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' Semei is alive?'

' Why hasn't that baka Soubi told me?', a small boy asked himself in rage.

Soubi was staring at the boy with apologetic eyes. He threw out another spell to their attackers and pushed Ritsuka behind him.

Ritsuka protested and once again went to Soubi's side. Soubi bit his lip to hold back a snarl.

" Ritsuka….Get back…" he said in his now dying anger.

Ritsuka shook his head furiously and looked across the battle field to his older brother.

"Semei! Why?" he called out.

Semei grinned evilly. " It is your destiny!" he laughed darkly. Semei threw another spell back and everything went black.

Ritsuka shot up in bed and gasped. His cheeks were wet with tears.

Ritsuka had lost Soubi in that battle. He died along with his brother.

Ritsuka wiped away his tears. " Dammit why am I still sulking over that! That was 5 years ago!" he spat at himself as he got out of bed and walked over to the window. He wiped his tears quickly. " A fighter should never cry…." He whispered. " I need more training….Ritsu-sensei.." he whispered.

Ritsuka began his training as a fighter when he was 14, a year after the death of his brother and beloved fighter.

He sighed as he looked at the time. " Sora-chan.." he whispered. That was the name of his sacrifice. Sora was a cruel demented guy and liked to abuse Ritsuka often if he wouldn't give him his way.

" I need to wake him up for school soon….." he sighed as he pulled on his v-neck shirt and tight leather pants. He out on his long coat and pulled on some converses.

He grabbed his keys and walked out the door and got in his car and headed off to his sacrifices house.

A few minutes later he arrived. He sighed and got out and headed to the door. He took out the spare key and opened it and walked in. " Sora-chan?" he called out.

He smiled at the sleeping form of his abnormally beautiful sacrifice. He shook him lightly. " Sora-chan…it is time to wake up.." he whispered as Sora began to move. He sat up and rubbed his eyes sleeply. " Ritsuka?" he asked with a glare. " I told you not to wake me!" he said as he slapped Ritsuka hard in the face. Ritsuka said nothing as he stood up straight. " Forgive me master. Please punish me at your own will…" he said as he knelt in front of him.

Sora looked at him and grinned. " I was wondering when you'd say that." He said grinning evilly. He sat back on the couch and unzipped his pants. " Suck it." He said darkly.

Without saying a word Ritsuka moved up to him and kissed the tip. He then slid his tongue around it and took him deep into his mouth. He left no skin untouched by his tongue.

Sora moaned and let his head drop onto the back of the couch. " More…" he moaned as he grabbed Ritsuka's ears and shoved his head down on his length. Ritsuka sucked and ignored the pain that was in his throat.

Sora moaned loudly and kept pushing down on Ritsuka's head. Ritsuka shifted uncomfortably but continued to suck harder.

' Sensei said to always please your sacrifice…Do everything he asks.' He thought as he sucked harder and bobbed his head up and down faster.

Sora gasped as he came in Ritsuka's mouth. " Drink it all." He said still grinning.

Ritsuka swallowed the sweet and sticky liquid and pulled back. " Are you satisfied master?" he asked softly.

Sora snickered. " Now I can go to school feeling refreshed. Come on or I'll be late." He said sliding on his shoes and grabbing his book bag.

They walked out the door and got in the car and drove off to the school.

He pulled up to the school a few minutes later and waved Sora off and drove off again. He looked in his back seat and sighed. " Dammit! I forgot my textbooks." He spat as he turned around and headed back to his apartment. He ran up the stairs and unlocked the doors and