Eat You Alive - Prologue – The Devil's Playground

"Come ride with me, through the veins of history, I'll show you how God falls asleep on the job. And how can we win, when fools can be Kings?"

Knights of Cydonia, Muse.

I remember that I wanted to touch him, but the rain made my arms feel far too heavy. It felt like it was tickling me as it dripped down in little drops, making a trail filled with swirly patterns. I tried to trace them, my fingers feeling too cold and numb. Then he held my hand and wiped some of the rain away from my face.

A drop of blood landed on my cheek, as I realized that he was crying. I'd never seen him cry like this before, heart-breaking and soul-racking sobs, contorting his own beautifully pale face. A face did appear beside him, a tear rolling down their face too, only this tear wasn't so bloody. All these faces mixed together and blurred until I heard a ripping noise that made me jump and made him put a hand over my heart to calm me.

"Eric," a deep and strong voice murmured quietly, "…it's too late for that." That was Bill, wasn't it? Bill Crompton and Sookie Stackhouse…our friends. I also remember thinking that his hair looked like a halo because the rain that bounced against it made it look like that. Like mine, his hair stuck to his face.

Eric Northman – the love of my life.

When I felt him try to make me drink his healing blood, I realized that the ripping sound had been him biting his flesh open. Poor Eric was terribly desperate for me to survive – and I wanted to. I wanted to exist with him forever.

"Oh don't let her die!" Sookie sobbed. My head rolled towards her by itself. I don't feel much control over my body right now. It's just shutting itself down without my permission. Bill's arm went around her shoulder in a quick movement, one only a vampire could make.

Eric pushed my face towards him, forcing me to look into his blue eyes. He was searching for something, though I had no idea what. I giggled softly, too quiet for them to realize what it was. Why I was laughing, I don't know. Survival mechanism, perhaps. I was scared though, deep down in the pit of my tummy. It was twisting my numbing tummy into knots.

"God Eric," Sookie exclaimed angrily, making him look into space for a moment as he leaned over me protectively. "If you won't save her then let Bill do it!"

Eric had growled so suddenly and moved from his kneeling position, spinning around, standing tall above her. Bill was smart enough not to interfere, though he didn't move away from Sookie or let go of her. Instead, he ignored their little argument and stared firmly at me.

"She is mine," Eric growled deeply. "If he tries to do turn her, I'll snap his neck."

"So you'd rather she die and you're alone forever? Jeez Eric, I didn't think you were that stupid!" Sookie countered.

As they argued, Bill kneeled beside me and took my hand, bloody tears now freely flowing. "I don't know Em, you're always the one to stop them fighting. I don't think I can do it by myself," he laughed bitterly, his Southern accent becoming quite deep.

I smiled, my eyes looking dazed as if I were high on drugs. He smiled back.

'You'll…survive,' I thought simply. 'I won't though. I can't do anything without Eric, I'm far too dependent and in love with him.' The afterlife seemed scary. Vampires were immortal, and Eric would have all of eternity to live with this pain. I was getting out of it, wasn't I? I hated that thought. Leaving him. I hated it.

"Honestly Eric, you love her don't you?"

"More than anything I've ever known," he replied simply, his tone so serious and frustrated, like he knew he was giving up.

"Then you have to."

Bill was gone, standing beside Sookie before she had even finished her sentence. Eric did want to spend eternity with me, but he was reluctant to cause anymore pain. I think he was worried that when I woke up, I somehow wouldn't want to be with him anymore. Like that would happen!

Eric had taken his former spot, kneeling even closer. He moved some of the hair from my face, and with a sharp click, his fangs were out. He smiled a little, knowing I wasn't afraid of him at all. Whatever he did, I still loved him.

Even though he knew it frustrated me, he spoke in Swedish. I didn't usually like it when he spoke to someone else in Swedish while I was there, because it always felt like the topic was on me. And through that flurry of foreign words I didn't understand, I was always sure he said my name.

"Tyvärr, min kärlek."

I knew what he said, for he'd said it before. He had said, "Sorry, my love." I knew that he really was sorry, because Eric rarely said sorry for anything and the look of pure pain and annoyance in his eyes told me so. He gripped my hand as if readying himself.

"I love you," I said weakly, gripping his hand back.

"And I love you far, far more than you will ever be able to comprehend," he said sadly. "I hope you will forgive me."

He was already 'forgiven'. I found it increasingly difficult to stay mad at Eric. I was definitely not mad at him for this though – it meant I would be with him forever, wouldn't it?

I gave him a quick smile, though he couldn't bring himself to return it. The tears of blood kept rolling down his face, mixing with the rain and becoming messy.

He put his hand – which strangely felt warmer than it ever had before – on my jaw, moving my head to the side so that my neck was exposed. He paused, as if he was reconsidering this. I was silently begging him to do it, because the numbness was wearing off and the pain was blending in with it. It hurt, everywhere.

And then, his fangs plunged into my skin and it was all dark after that.