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Sacrafices 16 -The Finale

The first spell flew…once again.

Soubi grinned and held his palm to Seimei and Ritsu. "Deflect!" he muttered. Darkly.

Ritsuka did the same. A blue and green orb barrier formed around them.

Ritsu pushed his glasses up on his face and chuckled darkly. "As expected from my two top fighter units…but unfortunately…it's not enough! Seimei ultimate restraint!" he roared.

Seimei smiled in a sick and twisted way and muttered dark forbidden spell words. "Darkness heed my order, fall upon them, let no light pass through, darkness envelope them into a endless nightmare!" he mumbled and then the spell went after them.

Ritsuka shuddered and held both hands in front of him. "Eyes that see through night, an owl's vision finds its way around by starlight!" he said as stars formed around them.

Ritsuka opened his eyes to see stars in a dark orb that was around them.

Soubi smiled and looked at him and nodded.

Ritsu clenched his fists. "Seimei do as I say and kill them both now!" he growled.

Seimei once again held his hand in front of him and muttered another dark spell.

A black orb formed and flew at Ritsuka, growing bigger each second.

"No! Ritsuka!" Soubi yelled and ran as fast as he could to Ritsuka. There was a loud thud and then it went silent.

Ritsuka stood there in shock as he felt warm blood cover his body. He looked down to his chest and saw Soubi gritting his teeth.

Soubi looked up at Ritsuka and smiled. "I love you, Ritsuka…sorry." he whispered before he dropped to the ground.

A long chain soared through the air and hooked onto Ritsuka's and Soubi's glowing collar's. Ritsuka gasped at the tightness but held his ground. It was tighter than usual. There were chains on his wrists, neck and legs. They hurt a lot but he showed now faltering.

Ritsuka looked down at Soubi and watched him get paler. He watched the pool of red blood leave his lover's body. He felt like screaming. He wanted to take his place…but he knew he still had something that he had to do.

Ritsuka looked slowly into Ritsu's eyes. "You killed…the most important person in my life…" he almost whispered.

Ritsu grimaced. "Yes, I have. Now return to me Loveless and I will see it in my heart to forgive you." he said darkly.

Seimei looked at Ritsuka. "Little brother, isn't this what you wanted? To be with me?" he asked grinning.

Ritsuka looked down and a light shined around him. "You can both go to hell!" he yelled.

A few moments later he looked up and grinned. He opened his eyes to reveal one violet and one gold eyes.

"We are Loveless, ones without love." a mixture of Ritsuka and another unknown voice said.

Ritsu stared hard into the familiar gold eye. "You…I remember…you are the true fighter of Loveless, Tamaki Shininomi…I thought we killed you…we burnt you alive and placed you in Ritsuka's chair…how are you here?" he asked raising a brow.

"Correct, I am Loveless's fighter unit and would be in the flesh if only you wouldn't have destroyed me. I have returned because my master called out for me. I will not fail in destroying you!" he said.

Ritsuka smiled. "You destroyed my fighter…because we were the ones that were destined to destroy all fighter systems so we can all live peaceful lives without chains or restrictions!" he growled.

Ritsu glared and looked at him. "I see you discovered your purpose, but do you have the courage to destroy the system?" he asked, grinning darkly.

Ritsuka smiled and looked up. "I have the courage. Now let's stop this pointless chatter." he said and put up a barrier that formed in a gold color.

Nearby there were fighter units and their sacrafice's gathering. Before long, all teams were there.

A hand reached up and touched Ritsuka's shoulder. Ritsuka looked back and starred into Sora's eyes. Sora grinned and nodded. "Free us." he whispered.

Ritsuka nodded. "Please help Soubi." he whispered. Sora nodded and bent down and began trying to keep Soubi alive…it wasn't going so well.

Ritsuka looked back to Ritsu and Seimei. "Let's end this." he said.

Ritsu grinned evilly. "Very well." he said grinning.

Ritsuka and Tamaki connected deeply as Ritsuka and the inner Tamaki threw out another spell. A powerful spell.

