Fraternity or Love

Author's Note: This is my first UsUk story and thus my first yaoi story. Please go easy on me! Human names used! Mainly: AmericaxEngland, Side CanadaxPrussia(Over used yes, but that is the only one other than AmeCan that I support!)

Summary: Alfred F. Jones, 15, is now a sophomore in high school. He is recognized by a local "fraternity" and asked if he would like to join. Accepting immediately, he has a one task before he can be a member; Become friends with and then break the heart of Arthur Kirkland, a 16 year old sophomore from England. Can Alfred go through with it, or will he lose interest in the fraternity and actually become his friend?

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own the characters or song titles! Just this story! And sorry for any OOC

Welcome Back To School!

Setting(s): Alfred's House, School

"Alfred Jones! Wake up or you'll be late for your first day of school!"

His mom yelled at him. Alfred was sprawled out on his top bunk. His mother had her hands on her hips and was yelling up at him, trying to get him to wake up. Alfred groaned into his pillow and looked over the metal siding at his mom, whining,

"Whaaaaat?... It's not like I'm a freshman anymore... I'm a Sophomore now."

He said with a smile at the thought of not being the underclassman anymore. His mom shook her head and was about to scold him more when Alfred's twin brother walked into the room, fully dressed and grabbed his back pack from off of his bottom bunk. Alfred smiled at him and called out,

"Morning, Matt!"

Matthieu looked up at him and open mouth frowned, asking him,

"Al, why are you still in bed? It's not summer anymore..."

His voice was quiet, his demeanor naturally shy, unlike his twin who was loud, outgoing, slightly combative, and crazy. Matthieu shook his head and pulled his backpack over his shoulder and left the room.

Their mother followed Matthieu out of the room and said as she turned down the hall to him,

"Why can't your brother be more enthusiastic about school like you, Matthieu?"

Alfred groaned and jumped off of his top bunk onto the floor, looking around for something to wear. Though he and Matt were different and both had different ideals, they shared a room and many of their items... Everything pretty much...

If you were looking into their room from the door, you'd see their metal bunk bed on the left, the foot of the bed facing the door. On the right side was Alfred's and Matt's computer and desk, against the far wall, next to the desk was their dresser, separated for each of them to have some sort of difference for their clothes. On the wall that had the main door was a closet that Alfred stuffed many of his jackets and sports gear in. In between the dresser and bed was a window that faced the side of the house.

Alfred went through the right side of the dresser, his, and pulled out a white T shirt and blue jeans. Slipping them on, he ran to his closet and took out his favourite bomber jacket, the number fifty on the back.

Then, exiting from his room, he turned right and went down the stairs to his living room, Matt was sitting on the white couch and watch TV before he would leave for the bus.

Alfred called out another "Good morning" and ran to the downstairs bathroom, going through his old school routine and preparing to leave. He passed the kitchen on his way back and asked his mom, who was making herself some breakfast,

"Ma! Where's my backpack?"

She looked up at him, muttering something about the energy he gets, replying,

"It's by the front door."

He smiled and thanked her, running back down the hall to the living room and, pulling Matt up with him, took his backpack and ran out the door to their bus stop.

Matt was complaining about wanting to find out what happened next on his show but quickly stopped when he saw his brother wasn't listening. Alfred stopped when they got to the corner of their street and sat down on the sidewalk, waiting for their bus.

It was going to be an odd day, Alfred just knew it! But, atleast he could go back to playing football again! That, baseball, and basket ball were his favourite sports. And, Alfred had a good position on it last year, so he was bound to get a better one this year! And, more so, he couldn't wait to see his friends that he missed over the summer like Kiku, his friend from Japan who was there during the summer. Or Toris, a friend he made in the seventh grade and who helped him in his classes every year since. He couldn't wait!

The bus came up to Alfred and Matt's stop and opened it's doors lazily for them. Getting on quickly so as not to annoy the bus driver, the two brothers went to the back of the bus, the rest of the seats being filled.

Alfred took the open seat next to a blond boy who was listening to his Ipod. He sat down and put his backpack on his lap, earning a groan of annoyance from the blond. Alfred looked at him for a moment and noticed that he was shorter than him. Suspecting he was a freshman, he tapped his shoulder and tried to introduce himself.

Meanwhile, Matthieu sat in the seat behind Alfred, across from a boy with silver hair and red eyes. Matt had seen him last year and had him during lunch. But, like how no one could remember him, Matt could not currently recall the silverette's name.

