify him as he came to the castle gates. One would assume after saving Hyrule he'd be beeter recognized right?

Placing on the garments and gauntlets, he no sooner came out and summoned Epona with Ilia's horse whistle, given a fair-sized package in his satchel by the Mayor himself, a small wrapped up item not larger than the size of his fist, but possibly larger.

"Link, I was given a message as to give you this to send to the Princess. Though I'm not quite sure of its importance, I was told that it best be sent as soon as possible. I know you won't let me down."

That said, Link merely gave a nod, giving a short 'hya!' as he hurried Epona, knowing the night occasionally had more creatures running about in and out of the shadows of the pale moonlight, but that was reason enough to bringing his Ordon Sword, having done welll enough to stay in shape and practice despite the lack of action around. With the sight of dusk, Link couldn't help but think of his dear friend once more, wondering what she was up to at this very moment.

However, what he doesn't know won't kill him…right?

As of now, no doubt the Twilight Realm has taken advantage of its long recovery and restoration…however, if it's one thing the Twilight Princess was not fond of with her return, it was politics amongst the council; and boy, was it heated this time as Midna practically came stomping out of the room, not doubt her hair lightly writhing about like living flames and lightly shaking her thin headdress. The femme fatale's beauty was unchallenged in her own realm amongst her own kind he royal grb flowing back as she tread through her halls to which she was dared not to be stopped.

Most would be wise to stay away from her at the moment as she needed to calm down, however there was one someone in particular that…well…


And he who spoke promptly got throw backwards into the air as the infuriated Twili continued to her quarters.

"Aw, someone's grumpy because the council denied another idea involving the Light Realm and pulled the Royal Family trump again?"

"Do you mind? I'm not up for your jokes right now."

That someone was the lesser known-in-any-Realm sibling of the Twilight Princess. Only his own existence known by few in the castle, and close to none outside the Palace Walls, there was little known of him if anyone was to state his name in public. Being the General of the Twili, one would think that someone so important would be known. Contrary to his tall appearance –even passing Midna in height- he was the younger one, as he even had the much playful attitude to match. As he ripped himself off the wall and brushed off the dust from his own royal garb that bore maroon and grey pigmets intercepted by the traditional neon blue -both dull and bright-, he seemed unfazed by the blow as he continued following his older sister, his own extensive ebony and crimson royal sash moving about.

"Aw, but how are you gonna lighten up?" He chirped, his strange split and longer-then usual hair lightly bouncing on his shoulders with leaping steps as to catch up to his sibling. Dark indigo bangs making the right side of his face all but visible as the fiery red-orange to the left contrasted, revealing a gleaming golden eye with underlying small tattoo beneath it in his pale façade and a pair of silver rings that rested upon his eyebrow.

"I kind of don't want to!" Midna merely retorted, attempting to catch her brother again to throw him out a random window.

"Why not?"

Midna just suddenly stopped all of a sudden, taking a big obvious breath before taking a quick turn to her brother, who seemed to have this undeniably wide grin that just said 'I'm so happy there's nothing that could possibly ruin my day!'



"Remember that little talk we had about when 'Middy' is in a bad mood?"

He gave an eager nod.

"Do you remember what I told you to do when 'Middy' is in a bad mood?'

"…oh, you're in a bad mood right now…I gotcha. Well, I just came to inform the usual since you always tell me that during this time I should tell you."


"Well, all our transformed Messengers are back to normal who still survived, the Messengers that are Messengers are all calmed down, though some are still fidgety, there's no threats detected as of this moment. The Armada is rebuilt, the Shadow Corps intact…all is well. About time too huh? Oh, and Fluffy wants approval or renovations of some of the Messenger stalls."

"Why does your pet need approval of anything?"

"He's not just my pet Midna; he's my brother with a hair, size, and skin disorder who wants to make sure his companions have fair treatment."

"I don't have time for those kinds of matters now. The council has gotten on my nerves enough, and…"

Raishou stopped as his sister did as he noticed a different expression that played on her face, raising an eyebrow in curiousness.


"…nothing. Return back to your post General."

And with that said, the sibling no longer followed her as she continued to her quarters, the Twilight of the Realm infinitely going on through faint orange and violet hues to more odd yet breathtaking skies that were once trained by the black pigments of darkness and greed.

For a moment however -as the General peered out the window to the kingdom- swore he saw a single black square appear and reappear in thin air...

Link safely made it through the fields with little to no trouble, relieved a bit as there was little to no people outside as he won't earn much attention to himself. The Hyrule Castle after many months was nearly finished as only the roof of the grand castle remained to be completely fixed, large pieces of lumber and cobblestone still present in the garden. The boy silently chuckling to himself as he remembered Midna never said any sorry to the damage when she went up against Ganondorf; it was for good cause though, so he was sure Zelda didn't mind.

Though, something was off. As he entered the main hall -still littered with building materials left about- there was no one present. No guards or thei armor clattering about, no scribes discussing as they look to no certain way as they pass through the halls, not even servants hustled and bustled through as they did once days ago. Only his footsteps echoed took place. For now, he could assume Zelda personally wanted him to come over and there was no time for welcomes.