"Deflect." Seimei said halfheartedly not expecting the dangerous attack.

Ritsuka and Tamaki within grinned. "Defeat!" they shouted as the sky lit up white.

The crowd shielded their eyes and then opened them and cheered.

Seimei and Ritsu were on the ground. Ritsu was sitting up. He tried to move his legs but couldn't. He couldn't remember anything. "Where am I?" he asked holding his head.

Ritsuka smiled. "I don't kill." he whispered.

Seimei was restrained. He was going nuts. Some of the other teams went over to him. "We'll take him to the Mental institute." they said and carried him away.

Ritsuka nodded and sighed and turned around. Then a beam of light stretched from the sky. Tamaki appeared in front of Ritsuka. "It was a pleasure to meet you…if only we could have met earlier." he said smiling and gently touching his cheek.

Ritsuka smiled. "Thank you…Tamaki." he whispered. Tamaki smiled and disappeared into the light. "Take care." a gentle wind like voice said.

Ritsuka smiled and turned to the rest of the crowd. "Everyone…Let's go home…You are free to live your own lives." he said and they cheered.

Ritsuka looked at Soubi's pale face as tears fell from his eyes. "We can go home now Soubi." he whispered. Sora smiled and nodded. "Yes…" he whispered.

Ritsuka sighed and looked up to the endless night sky…..

~~~~~~ Afterwards~~~~~~~~

Six months later…

Ritsuka and Kio sighed as they stood beside a gray gravestone. Ritsuka smiled. "I hope you are doing well…Thank you for saving me." he whispered.

Kio smiled. "Well we have to go meet your brother now." he whispered.

Ritsuka nodded. "You have served me well…you may rest now." he whispered.

He then stood up and turned and left with Kio.

They shortly arrived at the hospital and they visit Seimei. "Hello brother…how are you?" Ritsuka asked.

Seimei said nothing and looked out his window.

Ritsuka sighed and smiled. He went to Seimei and hugged him. "I love you Seimei…be good." he whispered.

Kio and Ritsuka turned and left the room. Once they were gone a soft smile spread across Seimei's face. "Ritsuka…" he said softly. He stared with gentle eyes as he watched them get in the car and drive off.

Ritsuka sighed as they drove off. They arrived at another hospital a few minutes later.

Ritsuka walked up to room 106 and walked in. He smiled at a blonde haired man who was sitting up in the hospital bed, watching television, with Iv's in his arm.

"Your up early…Soubi." Ritsuka said softly and went and sat down beside him.

Soubi smiled that same soft smile. "Yeah. You're friends from awhile back visited. Yuiko-chan and Yayaoi-chan. They miss you. They are getting married in a few months." he said smiling showing him the invitation.

Ritsuka smiled. "Really? I will have to go visit soon." he said smiling. "And Kira to." he said softly.

Soubi smiled. "How is Seimei?" he asked.

Ritsuka smiled. "Fine, he is getting better each week." he said softly.

Soubi smiled. "Good." he whispered, looking at Ritsuka lovingly.

Ritsuka smiled. "We went to Tamaki's grave to." he said.

Soubi smiled "That's my Ritsuka." he whispered and kissed him softly. Soubi then groaned.

Ritsuka tensed and looked at him. "What is wrong?" he asked worried.

Soubi grinned. "I want a cigarette." he said with a cheeky grin.

Ritsuka slapped his forehead. "Baka, Soubi!" he groaned. The three of them looked at each other and then laughed.

"Well get better soon and you can have one." Ritsuka said smiling.

Soubi grinned. "Is that an order?" he asked grinning.

Ritsuka rolled his eyes. "What am I going to do with you?" he groaned and smiled.

Soubi smiled. "I am kidding. I will get better quickly…because I want to be with you." he whispered.

Ritsuka smiled and leaned over and kissed him softly.

"I love you, Ritsuka." Soubi whispered on his lips.

Ritsuka smiled and kissed him back and stared into his eyes. "I love you to. Forever and always." he whispered….

The End

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