Matt pulled out his Mp3 and turned it on, listening to French music.

Alfred on the other hand was trying to get the freshman to talk to him, though he only shifted uncomfortably now and then. And, after a while, Alfred stopped and decided to leave the kid alone, thinking that he was too shy to talk or too nervous about his first day of high school.

And, after a while, they reached the school. Getting up, the students groggily got up and off the bus, trudging into the hell hole that is school.

Alfred knew that his bus was always the last to the school hurried to his first period class. Lucky for him, his schedule that he got over the summer was crumpled up in his pocket and able to be taken out whenever he needed. He felt so damn smart!(Matthieu: Just because of a schedule?)

So, running into his US History class, he tossed his backpack down on a desk in the back of the open class. A couple of students were already there and talking to friends. And, when Alfred was about to go out of the class again to get some breakfast at school, he heard someone call out his name. Turning toward the voice, he smiled and hopped over the seats to see his friend, Kiku.

Kiku smiled at him from his seat and watched as Alfred sat on his desk asking him many questions about how his summer was, how Japan was, how long he has been back, and so on. Kiku enjoyed his presence and answered back each question as fast as he could before another question burst from Alfred's lips.

Then, the bell rang, a few students running in as it did. The teacher also walked in and told the students to sit, singling Alfred out by saying, "In a chair." The students laughed at him, but, Alfred didn't care, he joined them. So, sitting next to Kiku, he crossed his arms on the desk and rested his chin on them.

The teacher began to call out names and the students answered back, tired from waking up early again. But, eventually, the teacher got to Alfred,

"Alfred Jones?"

His hand flew up and waved around ecstatically,

"ME! I'm here!"

The teacher gave him a look of surprise and shook his head at him, shocked at his hyperness. So, continuing he called out,

"Heracles Karpusi?"

His hand rose up silently. He was from Greece and very quiet. Though, he talked to Kiku alot, them being good friends. But, Alfred knew otherwise. He knew that Kiku liked him. He had last year tried to get the two of them on a date but failed horribly when trying to get Kiku to talk to him. But, afterwards, it seemed to make them better friends. Alfred is fine with having friends who are gay, he sees nothing wrong with it. Even though he is straight, he knows that the majority of his friends are bi.

"Arthur Kirkland?"

"Here, sir."

Came a voice with a heavy English accent. Alfred couldn't help but look to see who's voice that was. He chuckled slightly when he saw that the freshman he sat next to on the bus was the one who's voice that belonged to. 'Smart kid. He probably takes sophomore classes!' He thought to himself.

Arthur looked back to his desk, his eyes drooping as he rested his cheek in his hand. But, then, his eyes wandered to those of Alfred's. His eyes widened for a moment when he realized Alfred was staring at him. So, looking to the side for a moment, he mouthed to him,


Alfred shook his head and smiled, saying aloud,

"Sorry, nothing."

The teacher put his attendance list down and looked at Alfred whose back was facing the teacher. So, the teacher cleared his throat and said,

"Is there something you want to share with the class, Mr. Jones?"

Alfred looked back to the teacher and grinned wide, feeling cocky,

"Sure! I'm pissed that school is back!"

The class burst out into laughter, the teacher scowling at him telling the class to settle down as he started the class. He didn't bother with introductions, seeing no need since they weren't freshman anymore.

And so, the class went on. Until the bell for second period rang at 8:15. So, getting up from their chairs, the students hurried out of the class as fast as possible! And, Alfred went to his science class which was on the top floor.

But, nothing important happened the rest of the day. Alfred got to meet up with some of his friends and found Toris in two of his classes, but, otherwise, no. Nothing happened that stood out to him.

Until he was at his last period class; Gym. He found some of his old teammates from football there and they got along. But, at the same time, there was some new people there, and they all kept their eyes on Alfred. So, when gym had fifteen minutes left and the students were getting off the field(They played outside) and heading back to the showers, three of the guys pulled Alfred over. Alfred looked up to them and asked,

"Hey, guys, what's up?"

They smiled at him, giving him slight shivers. The one on the middle said to him,

"You know, we've heard a lot about you, Alfred. And... We wanted to know if you've heard of the Cipher?"

Alfred perked up immediately and beamed,

"Yeah! Those guys are an exclusive gang, right?"

The guy on the right chuckled,

"Well, we prefer 'fraternity' to gang. It isn't welcoming to be a gang in these parts."