A good sign of possibly important news.

The only thing that was a bit unnerving was the silence. Even the sound of nature was blocked off by stone walls, but Link merely went up the stairs, as the only locations he could think of was either the throne room or Zelda's quarters, though the latter was much closer however. Even closer though was the library, to which the door was cracked open, and a much brighter light seemed to come from the library doors. Link curiosity serves well; however, distracted by such, he notices not the moving shadows that mysteriously merge into the walls, bony apparitions with gleaming crimson eyes that no doubt lusted for trouble.

The door was pushed with a sharp squeal of the hinges, and what Link first saw was not the best of sights.

Various guards were felled, their armor left with no mark yet their faces were flat upon the stone ground. The sight of blood was nonexistent, but the number of guards that were left on the ground was unbelievable, and what was more surprising was Link hearing a cry of distress as he looked up, barely avoid another falling body onto the ground with a clatter and a groan. Weakly turning his head to the worried Hero who kneeled down, he seemed strained as to find his words.

"H-Hero…the P-Princess…you must…"

Sadly, that was the last he said before he gave a short cry, becoming silent. That was motivation enough to get the Hero running up the stairs, though he quickly leaned back into the shadow a sturdy bookcase as he heard an unfamiliar chuckle.

"Well well Princess…still haven't given up hope? Good…the harder I break you, the much more fun it'll be to pry all those hidden secrets you bear with your wisdom."

"What purpose do you have here?" Link could hear the Princess respond calmly, surely holding back a burst of anger, as she was much patient as a ruler and perosn; she was patient enough for Link to come and rescue her when Ganondorf's plan was still in action for days -almost a month's time.

"Well, firstly, Nayru's gift of Wisdom of course...your piece of the Triforce. Our master is in…much dire need of it for a much important business."

"What business does your 'master' have with the Goddesses? Let alone who might this person be."

"Well, I have no time to answer that now…as we have our honorable guest of the evening already lying in and we can't have him continuing to wait within the shadows."

Link could not yet see the figure but no doubt he could no longer hide being caught, greatly regretting bringing only his sword shield into a situation like this.

"Come now Hero…I'll make a deal with you. Hand over the package, and I shall let you go. Maybe even the Princess…"


But before she could say anything else, she gave a small yelp as a small crackling sound rang through the air before a following thud. Link came out of hiding to find a fallen Princess, and standing above her a strange, white-black edged robe wearing figure. Much taller than himself or the Princess, the only visible thing that stood out from beneath his hood was an obscure dark snout of a sort, though nothing like that of a Bulbin's or any creature for that matter that he's remembered. That and piercing silver eyes that stood out from the shade of his hood.

"Let's make this easy on all of us…hand over the package. If you attempt to fight, I will more than likely kill the Princess." That said, large talons –black as night- extended from the sleeve of the being extended and picked at the Princess's throat before lifting her up with caws wrapped around her neck.

Link could only give a hard look as he began seeing red liquid begin seeping through and becoming visible, even if just a bit. Slipping the satchel off, he threw it in the intruder's direction, which caught it in his free hand and a set of rows of sharpened teeth twisted into a devilish smirk.

"You are wise, Hero…but you are short-handed of your cunning. My master ha also requested you to come as well, so I hope you don't mind up shackling you up to look commendable for meeting him."

A loud hissing erupted at the Hero's back, giving faith a chance as he made a back flip, a giant set of bony claws barely grazing his shoulders before they struck the ground. His eyes met with two sets of others, burning red coals in dark sockets of reformed, horned skulls, chalky and pale as a Stalofs own. As much as his heart implored for Zelda's immediate safety, his mind and instinct overpowered with the idea of getting out of there first. Batting not even a lash, he sped to the door, dare not looking back at the fallen guards as their clattering armor was trampled by the oversized Stalof-like beings who's hollow bones resounded against the cobblestone.

"Hmph…pitiful boy. He dare call himself Hero." The being tsked, opening the satchel only to give a frustrated growl. "…clever boy…"

If Link could go any faster than he would, he just got his motivation as an ear piercing screech that echoed throughout the entire castle that almost paralyzed him in his tracks had it not been for the sound of more clattering bones of enemies chasing after him, their own shrieking drawing closer and closer. He was in no need of his horse caller as Epona seemed to already be in sights at the garden, barely passsing through the grand doors of the castle.

However, it was never easy when it came to being the hero of anything. Merely meters away from reaching his horse, a giant wall of raging red flames suddenly blocked his way, barely inches from the flames that licked at his feet and gauntlets a sthey tore through the earth. His mane whinnied and reared, Link's eyes widening in fear as the skeletal being went through the fire, targeting his riding companion.

No sooner was his vision abruptly blocked by a towering giant that walked through the flame, and underneath a fiery colored, soulless glare and a sudden agonizing pain that wracked his entire being, he met with darkness, and only that.

Absent-mindedly in some shadowed crevasse of his mind, he sometimes wished for a bit more…whether is was going through near-death situations in dungeons or merely fighting away the now sparse population of the Bokoblin that dare reeled their heads once more in the fields, he just wanted something to happen, but you know what they say…

Be careful what you wish for.

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