Kittens, I found something disturbing posted on a particular site that has pissed me off to no end.

I found an honest to god sex story site where people post sex stories and I found this one in particular that is as insulting and humiliating and degrading to me as a woman as it is to me as a person in general.

The story itself is about a guy who had been blackmailing his friends girlfriend because he found out some rather risky things about her past and has been keeping her secret in exchange for oral sex. His friend married the girl two years ago.

And to make things worse on top of having to service this slime ball; he started pimping her out to his friends and he sees nothing wrong with what he has done.

It's sickening.

And it really has stuck itself firmly in my mind which is why I'm going to write my own story about blackmail.

And I don't know how it's going to turn out. But I do know that I hate things like this. I hate men, like the one who posted that story and see nothing wrong with their actions. Which is why my story will end happily I assure you.

So if your feeling brave, stick around and read and if not, then I don't mind. In fact I understand.


He smiled at her smugly as he tossed the pictures down on the coffee table between them and grinned even more as she frowned and picked up one of the photos and looked at it. Her expression blank as she looked at the photo of herself and one of her childhood friends kissing at last years new years party, which was about a month ago.

Ruby eyes blinked after a second or so before she set the picture down on the coffee table and resisted the urge to burn them all to ashes with her chakra as she looked back up at Sauske's smiling face.

God he looked happy with himself. The sick fuck.

"And your showing these to me why?"

He laughed, the sound meant to make her afraid. It didn't. She had lost her ability to feel fear in his presence long ago. He was just too pathetic to fear. "I was wondering why you were keeping these pictures hidden form everyone." It was a lie. She knew it as much as she knew that she would have to be careful of what she said or else everyone in the village would see the pictures.

And the last thing she needed was for people to start hounding her about it after she had built such a respectable reputation as a 'good girl'.

She leaned back in her seat and crossed her legs and her arms and stared at him. "Because those pictures aren't anyone's business. Especially yours. Tell me Sauske, how long did it take for you to sniff them out after breaking into my home last week to steal some of my panties? An hour? Two?" She doubted that it had taken him less that four hours since she had had the pictures hidden in a small box in a little hole in the closet of her bedroom, behind a large wooden chest.

It was a place that only she should have known about. Just like the stuff she kept in the human sized opening under her floor boards, hidden under her bed. Sauske's smile faltered a little bit and he growled warningly at her.

"I think you hid them away because your afraid of what others will think of their future Hokage if they saw these-" Sauske said as he picked one up and looked at it for a second.

"It's a picture of me getting kissed, Sauske. There is nothing scandalous about this. Now if your done-" Naru said as she started to get up.

Sauske made a humming sound. "Really? Is that all anyone will see if they see these pictures? Or will they see their future Kage begging for someones cock like a whore?" Naru froze and gave him a funny look that quickly morphed into a dark one.

Naru was not amused by his comment.

How he could manage to see something so disturbing from something so innocent was beyond her. Sauske gave her a malicious smile. "I could show these to the council. I could ruin your chances of being the Hokage. Unless..."

Naru narrowed her ruby eyes at the raven. "Unless what?" She bit out from between clenched teeth. Sauske grinned at her again. "Unless you can persuade me to keep quiet, that is."

She narrowed her eyes at him and stood up. Her hands opening and closing at her sides as she glared at him. "How?" She asked, her voice dangerously low. If he said one more stupid thing she was going to shove a kunai so far up his ass that he would be spitting out metal and blood every time he opened his mouth.

"Get on your knees, here in front of me."

"Why? Whatever for?"

Sauske's hands went to the front of his pants and he deftly unbuttoned them then pulled down his zipper and pulled out his dick. Naru flushed and stared at him in shock. He was kidding right? He didn't honestly expect her too-

"I want you to get down on your knees and suck my dick."

She shuddered in revulsion. "Ew. No."

"Do it or your chances of ever living your dream and being respected as a fellow shinobi in this village will die by dawn tomorrow." Sauske said warningly as he pumped his dick and moved just a step closer to her.

Naru got up out of the chair that she had been sitting in and walked over to Sauske and very calmly grasped his wrist and pulled it away from his dick. He apparently took this as a sign that she was going to do what he told her too, because he smiled evilly at her and said. "Make sure to do a good job. I have a really big load for you."

Naru smiled back at him and slammed her knee into his groin, once, twice, three times-

She kneed him a grand total of ten times. Each blow was harder and more painful than the last if his screams and yelps were any indication at all. And when she was done she reared back her fist and punched him in the face, the sickening crack of her knuckles breaking his nose reaching her ears before he fell back and lay on the floor bleeding and whimpering.

She looked down at the coffee table and gathered up the pictures and burned them with her chakra then kicked him in the ribs a few times then walked out of his home with her head held high.

Suck his dick indeed. The no good bastard.