Alfred looked at all three of them,

"So you guys are in it? That's so cool!"

The left man smiled,

"Yeah, and, we wanted to know if you wanted to join?"

Alfred jumps in the air,

"Fuck yeah! When can I?"

The middle spoke and said to him softly so as for no others to hear,

"Well, it would take a little bit. We'd require you to do something that would take the whole school year. Can you wait that long?"

Alfred grins,

"Hell yeah. I can wait, but what do I have to do?"

The middle man whispered to him,

"Well, there is this kid that is about your age. We don't like him and we want to... Well, break him."

Alfred smirks,

"What do you mean by that?"

The guy on the left puts his arm across his shoulder,

"Well, we want you to become his friend, his best friend and then, after you two seem inseparable, we want you to betray him, to let him hurt, break him."

Alfred frowned,

"That sounds harsh..."

The guy on the right said to him,

"It is, and we know, but that is all we need you to do."

The middle finished and said,

"This is a serious assignment and will take a while. Are you up for it?"

He held out his hand for a deal. Alfred looked at it and hesitated for a moment. But then their hands met and shook,


Then, withdrawing his hand, he continued to walk to the showers, asking one last question,

"So, who is he?"

The middle laughed and said,

"His name is Arthur Kirkland. He is some new kid from England. Remember, be his friend, be nice to him. When it is time, we will tell you. But, until then, good luck, Al."

The left walked past Alfred and into the showers and said to him,

"We'll tell you if we learn anything about him during now and then, anything that can help you to break him when the time comes."

The right man said also at the same time,

"We'll help you in many ways, Al."

Alfred smiled at them and went into the showers, stripping down out of his clothes and emerging himself into the hot water, moaning at the feel of it on his skin.

And, Alfred heard the people slowly leaving the shower room, leaving him in there alone. But, after another minute, the gym teacher came in and called out into the room,

"Come on you two! You only have three minutes left! Hurry up!"

Alfred chuckled,

"Yeah, yeah! I'll be out soon!"

Then, after a few seconds, Alfred called out,

"So, who else is in here?"


"Uhm... I am."

Alfred felt himself freeze when he recognized the British accent of Arthur Kirkland. So, smiling slowly and closing his eyes, he called back,

"Arthur, right? You're on my bus and in most of my classes."

"Yeah... You're the annoying guy that pretty much every teacher hates."

Alfred could here him laughing slightly from a stall near-by. So, turning off his water, Alfred took his towel and wrapped it around his waist,

"Hey, where are you?"

A pause,

"I'm... Over here."

Alfred looked around when he saw his hand coming out of a stall four spaces away. Alfred walked over to him and shook his hand. But, Arthur's hand tightened for a moment and then recoiled. Alfred laughed,

"You have a strong grip!"

He heard Arthur scoff,

"I didn't think you would do that... Give someone warning first!"

Alfred laughed and sat on the bench just outside of Arthur's stall.

"So, are you from England?"

Alfred already knew the answer, but he was trying to make conversation.

Arthur chuckled,

"Heh, what was your first guess?"

"Lol! I don't know... Maybe your accent?"

Arthur chuckled too, and Alfred could hear him turn off the water. His hand reached up for the towel and then Arthur stepped out from behind the curtains, the towel around his waist.

Alfred looked at him, actually seeing him for the first time. He was short, but he knew that already, probably up to his chin. His body had a slight build to it, not muscular, but not wimpy, just right. He had messy blond hair that rest against his head currently. His complexion was similar to his, just lighter. His eyes were a forest green and seemed to stand out against his pale features. But, the part of him that stood out the most were his bushy eye brows.

Arthur looked at Alfred too, blushing because of both of them barely being covered. Going to get his clothes, Arthur walked past Alfred and got his bag and stepped back into his stall,

"Uh, we should be getting dressed... Well be late for our bus if we don't."

Alfred smiled warmly at him and nodded,

"Yeah, see you there."

Alfred got up off the bench and went to go put his own clothing on. As he walked into his stall and pulled on his clothes over his still damp body, he couldn't help but think of two things; One, it would be fun to watch this kid fall. And two... He knew immediately that he would regret it when he did.

AN: So that is chapter one of my new story! I finally decided that I should write yaoi because of all the stuff I read and the ideas I have anyways. But, yeah, I'm am working on Cuts and Cherries, I just am having a bit of a writer's block... This seems to happen every year... But, yeah, first yaoi story, reviews are loved!