Valentines Day Love

Do you know the feeling of being woken up by the person you love?

The feel of their touch in the morning?

His soft skin agents mine.

His warm loving lips caressing every inch of my whole body.

His eyes telling you his deepest, darkest secrets as he looks into your eyes.

Your hear racing at top speed. The mystery, The suspense.

Not knowing what hes going to do next.

As his hot breath brushes ever so softly agents my tender skin.

The quiet shivers of my voice are let out into the night air.


His voice…Wait…What?


What a minute…Huh?

"Wake Up"

I slowly open my eyes to see Yukio… Standing by my bedside.

"Time to wake up" He said as he kissed me on my forehead.

"W-what…Time is it?" I said as I rubbed my eyes and yawned

"7:30" He put his jacket on and walked out.

I got up and put my slippers on. I walked out into the hallway and he stopped me halfway.

"Wait here."

Wait here?

"Now close you eyes" he yelled from the next room.

So I closed my eyes. I felt his figure stand right infront of me.

He put a piece of paper in my hand and kissed me.

"Open them" He stared into my eyes for a delicate few seconds.

Till I looked down at the paper he handed me.

It said

"Every breathe I take

and Every moment that I live. If its not with you,

then I might as well be dead.

Every second that I spend with you is always heaven to me.

Happy Valentines Day, Kana Okumura.

I. Love. You."

There is never a moment in time I regret marrying you, Yukio.

I'm so glad I did.