Marilyn shut her eyes feeling angry with herself after she heard Crystel scream again. If anything it wasn't Marilyn's or Marisa's fault that any of this happened. She hated herself for even trying this. (A/N: Italics is thoughts and flashbacks)

"Marilyn if you say Bloody Mary in a mirror three times, she appears right?" Crystel asked.

"Yeah, why?" Marilyn asked.

"I was wondering what happened if you said Akatsuki three times in the mirror"

Marisa sat up from where she was playing her DS. "You are crazy. Bloody Mary doesn't ever appear when you say her name three times. So why would the Akatsuki appear?"

"You never know if you don't try" Crystel said smirking.

Marilyn and Marisa looked at each other.

"You try it and we will see what happens" Marisa said.

"Fine" Crystel said walking over to the door. "Uhh... Marilyn where are your candels?"

"Under the sink in the bathroom, the lighter is with them" Marilyn said with a wave of her hand.

Crystel nodded and walked out the door and into the bathroom. She took out two candels and lit them. She sat them on the sink and sighed.

"Akatsuki... Akatsuki... Akatsuki" She said.

The candels blow out. Ten black figures appeared in the mirror. Her eyes widened and she accidently hit the tolit and flushed it. The figures popped out of the mirror.

"Holy crap!" She screamed and ran out of the bathroom.

She run all the way to Marilyn's room and skidded into Marisa.

"What?" Marisa asked scared.

"Akatsuki! That's what!" Crystel screamed.

"What" Marilyn asked before her door was broken down. "For the love of pie!"

"Holy monkey balls" Marisa screamed.

"Run!" Crystel shouted.

All three girls ran past them and down the hall.

Just as she was snapping out of her thoughts she was grabbed by her wrist and dragged out from under the bed. The man who got her knocked her out with a swift chop to the back of her neck.

~With Marisa~

"I think I'm going to pee my pants" She muttered under her breath and crawled deeper in to the boxes.

"This is the room she went in stupid, un" A voice said.

"Tobi is sorry" Another more childish voice said.

'Crap. Crap. Crap.' She thought.

She was so busy thinking that she didn't see where she was going and hit the wall. SHe jumped up and rubbed her head.

"Holy crap my head" She shouted.

"Gotcha, yeah"

"Holy crap-oh-la" Marisa said trying to run, but failing epicly.

Deidara hit the back of her neck and she passed out.