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00 Tohou: Shards of battle

I had just found something impossible, directly in front of me in an old asteroid facility, I found a mobile suit, but not just any mobile suit, but a Gundam, and it even had a GN Drive, a REAL GN Drive, not one of the fake Tau GN drives, but a real one, one that produces apparently infinite amounts of energy, to the point where it will go on forever, then I think hard at what I intend to do with it, and as I focus harded, my eyes start to glow gold in color, yes glow.

I am human, an evolved human, or an Innovator, and I am also a girl, and wearing a spacesuit, since the base is disused and all the oxygen is gone and I am capable of using Quantum brainwaves like other Innovators which allows to think faster than others, but otherwise I am not really violent, then I notice that a self destruct system had been activated and I realized that I had to get out of there, but the room was sealed off, then I turned to the Gundam and then got on, and the name spells itself out as 00 Qan full blade, but right at that time I am trying to leave and don't really care, then I actvate the GHundam and its quantum system, which teleports us out just as the facility it was in explodes.

I enter the stream of Quantum travel, but then another energy mixes with the quantum gate and I find the gundam is turning liquid around me, and soon it all flows into me, and as the exit comes, my body merges and becomes one, with 00 Qan.

I look around where I landed to find that I had landed in a forest, but first I realize that in my eyes was the same display as the gundam, then I find myself wearing black skin fitting shorts and a black skin fitting shirt, and I have a vest that appears to be made of a thread-type GN composite armor, and then I see a skirt of some type over my pants, which is long in the back but short in the front, and is also laced with GN armor, making it incredibly tough, while still being comfortable, then I noticed that I had a weapons selection system, and four slots for the weapons I want, which were basically all the GN weapons that could be used on mobile suits, but my primary was the 00 Qan, and when I materialized the back units, which were the 00 Qan's two shield units, each carrying Sword bits, GN blades, a few GN gun/swords, and can also fire powerful GN blasts on their own.

Then I feel a pain in me and the GN particle system says shows in my eye that the drives from the gundam were still active, and all the particles were basically pushing against the sides of the drive, the system showed that in regular mode it would take too long to release all the GN particles, and the process needed it to be done all at one time, and it showed me the mode that would empty it out the fastest, and I agreed to the statement.

Elsewhere, in the Hakurei Shrine, a fight was occurring, in which Marisa an Reimu were fighting the nuclear power using Utsuho, in which both sides were on the verge of killing one another, elsewhere Cirno's gang had gone too far at the at Alice's place and were being attacked by her dolls. The Scarlet Devil Mansion had its problems as Flandre Scarlet had gotten out of her room and everyone was searching for her, not knowing that she was almost outside, and in Yuka's garden a fight had broken out when the servant of the Netherworld Princess Youmu had accidently cut some flowers and was getting the wrath of Yuka. Yukari looked at all this and knew that things in Gensokyo were going to be bad, figuring that only some idiotic miracle would happen, not knowing that one was about to happen.

The currently half gundam, half innovator braced herself against the ground, knowing that what she was about to do would release an enormous burst of GN energy that had no bounds and would spread as far as possible, enough to, in theory, spread out of the solar system, but the innovator knew that she would get tons of information from any non-innovaters, as well as be rid of about blowing up from GN over-storage, so she prepared both systems to activate as soon as she brought the GN drives fully online, and soon as she got it all set, activated the system.

At that time, Utsuho, Reimu and Marisa prepared their final attacks and charged for the finisher, Cirno's gang was getting ready for their last stand, Flandre spotted people from the village coming toward the mansion, and Yuka and Youmo prepared to finish each other off, while Yukari looked through the tears, leaving openings to where she was.

And as these events were about to go bad….



An enormous blinding light briefly filled everyone's vision, then from the very spot, an overwhelming wave of completely pure and rapidly spreading GN particles spread at instantaneous speeds flooding all of Gensokyo almost instantly with GN particles, and Yukari's tears allowed the particles to instantly spread through her realm, and then everyone in Gensokyo found the GN particles sending a massive energy charge to their minds, and the GN particles soon through the emotions of people everywhere, and everyone was getting massive surges running through them.

Marisa, Reimu, and Utsuho were being flooded with GN particles and were both holding the ground and their heads as they felt the energies go through their minds and in their minds, it was like the limits of their minds were being forcefully pushed outwards, and their consciousnesses were becoming larger than before, and then information, from advanced computations to calculations that were far beyond anything that it practically was greater than the scientific processes that took place on the moon, and this endless stream continuously went through not only their minds, but the minds of every creature within the fields range, and even the Hakurei border was incapable of containing it as the GN particles used the multiple small holes in it to flow out, as well as the very small opening located at the top of the border, which allowed it all to flow out and it spread all the way past the moon as the Earth was quickly bathed in GN particles, but Gensokyo got the most of it as the border was keeping most of the particles in Gensokyo, which tore into every place, from the Lunarian kingdom on the moon, to deep in the underworld, every living thing, every Youkai, fairy, god, and human was being continuously bombarded with GN particles, and even the god ZUN, was unable to find the source as Gensoky was so thick with pure GN particles that the source couldn't be found.

At that time, the source was finally at 25 percent and decided to release the last amount in one more titanic-pulse, and then use the Quantum gate to get to the other side of the land called Gensokyo, and then gathering the particles after deploying the sword bits, she released the last pulse, releasing a type of GN particle that was so pure that it was practically a holy energy, and this blast hit every single solitary thing on Earth and the moon, flooding them with emotion of so many types that practically every mind exposed leaned toward an area of this power that was not as turbulent and was in fact extremely calming. None knowing that in truth, they had chosen the path of true understanding…

….. the pathway to INNOVATION.

And within a span of ten minutes, the GN particle surge had disappeared, the source going through a quantum portal and disappearing to an entirely different part of Gensokyo, leaving every wondering what had just happened, and also leaving glowing GN particles and GN particles clouds of multiple colors made from the emotions the particles went through, with the girl who had just entered Gensokyo leaving her first and very major mark on it and the world.