GLEE PUPPY EPISODE 2 Chapter 1 vacation. So here's what you missed last time on glee puppy lizard was put in jail because he wrote something REALLY bad and Keswick went on vacation and so did everyone else and that's what you missed last time on glee puppy. One morning Quinn the owner of tuff decided that everyone in the tuff community would all go on a trip. So everyone agreed so they got on the bus and started to move. Their trip was at Mitchell's bay. Finn asked how much longer till were there Quinn and Rachel said two hours till we get there. And Sam the new kid to tuff said it's been a long time. And Santana said well we do live in Toronto. Sam said your rite you know Toronto is far away from here. TWO HOUR LATER... Sam said finally were here. Britney said move out of the way I've been holding it since we got on the bus. Artie said didn't you go back at the building. Britney said what building? Sam said tuff building. Britney said who's tuff? Sam and Artie said not who it's what and tuff is our work. Britney said o well I REALLY have to go. Dudley puppy said oh sausages. Kitty Kats well said ah water I'm not going in there. Britney came out and ripped her clothes off but at least she was wearing a bathing suit. And everyone did the same thing and they were also wearing bathing suits. But Dudley had a sausages ALL OVER his bathing suit everyone said EWW. FIVE HOURS LATER... Tina mike and Kurt said to Quinn shouldn't we leave Quinn said your rite so she told everyone that they were going to leave everyone said AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW but Quinn said they would come back and everyone said YEA.
TWO HOURS LATER... were in Toronto now we just have to find tuff. Britney said who's tuff. Artie said not who's tuff its where's tuff. Quinn said there's tuff hay bus driver here's stop. The bus driver stopped the bus and said here you are. Everyone said thank you. The bus driver said no problem. They walk into tuff and lizard was out of jail he tried to freeze Mercedes with his freeze ray but Mercedes stepped on him and Dudley picked lizard up and called 911 and asked if he could talk to the police the guy said sure you can so the guy gave the phone to the police and Dudley said come and get lizard. Chapter 2 jail. Quinn said there here Dudley said the pizza people kitty said no the police. Dudley said oh kitty said why did you say the pizza people Dudley said because I ordered pizza after I called the police two hours later... bam bam came from the door Dudley said oooo pizza in a yelling voice and they were finally there Dudley threw a bone at him and then slammed the door in his face and then bam came from the door again kitty answered the door she opened the door and gave him 20 bucks and then slammed the door in his face kitty told Dudley that he needs start paying people real money Dudley said I don't have any real money so kitty gave Dudley $100,000 kitty herd bam coming from the door it's Keswick I'm back every one and every one hugged Keswick he was happy to be back Keswick said well don't just stand their snap trap has a new plane fire missals our job here is done