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Chapter Fifteen – The End

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty."
- Stephen King

She wasn't breathing; while air bubbles blew from my mouth as I tried to claw my way to the surface, she floated like a porcelain doll in front of me. She didn't even move at all. Her arms floated in front of her aimlessly. I pushed myself away from her, the water starting to burn my throat. It ached. Even keeping my eyes open was sore after a few seconds. I swam towards the surface.

Thankfully Jason had taught me to swim at the Sunny Side Up camp where we had met Sue Waters. I heard Jason kissed her behind the cabins, which at the time was a big shocking 'Oh-My-God-He-Has-Cooties' sort of thing. Now I hear Sue has more than just Cooties. A lot more serious and dirty things than Cooties.

I was so close to the surface when she grabbed me.

She took me by my ankle and pulled me down. The shock made my mouth fall open as I took a deep breath through my nose, and I swallowed water. Yet even as I trashed against her and pushed her chest to make her release me, her expression never changed. She just looked permanently sad and sorry for herself.

In the dark water, her fangs popped out in a startlingly white colour that contrasted with the inky blackness surrounding us. Her hand gripped my neck as she bit me. It burned at first, before a small amount of ecstasy poured into my veins. It felt like she was spinning me like a Ballerina does in a pirouette, going faster and faster until we were a blur.

We probably had only been under for two minutes, not even moving, but it felt like hours had passed since I'd had air. She held me even when I stopped pushing against her. My eyes drifted shut against my will. I imagined everyone in Bon Temps hearing I was dead. Those battleaxes who spent their Tuesday nights in Merlotte's bitching about every woman who walked past certainly would talk about Eric as if he was my murderer. Poor Johnny and Kane would be inconsolable. Sookie would be cleaning every single nook and cranny in the roof when she found out, since Sookie doesn't deal with death without cleaning something. Everything would be so shiny.

And Eric. Eric, Eric, Eric.

Oh God poor Eric. He would probably be the one I missed most. What would he do? Would he still miss me in a couple of thousand years? Would someone else…would someone else fill my place instead? I guess I won't ever know.

Suddenly, her fangs ripped from my skin. I screamed, even when we were under water. All that came out were some bubbles. The only sign I was still alive, since I was sinking fast. She was gone, just like that. Someone was pulling me up, and when we broke the surface, I didn't have the energy to even take a breath.

They were talking to me though. "Emilie? Emilie! It's me, Bill! For God's sake, open your eyes, please!"

Bill's temper went wild for a second as he shook me violently. It made my head vibrate, but it worked. I coughed, and he rubbed my back, letting out a triumphant yell as he set me on my side. Sookie was babbling beside me somewhere, but I couldn't see her properly. They weren't sure what to do with me either.

Should they lie me on my left side? Or was it sitting me up?

They tried everything. When they sat me up, rubbing my back and begging me to breathe – yes, because I was just holding my breath for the laugh, Sookie – I could see Eric in the moonlight. I don't think I liked what I saw, either. It was like something from a gothic movie, or at least a horror film. He had that…that woman by the throat, lifting her so high. She was clinging to his arms, choking. Five minutes ago she wasn't even breathing under water, now she was begging him for forgiveness?

"I-I was just so hungry and I-…"

"She is mine," he barked, and he grabbed her thigh, before dropping her to the ground on her back. She screeched when he moved his hand to her knee before he completely snapped the bone. It was vicious, but I can't say I was sorry when the blood spurted onto Eric's pale face. He looked up as if he sensed me, and when he saw me he gave me a quick, innocent 'I-didn't-see-you-there' smile before he grabbed her arm and snapped it like a twig.

Sookie was murmuring something into my ear again.

"Just don't look Em, it's almost over I promise you and when it's over I'll get Jace to buy us some of those romantic comedies that Gran always watched with us, and we'll spend the whole year just watching it and doing whatever you want…I-I won't ask you to clean up your clothes off the floor no more, and I'll do all the cooking…Johnny says he can't cook meat because he burns everything but I swear I'll beat him until he does!"

