When He Returns Chapter 5 Written By: MadameRozaBelikova (continued from When He Returns by: Bananabooklover7)

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After I'd put Lexie to bed, I washed up the dishes and trudged slowly up the stairs. Adrian had gone up ahead of me. He'd been really quiet during dinner. I couldn't quite figure out his mood. I knew all too well that he was not happy that Dimitri had picked now to re enter our lives. Things were just getting to a good place after all these years. I knew we were going to have to talk about the kiss, but with everything that had happened today I just couldn't imagine having that conversation.

For one, I had absolutely no idea how to bring it up. Usually when we were together things were easy. We could talk about anything. We'd become so good at cohabitating and co-parenting that we'd allowed ourselves to become comfortable in those roles. If anything else should come up it would become awkward, hence the silence at the dinner table. Well it was not complete silence. Lexie had kept us entertained talking about the tall Guardian man that had been in our living room tonight. She seemed enamored with him. It was almost as if she could sense that they had a connection by blood. It pained me to no end that I had lied to her about who he was. I hadn't lied exactly, but a lie by omission is still a lie.

I couldn't help it. I was just so damn angry at him. He'd left me so abruptly after taking my virginity and telling me how much he loved me. I knew he had been hot and cold while we were falling in love. First he told me that he loved me, but that we couldn't be together because of our duties. Then he made love to me and gave me false hope of plans for our future. Then he ripped it all away leaving me for Tasha. To this day I still couldn't make sense of his behavior. Tears sprug to my eyes at the thought of the two of them next door doing whatever it is they do.

I climbed into the shower and turned the faucet all the way to hot. I relished the thought of washing away the events of the evening even if it was only for a few moments. I stayed under the hot spray as long as I could allowing the water to massage away some of my tension. As I stepped out into a hot cloud of steam reality hit me like a slap in the face. One day not too long from now I'd have to make a choice whether or not to tell Dimitri he was Lexie's father and vice versa. I could just imagine the look of betrayal on her face years from now when she figured it out on her own. She'd have realized that she'd mete him and I'd had the perfect opportunity to tell her and had chosen to keep it a secret. If there was one person in this world that I never wanted to feel that kind of pain it was my daughter.

My alarm went off earlier than usual the next morning. I groaned as I realized that tonight we'd have to have dinner with Lissa and Christina and that meant seeing Dimitri. That meant that I had to figure out what I was going to do about Adrian. The kiss ran through my mind and I smiled at the memory of his lips on mine. He was quite an excellent kisser. I had wanted him to kiss me hadn't I? I wanted to start my life over with him didn't I? After all he'd never abandoned me the way Dimitri did. He'd been there since day one taking care of me when I couldn't do for myself due to my depression. He'd been the first one to hold Alecksa after she was born. He was my rock. The one person besides Lissa that I could always count on and so could my daughter.

But was it enough? Could I really love him the way I loved Dimitri? Could I see us being a real family? If we started something and it didn't work out would our friendship suffer and in turn would Alecksa lose a constant in her life? Why were there always more questions than answers?

I slowly climbed out of bed, my feet hitting the cold wooden floor. I dressed in my guardian uniform and went downstairs to start breakfast for Alecksa and Adrian like I did every morning. You could tell that Alecksa was my daughter because she was not the typical child getting up at the crack of dawn to bug her parents. She was just like me and enjoyed her beauty sleep. She was like a bear waking from hibernation. It took at least a half an hour of cartoons before she'd even attempt to come downstairs.

When I entered the kitchen I was met with the smell of fresh coffee and sizzling bacon. Surprisingly, Adrian was already up and dressed standing in front of the stove frying up eggs and bacon.

"Hey Little Dhampir, I hope you're hungry. I made enough for ten," He said with a smile. He looked really cute in my apron holding a spatula.

I wasn't sure what his motivation was for making such a fuss over breakfast, but I think it had something to do with Dimitri's sudden reappearance. He was either trying to show what a good boyfriend and father figure he could be or he was simply trying to be nice due to the stress he knew I was under right now. Either way it was sweet.

"Thanks Adrian. It was really sweet of you to make us breakfast," I told him grabbing a cup of fresh coffee and kissing him lightly on the cheek as I passed by.

"It's the least I could do considering," he replied serving me up a full plate of scrambled eggs with cheese and three slices of bacon, extra crispy just the way I liked it.

I heard the television click on upstairs and knew that we had at least a half an hour before Alecksa would grace us with her presence, so I decided to broach the subject of last night while we were alone.

"About last night," I started. He turned around and I couldn't miss the look of hope that flashed briefly through his beautiful green orbs.

"What about it?" he asked trying a little too hard to sound detached.

"I was just going to say that I enjoyed our kiss and I'm sorry we were interrupted." I told him.

He looked relieved at that. "But," I started. His mood dropped instantly.

"I knew there was a but," he said. "Let's hear it."

"I just think it was for the best that we were interrupted because when and if anything ever happens between us I don't want to have any doubt in my mind as to why we're together. I was upset last night and I wouldn't have been thinking rationally. I don't want there to be any regrets," I finished.

He let out a deep breath and a small smile crossed his face. "I completely agree with you. I thoroughly enjoyed our kiss, but I wouldn't want us to be together because you're upset about Belikov being here."

I understood his logic, but I wanted to make something clear.

"You know I would never use you like that," I told him.

"Of course I know that. I know you Little Dhampir," he said reassuring me that he understood where I was coming from.

"So about tonight," he began sitting down next to me with a piece of buttered toast and a cup of black coffee. He'd just come from the feeders I supposed. He really had gotten up early.

I groaned. "I know we have to go to act normal, but I so don't want to." I lay my head on the countertop and sighed.

"What are you going to tell them when they ask who her father is?" he asked.

"He already did."

His eyes widened. "What did you tell him?" he asked. I wondered if he was hoping I'd lied and claimed he was the father. Maybe I should have.

"I told him it was none of his damn business." He seemed okay with that answer.

"You know that's not going to work forever."

"I know. Believe me I know."

"I'm sorry you're stressed Little Dhampir. Is there anything I can do to help?" He asked rubbing my shoulders.

"Yes keep me from killing him at dinner tonight," I responded.

He laughed nervously. I think he knew I was only half kidding.