I almost laughed, but couldn't find my breath. My eyes were trained on Eric as he ripped off the lady's arm. He did it with ease, as if she was a Barbie doll whose limb could come off anyway, and was just some plastic stuck together. He didn't even drink her blood or anything, he just ripped her up until he was drenched in blood.

That is when he collapsed to his knees beside me and cried. You know how it goes, and you know that it went dark when I was bitten. Waking up was a whole other story…It was almost as hard.

The first thing I did not expect to see was Pam, dressed in leather, watching me with a pitiful expression. I hate to say it, but I acted quite dumb when I woke up. I thought I had had a dream. I wondered why so many people were gathered here in my bedroom. When I sat up, focusing, Eric was on my right, rubbing circles in my palm. Bill and Sookie stood away from us, and Johnny and Kane were near Pam, who was eying Kane with a lustful expression.

Johnny had tears down his face – another thing I hate to admit is the first thing I noticed was the scent of humans.

Yet somehow, I still didn't realize I was a newly-dead vampire. It didn't occur to me that this could be real.

"Emilie!" Johnny smiled tearfully.

I blinked. "What?"

He stopped, raising an eyebrow. "Are you…okay?"

Eric huffed, as if it was obvious, and both he and Johnny had a small staring competition. Pam sighed and rubbed her hand up and down Kane's muscles, who for once seemed petrified of her and stepped away from her, narrowly dodging her advances. He was looking at me with the same love he always had for me, so that wasn't too bad.

"I feel…fine. Why?"

Eric's hand froze in mine. Was I only the one who didn't know what was going on?

"Emilie, you know what happened don't you?" he whispered.

Sookie must've read my blank mind, because she gasped a little. "Emilie, it was real! That wasn't a dream!"

"It….It wasn't?"

I burst into tears a few seconds later, but Eric was quick to stop me by hugging me. I got blood all over his shirt, but he said nothing. My brother smiled when Eric barked at everyone to leave us.

"Don't you worry Emilie. We still love you no matter what you are."

I sniffled sadly. I guess that was a consolation. I still had Johnny and Kane. I had Bill, and Sookie too. I especially liked the idea of permanently having Eric. He sat beside me and waited for me to stop crying before he sighed, a deep, mournful sigh. He rubbed my arm, which was enough to calm me down easily.

"Do you hate being a vampire, like me?" he asked quietly. His voice was distant, his eyes glazed, and he wasn't looking at me. He really did think I wouldn't want to be with him because of this, I think, but he's never told me what he was thinking at the time. He says he was just worried. Bad sign. Eric never really worries about anything but the very closed people to him.

"With you, I think I could get used to it."

He chuckled a little, but still sounded wistful. "I'll have to teach you Swedish."

"Really?" I asked excitedly.

He rolled his eyes. "You've just been turned, and you're more excited about learning languages."

"I don't want to think about being turned."

He kissed my forehead. "I know."

"What do I do now?"

"You stay with me," he murmured.


"What do you mean 'until'?," he laughed. "Now you become Emilie Northman."

My heart swelled a little. Heck, it didn't beat but Eric made me feel like it did. Emilie Northman. It had a ring to it, I guess. He was smirking, and knew the effect it had on me. Eric left me weak at the knees sometimes.

"Emilie Northman," I repeated.

"Beats Robins."

"Hey, shut up! Robins is a great name. Johnny will still have that name."

"Yeah. Johnny doesn't like me," Eric snorted. "Humans."

"Shut up Eric we're-…" I trailed off into an awkward silence. "Oh. I can't say that anymore, can I? They are pretty great though."

"You'll live with me though. Forever," he said as I snuggled down deeper into the blankets.

"Forever," I chorused with a relatively content sigh. "Rule one, I get the bathroom first in the morning. This is awesome. I love you Eric."

"Jag älskar dig också, Emilie (I love you too, Emilie)."

The End